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Having trouble finding vanilla beans in your area? Or foie gras? Or gluten-free injera? Or a Bosch dishwasher? Or ... Chowhounds weigh in on the best local sources for ingredients, packaged foods, appliances, imported items, and more.

The Best Places to Buy Humane & Organic Chicken Online

With mounting concerns about mass-produced and factory-farmed poultry and folks trying to limit trips to the market, we looked into some alternatives, including the best certified humane and organic...

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Where to buy Dom Pepino Sauce

by Steve Carbaugh 17 years ago

Hi, I live in a kinda small city..Don't think any is available around here. Where can I get some and not sure if its just tomato sauce or both, pizza sauce also. Any relevance to size would be appr...

Where can I buy buratta (?) cheese in L..A

by kathy 17 years ago

Sorry about the spelling but I wasn't sure. Anyway, I had some tonight at DaPasquale and fell in love. Where can I go in Los Angeles to buy this wonderful cheese? thanks in advance.

Where to buy molcajete & tejolote?

by Caramel Bob 17 years ago

Has anyone come across a store in the GTA that sells a molcajete & tejolote (Mexican mortar and pestle)? There are several Latin American grocery stores in Kensington Market, and one of them sell...

where can i buy arepas?

by joey d 17 years ago

i'm looking to purchase arepas from an nyc grocer....preferably on the west side. i'm not looking to eat them from a restaurant or cart, but rather serve them at home. thanks!

where to buy bayou magic?

by SH 17 years ago

i'm making jambalaya for the first time, and my southern-born friend who provided the recipe said two ingredients were absolutely essential: andouille sausage from the sausage kitchen in beverly h...

Where can I buy tomato plants?

by chilibug 17 years ago

...and when, if you feel like answering that question briefly. I've never grown my own vegetables before, but wanted to grow some tomatoes in containers this year. Where can I buy some tomato pla...

organic roses, edible flowers - where to buy today?

by Susan 17 years ago

i need a small supply of organic roses and edible flowers for an afternoon tea party featuring flowered teas and tisanes. Any suggestions?

where to buy whole fish?

by nomadfromcincy 17 years ago

I would like to buy a whole snapper or sea bass this weekend. I have read about Sea To You, but I haven't been there. Do they sell this type of fish? And is it my best bet? I am serving the fis...

Where to buy BBQ sauces?

by chris o 17 years ago

Looking for a little variety of sauces. I know there's that store in the Farmer's Market, but I think their specialty is more towards hot sauces than BBQ. Any other suggestions?

Where to buy soy protein isolate?

by Chloe 17 years ago

I'm trying to bake low carb bread and desserts and many recipes ask for soy protein isolate. I don't know where to find this, I've checked the health food stores and the bulk barn. I live in the R...

where to buy citrons

by wilmer 17 years ago

Any ideas where I can buy fresh citrons in the DC area?

Where to buy shrimp in Charleston?

by danna 17 years ago

I'll be driving from IOP on Saturday late afternoon, stopping downtown for dinner, and then heading up 26 back to Greenville. Is there a spot on that route (my non-hound friend will not appreciate...

Where can I buy pizza dough downtown?

by CiaoNewYork 17 years ago

Preferably in the Soho to Little Italy area.

Where Can I Buy Stuffed Cabbage For Party?

by karen wagner 17 years ago

I need 50-60 stuffed cabbage for a party Saturday night. I would like to know what is the best place to purchase them. Thanks, Karen

where to buy? Danesi, Segafredo

by wd 17 years ago

Hi - I think our drinking of the pre-ground Lavazza & Illy has now run its course, but Fairway doesn't carry Danesi or Segafredo, which we've enjoyed at restaurants in NYC. Could someone recommend...

Where to buy chilled wine near Sripraphai?

by Lindsay B. 17 years ago

We're going to Sripraphai tonight, and we thought we'd test the Thai food/wine pairings suggested on Chowhound. 1. Will S. chill the wine for us? (If we ask really nicely?) 2. Is there anywhere...

Where to buy "homemade" marshmallows?

by Enid 17 years ago

Within the last couple of weeks did anyone else read about a couple of places in NYC where you can find homemade marshmallows? The article listed three flavors, vanilla being one. I thought I saw i...

Where to buy "mail order" gumbo, jambalaya, etouffe? IN NEW ORLEANS

by brian white 17 years ago

I will be in NOLA and would love to go directly to the source and save myself the shipping costs. I tried to do some research before my last trip to NOLA and couldnt really find much about mail or...

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