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Having trouble finding vanilla beans in your area? Or foie gras? Or gluten-free injera? Or a Bosch dishwasher? Or ... Chowhounds weigh in on the best local sources for ingredients, packaged foods, appliances, imported items, and more.

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Where to buy red jalapenos in Toronto?

by ScW 17 years ago

Has anyone seen red jalapenos in Toronto? (I don't shop at expensive places like Pusateri's or Harvest Wagon, by the way.) I haven't seen them in Kensington Market.

Where to buy wine in SD

by Divamac 17 years ago

I am looking for a good place for wine in SD. Specifically, one that has a decent selection of Australian wine. Before moving here, I was getting an embarassingly good deal on a wine called Nove...

where to buy lobster?

by missnicole5 17 years ago

summer is here, and there's one thing i've got a real hankering for....Lobster. does anyone know where i can get the best lobster at a reasonable price for home-cooking! willing to travel a bit. ...

Where to buy foie gras/truffles?

by Silent Bob 17 years ago

Thanks to all who answered my question about buying vanilla beans last week. Anyway, I've been asked to cook for my parents' 30th wedding anniversary, and several of their friends will be there. ...

Where to buy vanilla?

by Silent Bob 17 years ago

Is there a store in the area that sells vanilla beans at a reasonable price? Presumably, it would be less expensive to purchase in bulk. I'm tired of buying the McCormick's bottles containing two...

Wine- where to buy?

by Beer drinker 17 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for a liquor store in the Burlington/Woburn area that sells a wine called Sycamore Lane. I think they make both merlot and zinfandel, maybe others? My wife had some at a restaurant ...

where to buy semolina flour

by Wendy Lai 17 years ago

Where in San Francisco can I buy semolina flour? Hopfully, as close to North Beach as possible. thanks!

where to buy fresh fish / hormone free meat?

by Eva Peck 17 years ago

Where in Brooklyn (or Manhattan) is there to buy fresh fish or fresh meat (preferably organic or hormone/antibiotic-free) that isn't terribly expensive? Thanks.

where to buy soft-shell crabs?

by Louisa Chu 17 years ago

Where's the best place to buy soft-shell crabs in the LA area? I'll go anywhere to buy good ones - at a good price. And what is a good price in this area these days? Thanks. And here's a link...

Where can I buy freshly made popsicles?

by Nathan Landau 17 years ago

Some years ago there was a store on 24th St. near Mission in San Francisco where one could buy freshly made popsicles. That store is sadly long gone, but I'm wondering if there any other locations ...

where to buy live prawns/ shrimp? recipe help?

by Kathy 17 years ago

I love that plain boiled shrimp at MVP and similar Chinese restaurants. Does anyone know where to buy the same kind to try and make them at home. Any idea what kind of shrimp they are and what the ...

Where to buy fresh kaffir lime leaves?

by Stumon 17 years ago

Making a thai seafood curry and would like some fresh kaffir lime leaves. Anyone know where to find them in manhattan?

dried mushrooms in Queens??

by Scribbler 17 years ago

I need 4.5 ounces of dried porcini mushrooms for a cannelloni recipe I want to try. My local Met food has .45 ounces for $12.99! At these prices, my recipe will cost in excess of $100 for just th...

where to buy live, swimming shrimps/prawns

by ma 17 years ago

Hello. Anybody know where I can buy live prawns/shrimps? I looked in Chinatown but couldn't find them. When I lived in Cali, the chineese grocery stores used to have them in the tanks. Please adv...

You Cook 'em Crab Legs in DC - where to buy?

by Marian 17 years ago

Can someone give me recommendations on SPECIFIC places where I can buy crab legs (and other seafood for that matter) that I can bring home to make for dinner? I have an extremely large family con...

Fresh Oysters - Where to buy for home use?

by G.Floyd 17 years ago

I am serving raw oysters on the half shell this weekend and usually buy them at Lobster Island in Kensington Market. I just wondered if anyone out there knows somewhere better?

Where Can I Buy an Erotic Cake?

by Kathleen Mikulis 17 years ago

I've got an... um... interesting question to ask. I want to get my boyfriend an erotic cake for his birthday. We're throwing him a porn-themed birthday... on Easter no less. We're calling it PornEa...

where to buy pectin on Brooklyn???

by jerry j. 17 years ago

you know, for making jams & such... I need a source for either the powder or liquid form - thanks

Salt packed anchoives.........where to buy?

by Johann 17 years ago

Where to buy salt packed anchoives in the DC/Southern Mont County area? Can only find packed in oil.

where to buy meat in baltimore area?

by sam 17 years ago

seeking butcher/store that sells good steaks and meat and will sell in relatively low quantities, enough for say three or 4 people. while I love Costco, am looking for something a step up from them.

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