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CSA in (or near) Wichita, Kansas

by Camelyn 12 years ago

I've looked high, low and under a few beds, but I have not been able to find a CSA program in Wichita. Odd, since this is the midwest, and there are more farms than bars (ok maybe not, but it's got...

Breakfast Sausages served at Marriott Hotels

by hotstarz 2 years ago

Can somebody somewhere PLEASE tell me what the link sausages are at Marriott? (They're big as/or bigger than Brats. (They cut them in half)

Where to buy Empanada discos in Wichita, KS?

by SewRusty 4 years ago

I've tried all the usual stores, and no one seems to have any clue what I'm talking about. Since I don't actually live there, I'm not super familiar with the city, so if one of the big chains has i...

From Wichita to Des Moines for the weekend

by tdombrow 6 years ago

Hey food people. I'm headed up to Des Moines for the weekend with the hubster and was wondering if there is anyplace between here and there that I should visit. Also, while in Des Moines, where c...

[Wichita] Usuluteco: Nice Salvadoran food

by sambamaster 14 years ago

Having been in Wichita less than a year, i've yet to uncover all the interesting places for real "chowhound" chow. I have leads on a new Mexican place and hope to try it tomorrow. In the meantime, ...

Anyone from Wichita? Peppernuts Help

by Acantha 7 years ago

I have lost my recipe for peppernuts. It came from the Wichita Eagle-Beacon's annual holiday cookbook insert, I think it was 1980, but it could also be 1979 or 1981. I have been all over the inte...

Jewish food in Wichita

by shopgirl26 14 years ago

Is there any Jewish food in Wichita? I believe there is a temple close to me and every once in a while I see a sign that says "Jewish Deli". But I never have figured out what exactly the deal is. I...

Ideas for starting a Jewish Bakery in Wichita area?

by SPartridge1965 7 years ago

I am thinking about starting a bakery here in the Wichita area. I want the goodies to be good for you so I will have gluten free as well as organic offered. I am also wanting to do some different J...

Headed to Wichita, KS for a month

by tdombrow 8 years ago

So I'm working in Wichita for a month and was wondering if there were any food options up there that I must absolutely try. So far the best anyone has told me about the food was that there is a pl...

Kimlan Banh Mi Sandwiches [Wichita]

by wmkwhite 9 years ago

If you're a fan of a good sandwich, you have to try out Kimlan at 1035 N. Broadway. Ever since Wichita lost our beloved Mi Canh I've been suffering from a banh mi withdrawl, but no more. Wide varie...

Bulk goods in Wichita?

by jessicahammond 9 years ago

I just moved to Wichita, and I'm looking for a place to buy bulk foods like lentils, rice, and spices. What's a good store for measuring out my own portions of that kind of thing?

Wichita Help

by eatkansas 9 years ago

I will be in Wichita at the end of July and need to take some clients out for dinner. Any suggestions besides Scotch and Sirloin?

heading to wichita and tulsa need advise

by gbque 9 years ago

I'll be in Wichita and Tulsa for work for a few days. Any must try spots for lunch and or dinner? Not looking for fancy fine dining, just good food that is not a chain. Any regional specialties I ...

Wichita Kansas Restaurant Recommendations

by nolagastronaut 10 years ago

Traveling to Wichita and am looking for a few great restaurant recommendations. No real filter here. I'm there for 2 weeks so that's a lot of time to visit. willing to drive but not over 30 mi...

Worst Holiday Meal in Wichita, KS

by millvalleygirl 10 years ago

I've eaten at Newport Grill on two different holidays: Easter and Thanksgiving. Easter was the BEST buffet I've ever been to (and I HATE buffets). The food was from the restaurant's regular menu. ...

Recs. wanted - Route 60 in MO., Bartlesville OK, Wichita KS

by mhhill 10 years ago

I will be driving across Southern Missouri,mainly on Route 60, dropping down to Bartlesville and ending up in Wichita. I would like restaurant recomendations particularly for local specialties. ...

[Wichita] Thai-Lao Cafe a winner!

by sambamaster 14 years ago

After making my pork belly score at the Thai grocery on S. Hillside last week, I spotted the sign for an intriguing eatery, the Thai Lao Cafe in the perpendicular strip center one door south. Havin...

Wichita/Haysville Restaurant for Gift Certificate for Family

by c11 11 years ago

I have family in Haysville KS, I want to purchase a gift card at a nice restaurant for them...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I am open to any ideas. Thanks all and happy holidays.

BBQ in Wichita?

by Westy 11 years ago

Hello - Just tried Famous Daves and have to say it was a disappointment. Is KC Creations any better? Is it really open for only a few hours each day? I heard one place is called Jet. How is it?...

Dining out for Thanksgiving in Wichita,Ks

by rigupdog 11 years ago

Hello all, I live in Wichita Kansas, and it appears all of my family has plans this year outside the family, my wife isn't from Wichita, so here is my post, we are going to eat out this year and th...