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Where to buy German and Alsatian wines in the Bay Area?

by Samo 18 years ago

I am particularly fond of Mosel spätlese rieslings, but am anxious to see what riches the Bay Area has to offer, in general, when it comes to German and Alsatian wines. Where have you seen German r...

Pumpkin Pie (where to buy)

by Jay 18 years ago

I'm just wondering were a guy can buy himself a decent pumpkin pie in the Chicago/Chicago area. Considering Illinois is one of the main pumpkin growing places in the universe, imagine my dismay w...

Where can I buy preserved lemons?

by Michael E. 18 years ago

Hello- Does anybody know of a convenient place to buy preserved lemons? -- I need one for a chicken dish that I want to make this weekend. If someone knows a spot in the Cambridge/Somerville area t...

Where can I buy a good Ham?

by Scott 18 years ago

I'm looking to find a place that sells the best Ham in town. I'm not looking to buy from a Honey Baked Ham store, a Safeway or Costco, but rather from a Mom and Pop store. Any advice would be most ...

Where to buy crab in SF?

by Paul 18 years ago

Now that local crabs are commercially available can someone reccommend a cheap place to purchase them? I used to go to the Nikko fish club on Potrero hill, but now that they are closed I'm looking...

where to buy goose

by Scott Stuart 18 years ago

We are thinking of cooking a goose for Christmas dinner this year. Do you know of a place to buy a goose, as fresh as possible, preferably near Arlington? And no, I don't want to go to Spy Pond ...

Where to buy cheap fresh-off-the-boat dungenous crabs?

by chowguy 18 years ago

I've seen on TV so many times that you can buy fresh-off-the-boat dungenous crabs in Half Moon Bay for like $1-2 a pound. I've been to several places in Half Moon Bay, but their crabs are sold at m...

Where can I buy kosher foie gras in NYC for cooking?

by Scott K 18 years ago

Looking to make a foie gras dish for thanksgiving. Does anyone know of a reliable source to buy kosher foie gras? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Where to buy good Port?

by Sunnyside Up 18 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good place in Manhattan (or Queens) to buy Port? I'm looking for somewhere with a large selection...my little neighborhood wine shop doesn't have much.

Where can I buy Fresh Sardines?

by Craig 18 years ago

Can anyone suggest a place to buy fresh sardines retail in Manhattan? We have enjoyed them in restaurants but want to try cooking them at home. Thanks

where can I buy Bar-le-duc currant preserve?

by After Bunny 18 years ago

I have recently heard of this 'jam of kings' and I would like to know if and where it is available in London and whether it is in fact as nice as its hype suggests. I understand it is not available...

Where to buy Peruvian food/ingredients in Connecticut?

by Deb 18 years ago

My daughter is dating a 23 yr. old. young man who had to leave his family behind when he came here from Peru. His father wanted him to have the opportunity to experience freedom and make a decent ...

where to buy sushi-grade fish

by Wendy Lai 18 years ago

Besides Farmer's markets (which I usually can't make it to), where can I buy sushi-grade fish? I'm interested in making sushi at home. Would Swan Oyster Depot?

where to buy mussels?

by marachino 18 years ago

i want to make some mussels in white wine sauce but am curious as to where i should buy the mussels. any recommendations? also, as a sidenote, do you have a suggestion of a good, cheap dry white...

Where to buy oysters?

by Eric Eto 18 years ago

I'm planning to make dinner for a friend's farewell and wanted to get oysters. Where can I find a good variety at the best prices? Since I work near Grand Central, I checked out the two fishmonge...

WANTED: Where to buy whole clams for frying?

by David 18 years ago

I'm a former Bostonian who now lives in Memphis, TN. Needless to say we can't get whole clams here so I wold like to find a place where I could buy some and have them shipped. Any help will be ap...

Lily Bulbs! Where can I buy them?

by Jonathan Hayes 18 years ago

I need to find some lily bulbs for a recipe I'm cooking. I tried the Sunrise Japanse market near me and they didn't have them. Do I have to go to Yaohan Plaza? Or Fairway? I'm looking for somewhere...

where to buy good seafood

by pete 18 years ago

I was wondering where in the city can I buy good quality seafood.

Where to buy cow's lungs ?

by Aditya Pradja 18 years ago

Folks, I am trying to buy cow's lungs to cook a delicacy ethnic food from Indonesia 'fried cow's lungs'. Does anyone know where I can buy them in New York ?

Where can I buy treacle?

by Terry Delsing 18 years ago

Would someone be kind enough to direct me to a supplier of treacle. Glendale and Pasedena are the closest to me. Thanks, Terry

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