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Having trouble finding vanilla beans in your area? Or foie gras? Or gluten-free injera? Or a Bosch dishwasher? Or ... Chowhounds weigh in on the best local sources for ingredients, packaged foods, appliances, imported items, and more.

The Best Places to Buy Humane & Organic Chicken Online

With mounting concerns about mass-produced and factory-farmed poultry and folks trying to limit trips to the market, we looked into some alternatives, including the best certified humane and organic...

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where to buy fresh paneer in SF?

by Dave 17 years ago

I've seen frozen paneer in a few Asian and Indian groceries, but I haven't seen fresh paneer. Any suggestions on where to find it? Thanks!

Help! Any turkey suggestions for Thanksgiving? Best type? Where to buy? (Houston)

by Stewart 17 years ago

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, let me ask my Chowhound friends for some help... Every year for thanksgiving we have a butterball brand frozen turkey. Don't get me wrong, its always b...

Where can I buy stollen?

by Kaybee 17 years ago

Looking for the real deal --- lots of candied fruits, nuts, almond paste center, lovely glaze on top. My mom and grandmother no longer make this yummy holiday treat, and I'm looking for the next c...

Where to buy good gravy?

by D-NY 17 years ago

Plans for Thanksgiving are very low-key but it would be great to have mashed potatoes and gravy. Since gravy is difficult to make without also making a turkey I figured I'd buy some. I think I ha...

Where to buy PRECOOKed thanksgiving feast?

by JL 17 years ago

I am trying to find a place to purchase turkey, stuffing, and such all prepared because I do not have time to prepare this for myself. Please let me know. Thank You

Where to buy carbon-steel wok?

by WokLover 17 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get carbon steel woks with steel handles in Montreal? http://wokshop.com/HTML/products/woks/woks_cs_twosteel_handles.html Thanks a lot!

Where to buy Live Crabs & Lobsters

by Meredith 17 years ago

Hi, I love to cook and eat and am adventurous in both. I moved to West Hollywood and I need a great place to buy live crabs and lobsters in Los Angeles. I used to live in the South Bay and boug...

How to make or where to buy roasted and salted pecan

by Richie 17 years ago

I love roasted and salted pecans but I have not seen them for sale alone in the store. They are always mixed in with other nuts. Does anyone know how make them or where to buy them? I am in CT. I w...

Looking for tangerine beverage made in ireland

by amy 17 years ago

I have a terminally ill patient craving the taste of home. Any suggestion on how to find something called Tangee, I think, an Irish made tangerine flavored beverage. We are in New York. I would gla...

where can I buy duck liver?

by hoodie 17 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy duck liver (either in L.A. or mail order) without having to buy any other duck parts?

Alfajoresin Seattle...where can I buy?

by me985 17 years ago

Does anyone know some good places to buy Alfajores and mate in Seattle? I got back from Argentina and loved the stuff..would like to find it locally. Thanks

hp sauce - where to buy around k.c.

by stacyneff 17 years ago

Does anyone know a local grocery store that carries HP brown sauce and/or HP curry sauce? Thanks!

Where to buy puff pastry in L.A.

by ting 17 years ago

Hi, does anyone know where to buy puff pastry in the L.A. area, preferably closer to the westside? Thanks in advance.

where to buy homemade tofu?

by AmandaG 17 years ago

i've heard many times that homemade tofu is way better than store bought...unfortunately most of the recipes i have seen for it require copious amounts of equipment and time. does anyone know wher...

where can i buy [long-stemmed] herbs for my wedding bouquet?

by lynn 17 years ago

I'm getting married in Brooklyn on 11/16 (another satisfied -- so far -- Movable Feast customer!) and am trying to figure out a way to put some yummy fragrant (autmnal) herbs in my bouquet, such as...

Where can I buy coconut cream?

by Julie 17 years ago

I plan to make an Indian curry meat dish and the recipe calls for coconut cream. In fact, many of the curries have coconut cream. I went to the Indian grocery store and found coconut milk and sh...

tequila -- Los Valientes and others -- where to buy

by Ted Sampsell-Jones 17 years ago

Hi... been going to Tommy's for margaritas, often with Los Valientes Reposado. Wouldn't mind working on my own homemade... does anyone know where to find Los Valientes in San Francisco? Don't...

Where to buy live scallops in the bay area

by ivanhoe 17 years ago

Either bay or sea scallops. The only place I can find is online at www.farm-2-market.com. Looking at the website and calling their 800 number, I can't figure out whether it is a legitimate business...

where can I buy good seafood in Park Slope?

by tanktop 17 years ago

I am making scallops for friends tomorrow night and desperately need to know a great place to buy them! Any suggestions? I could also head over to the Smith St. area if need be. Thanks in advance.

where to buy fresh seitan ("wheat-meat")?

by miranda 17 years ago

I live in SF but work in the East Bay so either place is fine. Just wondering if there is a local company that makes it very fresh. Herbivore Restaurant has some that is soft and not chewy at all...

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