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Carne de vinha d'alhos in portugal

by stangoldsmith 5 years ago

They say that vindaloo comes from carne de vinha d'alhos from Portugal. Is this such a dish? Where do I eat it in Portugal? I'm here! Thank you chowhound!

ISO Best Fritto Misto in Campania

by itryalot 5 years ago

We love fritto misto and will be in Campania (all over from Paestum to coast to Naples) and would like to have some fritto misto (veg and fish) as well as some zucchini blossoms. Any recommendat...

Shrimp on toast

by as_toronto 5 years ago

I first tried shrimp on toast at Chung Moi (Kennedy & Eglinton) which is an Indian Chinese (hakka) restaurant. I haven't seen this on the menu at other Indian Chinese places. I live in the west end...

ISO red curry shrimp with lychee & pineapple

by Googs 5 years ago

It was my favourite dish at Kinnaree Thai in it's time. Now I don't see it at the two hot shot Thai places in Scarborough. Anybody know where a gal could come by that?

Where to Dine for Great Lambchops???

by FoiGras 11 years ago

Hubby and I love lambchops. More often then not, based on economic reasons, we settle for the "lollipop" lambchops offered at many of the local restaurants. We enjoy those at the Reef Grille in ...

On the Hunt for Best Onion Soup

by lobstagal 5 years ago

Craving a crock of that cheesey, gooey goodness somewhere North of Boston or Southern NH/ME/ Can anyone help?

ISO french mashed potatoes

by brooksms 5 years ago

I'll be going solo to NYC this weekend and plan to get a discount broadway ticket for Saturday night. With that in mind, I won't know the location until day-of. Regardless, I'm looking for a partic...

CRISPY Chile Relleno

by flproject 14 years ago

Where in LA can I find a cripy chile relleno?? Places I have been: 1. El Coyote (sick) 2. Merix 3. Gardens of Taxco 4. Mexican place at the Farmers Market I've been in LA for about 2 year...

Where to eat around 23rd St 7/8 Avenues?

by Fuffy 5 years ago

Good places to eat near Bow Tie Cinema in Chelsea ? @3rd street between 7 & 8 Avenue. Thanks

Advice: which restaurant to invite friend out - no more than $250 for both, conversation needs to be possible

by BlauerPlanet 5 years ago

So I'd like to invite a friend out as a thank you. I don't want to be spending much more than $250 when all is said an done. We're not big drinkers but will have a glass of wine or share a bottle. ...

Spuyten Duyvil restaurant options

by debspf 5 years ago

My husband and I are considering a move to Spuyten Duyvil in South Riverdale, Bronx. What is the restaurant landscape like there? Will we have to hop a train every time we want a nice meal out?

visiting Chicago with family, River North (lots of questions)

by njpm 5 years ago

My husband, two children (ages 8 and 6), and I are super excited to visit Chicago in a few weeks. We're staying at the Kinzie from Sunday to Friday and would love suggestions on where to get great ...

UES favorite restaurants

by Ckone1999 5 years ago

I've just moved to the Upper East Side and would love to hear what restaurants are good in this neighborhood. I've been to fancy places like Cafe Boulud and Daniel before, but what about more casua...

what do you think?

by hlsess 5 years ago

I am going to Chicago first time with my 23 year old daughter- next weekend- I made reservations at a few places that I was recommended to by friends Rosebud steakhouse, Hugo's Frog bar and the Li...

Restaurants Recs in Southern Rhone/Haute Vaucluse

by alocke 6 years ago

Hello Chowhounds, I will be spending time with my husband in Provence this September (early Sept - last minute trip); as our main goal is to eat and drink well I am looking for some recommendat...

Quebec Trip (Montreal & Quebec City)

by dontburnthepig 6 years ago

Hey all, I am heading up to Quebec in a few weeks from NYC - first time. I have Joe Beef and Au Pied De Cochon booked for Montreal.. Looking for two more dinner suggestions - Hotel Herman and B...

Fun weird restaurants in LA?

by beefleef 13 years ago

Hey, now I'm looking for any weird or unique restaurants. Places a la Lowenbrau Keller (that's now closed). Any suggestions? A place with good food would be a start, a place with great food too wou...

Looking for Family Restaurants near Reading Market, Please

by chalkit 5 years ago

Taking the grandchildren for a stay in Philly and need to find meals that will be pleasing to kids and adults. Would appreciate any information. Location is 1100 Race Street. THANKS

Traverse City recommendations

by ksbee 6 years ago

Hello fellow Chowhounders. We will be in Traverse City the second week in September, and are looking for some recommendations. I've searched the board, and found some places that look fun, but most...