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The Best Places to Buy Humane & Organic Chicken Online

With mounting concerns about mass-produced and factory-farmed poultry and folks trying to limit trips to the market, we looked into some alternatives, including the best certified humane and organic...

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Passion Fruit Puree: where to buy Bay Area?

by Susan 16 years ago

I want to make a tropical sauce for an almond cake, and am looking for passion fruit puree. Any idea where I can find it? Need it Monday. TIA, Susan

Where to buy clementines?

by Erin 16 years ago

I'm having trouble finding clems right now! I bought several crates 2 weeks ago at Ralph's, but now they've all disappeared. Does anybody have suggestions for where to find them?

where can i buy black cod?

by barbara 16 years ago

wanna make BLACK COD WITH MISO myself. Cannot find black cod at whole foods or shaws.. any suggestion?

where to buy dried canteloupe?

by Ruth Lafler 16 years ago

I promised to bring some dried canteloupe to my cousins in England and found out today Trader Joe's no longer carries it (I asked, and it's no longer on their master order list). Anyone know wher...

Gigantes--where to buy?

by thermalito 16 years ago

Does anyone know a good source for dried gigantes (the huge white lime-type beans used in the greek bean dish of the same name)? Mail order is fine. I live in San Francisco and can't seem to fi...

Where to buy prosciutto & bresaola in East Bay, Berkeley?

by buttah 16 years ago

I've been looking to buy charcuterie meats in the area, but am not sure where to head. It would be best if it's close by where I live in North Berkeley. I guess it would be an Italian style deli. A...

Next question -- where to buy cheese in Phoenix

by Sarah C 16 years ago

So far I've been to AJ's in Arrowhead, Whole Foods in Paradise Valley, and of course TJ's, but haven't been all that impressed with the cheese selection anywhere(although I was pleased to find Cowg...

where can i buy good, cheap haas avocados?

by waxyjax 16 years ago

hey all, i have the urge to make some guacamole but would rather not spend $1.99 on an avocado...i heard the strawberry fields on west 14th used to sell them for $.99 each, but it's long been close...

Where to buy lotus leaves?

by Wayne Keyser 16 years ago

I'd very much like to add "steamed [fill-in-the-blank] in lotus leaf" to my Chinese cooking repertoire - but where in Virginia can one get lotus leaves? I've asked at my usual haunts, and they just...

Where to buy banana leaves?

by rxrfrx 16 years ago

I need some banana leaves (not many, just 4 or 5) for this weekend. My only guesses for places that might have them are Russo's and Super 88... though I haven't specifically noticed banana leaves ...

Where to buy Annie Chung's Sauces?

by ctleslie 16 years ago

My mother-in-law has been searching for the past year for Annie Chung's Shitake Mushroom Sauce. Does anyone know where we can buy it in the Bay Area? The Petrini's Market in Burlingame used to ca...

Where to buy crust-less bread in San Francisco

by Jenny 16 years ago

I'm making sandwiches for a high tea for a fund-raising event. Anyone know where to buy smalll-size, pre-sliced bread with no crusts? It would save a lot of time if I didn't have to cut off the cr...

Pareve whipping "cream" : where to buy on UWS, NYC

by Debbie 16 years ago

I’m looking for the frozen pint sized container of Rich’s or Kinneret whipping “cream” Can’t seem to find this anywhere these days—(I know I was able to find it over Passover), but I checked severa...

Gefilte Fish- where to buy?

by adamandeve 16 years ago

Which is the best? Am I too late (I need enough for 10 people) to order it? If I buy it today will it be nasty by Wednesday?? Please help this chiksa hosting Rosh Hashana dinner! (My husband is mak...


by Janice Mercer 16 years ago

Was tipped about Hangar 1 vodka (specifically the infused ones) by a bartender from San Francisco who was working at "Fix" restaurant in the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Doesn't seem to have made it ...

Where can I buy camas bulb?

by Willikers 16 years ago

I tasted this once in Oregon at a campground cookout, and now I'm coming back to the state for a few weeks. Where can I buy camas bulb for cooking? It has a very unique flavor that I enjoyed quit...

tri-tip or california cut steak- where can i buy this in ny?

by mark r 16 years ago

a friend of mine just brought to ny someehing he called tri tip steak. it's also called a "california cut". it was delicious and a perfect cut to bbq with. does anyone know of a butcher that sell...

Where to buy fair trade coffee in SF?

by redtomato 16 years ago

I'm looking for coffee houses or markets where I can purchase fair trade coffee by the pound. Google searches led me to Global Exchange on Mission Street, but no other places.

where to buy large amount of wild blueberries in GTA?

by Marc 16 years ago

Where in the GTA could one buy a several flats of wild blueberries without breaking the bank? I've tried the Harbourfront market, but they are quite pricey and don't give volume discounts. Many ...

where to buy bulk arborio rice in SF?

by Cynthia 16 years ago

who sells bulk arborio rice or best price in the City? I am shopping tomorrow! — for 100 servings of risotto cakes.

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