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Where to Buy Humane & Organic Chicken Online

With mounting concerns about mass-produced and factory-farmed poultry, we looked into some alternatives, including the best certified humane and organic chicken you can buy online and where to get organic...

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Where to buy cheese curds for poutine in Boston/Metro West?

by K 17 years ago

Anyone have any ideas? I have the sauce and will make my own fries, but where to buy the cheese curds?

Where can I buy Passionfruit Syrup locally?

by Jim Rice 17 years ago

Any ideas where I can find passionfruit syrup locally? This is stuff that would go in coffee or mixed drinks. I've ordered it on-line before, but it is somewhat expensive when shipping is figured...

Where to buy Italian canned tuna?

by Greg Minsky 17 years ago

Where ca I buy italian canned tuna in NYC. Is it always going to be light tuna, packed in olive oil. I don't mind the olive oil, but wonder about the "light tuna". Thanks, Greg

Where to buy great marble rye and other breads

by kat 17 years ago

Visiting soon and want to go to the best bakery for breads, especially marbled rye.

Where to buy cardamon tea in the UES?

by Karin J 17 years ago

I'm new to the area and have looked in a couple of "international" stores, but no luck finding cardamon tea yet. I'd love to hear of any favorite Persian or Middle Eastern shops generally, with or ...

Where to buy Parmesan?

by FionaH 17 years ago

We're tired of buying the little wedges of parmesan all the time. Does anyone know where to get a wheel of parmesan - we were thinking North Beach, but any suggestions within the Bay Area would be ...

Where to buy fish?

by Anne 17 years ago

Any suggestions for the best place in Chicago to buy fish? I'd love to hear if there are any places where I can purchase sushi-quality, but I'd be just as happy to find a place where I can get qua...

escargot or snails Eastbay? Where to buy?

by Susie escargot 17 years ago

escargot or snails Eastbay? Where to buy? Thanks a million Canned or bottled are fine. I need the shells too.

Where to buy Saucisson Sec in Bay Area

by Kris 17 years ago

I've googled, I've excited, I've yahooed......does anyone know of any place to get this anywhere in northern california? There's a deli down in LA, but was hoping to find something within the bay a...

Where can I buy fresh figs in Manhattan?

by Want figs 17 years ago

An in-law of mine has never tried fresh figs and would like to -- where can they be purchased? Manhattan Fruit Exchange? Zabar's?

Where to buy USDA/CBGA Prime?

by mike 17 years ago

I know i asked this last year but cannot for the life of me find the post...Where, apart from Olliffe's can one buy Prime steak?

LARD - where to buy it?

by SeriousPig 17 years ago

Given my handle, I should know this, but I don't. Thanks for the help!

Where to buy Kippers?

by Madd 17 years ago

A certain tv cooking/home show which shall remain nameless featured a segment on kippers in their UK features last week. Where in Chicago does one purchase kippers? Not the canned ones or the ki...

Barrett's Bermuda Ginger Beer - Where to buy?

by Kok 17 years ago

Other than Sutton Place Gourmet, does anyone know where to buy Barrett's Ginger Beer in the DC metro area? Thanks, K

Where to buy natural lard in MoCo?

by Browniebaker 17 years ago

I am swearing off commercial lard that is partially hydrogenated or has preservatives. Does anyone know of a good source for natural lard in Montgomery County? Inexpensive would be good, but price ...

Marinated kalbi, where to buy in MoCo

by jujube 17 years ago

Anyone know which korean supermarkets in Montgomery Co. sell marinated kalbi? I used to by then at Lotte in Rockville but they stopped carrying it a while ago.

wine - where to buy

by Toby 17 years ago

What do you think is the best wine store in terms of selection and price? I live in Rockville but I am willing to drive especially if there is a good restaurant nearby.

Airplane picnic? Where to buy?

by Wendy Lai 17 years ago

I want to bring one possibly two meals onboard to avoid terrible airplane food. What do you suggest? And where do I buy them? I think the criteria would be taste good at room temp., not too mess...

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