Need Wi-Fi? Ask Chowhounds where to find it near you in coffee shops, cafes, and more.


Yo El Rey Roasting | Calistoga - Napa Valley

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

A couple weeks ago I stopped by Yo el Rey coffee roaster in downtown Calistoga for the morning caffeine. When I ordered a cappuccino, the barista asked me if I wanted more or less foam. I asked for...

Best spots for reading/studying/working with good food

by betterbeheaven 5 years ago

I frequently like to spend a quiet evening or afternoon alone at a cafe either reading or working, and while I have a robust list already, I'm always interested in hearing about other places (parti...

Best cafe with wifi to do online job hunting?

by foodie360 5 years ago

I'm currently job hunting and am looking for somewhere that I can do so on my laptop with wifi that has a comfortable atmosphere and good food and great tea or coffee that won't break the bank if I...

Suggestions Welcome: Meeting Locale in Queen Anne Area

by biankat 5 years ago

Hi all! I work from home in West Seattle and my boss is flying in from North Carolina. What's a good place for us to meet for a few hours in the general Queen Anne area? Upper or Lower is fine. We'...

Can someone rec a good place for a working lunch in south Orange Country/San Clemente area with wifi?

by saraev 5 years ago

I need to meet with a coworker in the San Clemente area for lunch at a place with great food and wifi. Any suggestions?

Milwaukee, WI Fine Dining

by montgomeryjessical 6 years ago

I am going to be in Milwaukee March 8th - 11th. This is my first time in the city. I am looking for some recommendations about the best food Milwaukee has to offer. I would appreciate a good "hol...

Cosy cafe with wi fi in Petaluma

by sonomajom 6 years ago

I have to hang out for a couple of hours in Petaluma this week and was looking for recommendations on cafes with wi fi. I'm a fan of Della Fattoria - though don't think they have wi fi? but looking...

Winfield Park, NJ: BBQ Ribs (4 days only - including today)

by piney 6 years ago

For four days each year, the NJ town without a restaurant serves up some really good ribs. The meaty spare ribs are dry rub-style (the facebook page say "marinated"). There's no sugary sauce opti...

Coffee, Wifi, open > 10p (preferably until ~midnight)

by ns1 6 years ago

Am I looking for a unicorn? Something like Spoon by H or Susina would be ideal, but they both close fairly early. The starbucks by me closes their dining room @ 10p, so that's out of the equati...

Food and wifi trip report from Amsterdam

by lecker 7 years ago

Just returned from another wonderful trip to Amsterdam. I used to plan my trips through my stomach: using restaurants as guideposts to take me from one area of town to the next. This time, I was ...

Good food and/or coffee with WIFI in Los Angeles

by noah977 8 years ago

I'm a "foodie" who is also in grad school. That means a ridiculous amount of time studying and working on the laptop. As a break from working at home, its nice to find a restaurant with some good...

WiFi and Great Food near Echo Park?

by echoparkdirt 7 years ago

When I lived in Venice, I would go to Kabab Grill in Culver for fantastic schwarma, cheese safeeha, and glorious free wifi to do me writing and working while noshing on great grub. Any thoughts...

Cafe with wi-fi near Yonge and Sheppard

by garfield 7 years ago

I have to spend about two hours on Sunday with 3 to 4 colleagues. I know there is a Starbucks at Yonge and Avondale but the tables there are too small - is there anything else? How about in Bayvi...

ISO Unpretentious, modestly-priced coffee shop with WiFi near Yonge & Carlton

by Googs 7 years ago

I have a friend in need. The local Second Cup and Coffee Zone have both closed. Starbucks is disliked. Bulldog prices are too high. Anybody know of a place where you can drink and work for a fe...

Places with ocean/bay views where you can study/use wifi

by nroot 7 years ago

I love doing work where there is a great view to look up to. Often times I'll take a laptop down to a bench above La Jolla Cove or up to Cabrillo. However, there are no outlets or wifi to be had at...

Coffee, Wifi, Parking?

by maillard 8 years ago

Any suggestions for places that have all three? I know Lyndell's in Central Sq. has parking and wifi. How is the coffee?

Boeing uses potatoes instead of people to test wi-fi

by Antilope 8 years ago

Gives a whole new meaning to couch potatoes..... "US planemaker Boeing used an unusual substitute for passengers to test its in-flight wi-fi system - potatoes. Passenger seats on a decommissi...

Manchester, NH - Lunch and Wifi

by ChrisB 8 years ago

I'm meeting a co-worker (who is a friend) for lunch in Manchester today, which is our half-way point. Not looking for anything fancy. Just somewhere we can spend an hour or two, fire up our lapto...

Wifi Cafes like Le Pain Quotidien

by aliciaheartsushi 8 years ago

I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for wi-fi enabled cafes in either Manhattan (Union Square or below) or (South) Brooklyn that are most reminiscent of Le Pain Quotidien (which doesn't h...

wee hour eats and wifi near PHL airport

by Ay Uaxe 8 years ago

I'm visiting my kid @ Lehigh at the end of the month. Return flight leaves PHL at 5 am Mon. I probably wont leave Bethlehem (I'll have a rented car) until after 10 pm Sun., so don't want to deal wi...