A Bite-Size Stop in Wilmington, North Carolina

Planning a stop in Wilmington, North Carolina? Here’s where to eat, drink, and stay, and what to see and do. Just two hours south of Raleigh, in a nook off of the Atlantic Ocean lies North Carolina...

Wilmington updates?

by ksbee 2 years ago

Am planning a short trip to Wilmington in February, and it looks like all of the posts are about 6 years old. Many mention Catch and Caprice Bistro - are there any updates on great food? Am thinkin...

Bakery Blahs

by pitap 2 years ago

Anyone have a favourite bakery that has stopped living up to its name? A favourite pastry that just isn't the same anymore?

Volunteers Needed in Wilmington NC for Operation BBQ Relief

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Operation BBQ Relief has provided 200K hot meals in the Greater Wilmington area as first responders for Hurricane Florence disaster relief. The current plan is to continue through this weekend. Yes...

Best Fine Dining in Wilmington, NC

by Tiger66 3 years ago

I'd like to give a good friend a gift certificate for a fine dining experience (or two) in Wilmington, NC. She's not a "foodie" per se, but she is well-traveled and is a five-star hotel/restaurant ...

Where do the foodies eat in Wilmington, NC

by wineandcheese 15 years ago

In a town that is overrun with chain restaurants I want to know where the true foodies like to eat dinner. The local ,independent restaurants that have friendly service and great food.

Awesome find in Wilmington, NC

by vandiemen8 4 years ago

We came to Wilmington to visit family this weekend and visited a newly opened restaurant, Epicurean Grill at Sweet and Savory. Everything we had was absolutely fantastic. The scallop appetizer was ...

Steamed Blue Crabs near Wilmington, NC?

by seaglass910 12 years ago

Does anyone know of a place within a 45 minute drive of Wilmington, NC where I could get a bushel of steamed blue crabs? I know of a few local places where I can get l live crabs and the Crab Pot ...

Where to eat Wilmington/Wrightsville

by ezwriter 6 years ago

My daughter goes to UNCW and is turning 21. She knows nothing about good restaurants in the area, and doesn't like any seafood or fish. Can someone recommend a good place we can take her for a nice...

Wilmington, NC dinner

by rcburli 6 years ago

Group of six will be in Wilmington next Friday. We are from Charlotte and not familiar with the food scene in Wilmington. I see Rx online, and that looks pretty darn good. Any other options ...

List of good eats in Wilmington, NC

by carolinadawg 7 years ago

This is a nice overview of good eats in Wilmington from the Wilmington Star newspaper. Certainly not perfect, but I can definitely vouch for many of the recs. This may prove useful to some visito...

Wilmington NC

by Barbarella 7 years ago

Spending the weekend in Wilmington and would like some recs on restos there. One of us is a carnivore and the other is a vegetarian . Please help!!!!

Canape Wilmington NC

by foodieinraleigh 7 years ago

Anyone eaten at Canape? Interesting concept, wondering about the food.

RDU to Wilmington - anything Chow-worthy along the way?

by bropaul 7 years ago

Will be flying into RDU and driving to Wilmington at the end of the month. There's the possibility of a stop for lunch.I have absolutely no idea of the food landscape. Anything noteworthy on the wa...

Shrimp burger in Wilmington?

by countgrog 11 years ago

Headed to Wilmington Friday to work at a concert and won't have time to get a nice sit down meal. Is there anywhere to get a good shrimp burger similar to Els in Morehead City or Big Oak Drive In ...

Seeking Wilmington, NC, recommendations

Jeff C.
by Jeff C. 7 years ago

Staying downtown but visiting Wrightsville Beach as well. Seeking fresh, flavorful, innovative, casual, fun breakfast, lunch, and dinner fare. Fresh seafood and full bar a plus. Any cuisine and pri...

Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach, NC restaurants

by novotna 7 years ago

I'm a visitor from Durham and want some recommendations about good restaurants in Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach. Last night I went to Catch and was very disappointed. Here's the review I posted o...

Wilmington, N.C.- A Delicious Report!

by monavano 8 years ago

DH and I had a quick visit to Wilmington, N.C. recently, and I can say that we ate good! First, I want to mention how NICE everyone was- from servers at restaurants to our hotel personnel, we were...

What is special on trip from DC to Wilmington NC?

by RobertM 8 years ago

Driving down to Wilmington NC for a family affair 1/31/14. What is notable to pick up on the way back to DC, BBQ, or other chow goodies while Im down there. Breakfast, Pho, Lunch, diner joints.

Foodies in Wilmington/Wrightsville NC

by foodieinraleigh 8 years ago

Any updates re Foodie worthy spots?! Going to Topsail for 2 weeks and hope to visit the most worthy & interesting places. Price & cuisine are not limitations - looking for great chefs and memorabl...

Special dinner out in/near Wilmington, NC

by radiogrl1 8 years ago

There will be 9 of us (aunts, cousins - an all-girl weekend) and we'd love to have dinner at someplace elegant but not stuffy, with the best food available. Not really picky about the type of cuisi...