Where do the foodies eat in Wilmington, NC

by wineandcheese 11 years ago

In a town that is overrun with chain restaurants I want to know where the true foodies like to eat dinner. The local ...


foodlo commented 5 months ago

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Awesome find in Wilmington, NC

by vandiemen8 6 months ago

We came to Wilmington to visit family this weekend and visited a newly opened restaurant, Epicurean Grill at Sweet an...

Steamed Blue Crabs near Wilmington, NC?

by seaglass910 8 years ago

Does anyone know of a place within a 45 minute drive of Wilmington, NC where I could get a bushel of steamed blue cr...


wrdplyr4 commented 8 months ago

Where to eat Wilmington/Wrightsville

by ezwriter 2 years ago

My daughter goes to UNCW and is turning 21. She knows nothing about good restaurants in the area, and doesn't like an...


denisie commented 2 years ago

Wilmington, NC dinner

by rcburli 2 years ago

Group of six will be in Wilmington next Friday. We are from Charlotte and not familiar with the food scene in Wilm...


autumm commented 2 years ago

List of good eats in Wilmington, NC

by carolinadawg 3 years ago

This is a nice overview of good eats in Wilmington from the Wilmington Star newspaper. Certainly not perfect, but I ...


boaviagem commented 3 years ago

Wilmington NC

by Barbarella 3 years ago

Spending the weekend in Wilmington and would like some recs on restos there. One of us is a carnivore and the other...

carolinadawg commented 3 years ago

Canape Wilmington NC

by foodieinraleigh 3 years ago

Anyone eaten at Canape? Interesting concept, wondering about the food.


JagJaggery commented 3 years ago

RDU to Wilmington - anything Chow-worthy along the way?

by bropaul 3 years ago

Will be flying into RDU and driving to Wilmington at the end of the month. There's the possibility of a stop for lunc...

carolinadawg commented 3 years ago

Shrimp burger in Wilmington?

by countgrog 7 years ago

Headed to Wilmington Friday to work at a concert and won't have time to get a nice sit down meal. Is there anywhere ...

carolinadawg commented 3 years ago

Seeking Wilmington, NC, recommendations

by Jeff C. 4 years ago

Staying downtown but visiting Wrightsville Beach as well. Seeking fresh, flavorful, innovative, casual, fun breakfast...

Jeff C. commented 4 years ago

Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach, NC restaurants

by novotna 4 years ago

I'm a visitor from Durham and want some recommendations about good restaurants in Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach. Las...


megabytes commented 4 years ago

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Wilmington, N.C.- A Delicious Report!

by monavano 4 years ago

DH and I had a quick visit to Wilmington, N.C. recently, and I can say that we ate good! First, I want to mention ho...

What is special on trip from DC to Wilmington NC?

by RobertM 4 years ago

Driving down to Wilmington NC for a family affair 1/31/14. What is notable to pick up on the way back to DC, BBQ, or...

carolinadawg commented 4 years ago

Foodies in Wilmington/Wrightsville NC

by foodieinraleigh 4 years ago

Any updates re Foodie worthy spots?! Going to Topsail for 2 weeks and hope to visit the most worthy & interesting pl...


kathleen purvis commented 4 years ago

Special dinner out in/near Wilmington, NC

by radiogrl1 4 years ago

There will be 9 of us (aunts, cousins - an all-girl weekend) and we'd love to have dinner at someplace elegant but no...

carolinadawg commented 4 years ago

Wilmington with Man's best friend

by carolmoonbeam 5 years ago

Will be staying in Topsail, but would like to take a day trip to Wilmington. Any recommendations for outdoor dining t...


D R C commented 5 years ago

Wilmington - Casual Lunch Place Near Downtown

by wintersummer 5 years ago

We will be spending a few days in Wilmington. I've used these boards to line up some good dinner spots. I'm now loo...

carolinadawg commented 5 years ago

Veggie Friendly in Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington, NC?

by thymewarrp 5 years ago

We are meeting friends for dinner in Wrightsville Beach. They are vegetarians (not vegan) and we are carnivores. None...


thymewarrp commented 5 years ago

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Wilmington, NC Trip Report

by TriangleTangle 5 years ago

Just returned from a week at Wrightsville Beach. Here are a few food reports: Restaurant - Catch - Odd location in...