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White Castle fans, join in. 'Hounds discuss the chain: openings and closings, favorite menu items, and more.

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"White Castle"-type burgers in Austin?

by Dave Oberman 16 years ago

First a brief introduction: I just moved to Austin earlier this year from the Bay Area. I've been lurking on this board for a couple of months, and it's been an invaluable part of my overall ong...

Recipe for White Castle Turkey Stuffing

by The Dairy Queen 16 years ago

In response to another thread on another board... ~TDQ Link: http://www.whitecastle.com/_pages/recipe_list.asp?section=recipes&type=DINNER&recipe=9

A White Castle in San Fernando Valley?

by Tequila Worm 16 years ago

I know there are no White Castle restaurants in the San Fernando Valley but are there any restaurants that serve WC style burgers? Y'know, a close facsimile?

The White Castle on Sunset

by Dylan 16 years ago

I think a couple of folks mentioned the temporary White Castle on Sunset across from the Standard. I went there yesterday expecting a huge line (after all, the burgers are free). Instead there was ...

Jerry's Pizzeria in Canoga Park- da' 411??? White Castle too..

by moviebob 18 years ago

Jerry's seems to have been there forever, as I have been living in the West Valley since 11 or 12 years of age. (Now 40), Is it any good? My wife and kids like the salads at Pizza Cookery on Topa...

White Castle burgers-type in Central Florida?

by GeoR 18 years ago

Once in a while I yearn for the good ol' White Castle burgers. The frozen versions in the supermarket stores are not even close and the Crystal frozen versions are pretty bad. Do you know of any re...

White Castle in So. Cal. ?

by foodieboy 18 years ago

Has anyone ever found White Castle style burgers in So. Cal.? I don't mean the frozen ones.

"If You Love White Castle, You'll Love Us" - Not....

by Chuck 18 years ago

Several weeks ago, a Hound posted on The Little Red Caboose in Deerfield on Powerline Rd. He told us how much he loved their fries, but said little about their "White Castle" clones. And, with go...

White Castle like burgers

by willy 18 years ago

Anyone know if anyone has tried to recreate the famous White Castle burgers in So. Cal. ????

Henry's Tacos in N. Hollywood/White Castle Burgers in LA?

by Bob S. 19 years ago

As I grew up near Henry's Tacos, it has been always had a soft spot in my heart as a Taco, and Spanish Rice w/ green chilie sauce - Meca" for me. I took my wife there recently on the way to our tw...

White Castle cheeseburgers

by Jeremy Osner 20 years ago

For a beautiful description of the White Castle experience, take a look at Sam Shepard's article in yesterday's NY Times Magazine. It's at the link below, about 1/2 way down the page. If you've nev...

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