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Having trouble finding vanilla beans in your area? Or foie gras? Or gluten-free injera? Or a Bosch dishwasher? Or ... Chowhounds weigh in on the best local sources for ingredients, packaged foods, appliances, imported items, and more.

The Best Places to Buy Humane & Organic Chicken Online

With mounting concerns about mass-produced and factory-farmed poultry and folks trying to limit trips to the market, we looked into some alternatives, including the best certified humane and organic...

Where do you go to buy wild foods? Especially wild mushrooms?

by lesliewhitaker 23 hours ago

Hi all - I recently become a huge fan of foraging and wild foods. But living in NYC, I can't exactly go find wild foods myself whenever I want! I'm trying to find a consistent source for wild f...


Search for game meat

by beeflover1 1 day ago

Searching for game meat in the bay area. Seems to be difficult to find on West coast. Where do you guys normally go? There's one place called Polarica USA which I've never been to.. anyone have exp...


Chicken Salt?

by Neurofabulous 2 days ago

Hello all, well here's an odd question; does anyone know of a specialty store that might carry chicken salt? Preferably Chook's brand? I was watching an episode of Valerie's Home Cooking in whic...

Goose in Toronto, Stratford, KW or London

by prima 1 month ago

Has anyone seen fresh or frozen goose for sale lately? Sanagan’s is sold out. Olliffe is charging $144 for a whole goose. It doesn’t seem to be carried by Mark’s Fine Meats, Chris’ Country...

2021/22 Live Local Dungeness Crab Price Watch

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

The Dungeness Crab season kicked off today, December 1, in California for areas north of the Sonoma County line, and also in Oregon and Washington. The fleet began dropping pots two days earlier an...

How will you mark Year of the Tiger?

by gutreactions 9 days ago

Another food-centric celebration heading our way. Chinese Lunar New Year, Year of the Tiger, starts Feb. 1st. Do you join in the feasting? What are your favorite dishes and dining venues? Do you pu...

Best Store-Bought Cheesecake?

by ninrn 21 days ago

I need a plain cheesecake layer for a complicated celebration cake I’m going to make next month. The other components are a lot of work, so I thought I’d buy the cheesecake layer if I can find some...

Nopales in Boston area

by AD1 24 days ago

Very interested in a delicious-sounding recipe today from the LA Times - for Daniel’s Spicy Jugo Verde (Mexican Green Juice). It requires nopal, cactus paddle, nopales. Has anyone seen fresh ones ...

Gaeta olives found at last!

by GH1618 9 days ago

I’ve been looking for Gaeta olives for years, with little success. Even the two prominent Italian delis I sometimes go to seem not to know what they are. Supermarkets, of course, have no idea. I...

British bangers in bay area?

by trueblu 9 months ago

The variety of food and ingredients in the Bay area is truly incredible. But I still haven't come across the humble british banger in my sojourns. We're in the East bay, if that makes a differenc...

Anyone from New Zealand here by any chance?

by mkqq 15 days ago

I'm wondering where to buy good quality stainless cookware in New Zealand for reasonable prices? Brands like Demeyere & AllClad cost more than double of European/American prices, I guess because of...

Chorizo Manhattan

by Fritz 5 months ago

is there any place in lower manhattan to find a better brand of chorizo like cacique or any good quality alternative?

Desperate for margarine!

by rezarina 24 days ago

I am desperately searching for cube margarine. Not spreads or "buttery sticks", but real margarine that actually says "Margarine" on the box. Most stores stopped selling it years ago. Fred Meyer wa...

Looking for high-gluten flour on Long Island

by Scott_R 22 days ago

Hello. I’m looking for a close equivalent to King Arthur’s “High-Gluten Flour”—14.2% protein compared to 12.7 for their bread flour. They only sell it by mail or their Vermont store, and it’s not w...

Bouche de Noel for the Holidays in Westchester?

by gutreactions 1 year ago

We are seeking a bakery or market that prepares a delish celebratory Bouche de Noel in the greater Westchester area. Fresh as possible, of course. Anyone try the Bouche sold at La Renaissance Patis...

S&B Curry Powder in Toronto?

by dimsumlady 2 months ago

Where can I find S&B curry powder in Toronto? Went to T&T and east chinatown but was not able to find it?

Pfefferneusse in Chicago

by BillSeliger 2 months ago

Looking for your favorite bakeries that make pfefferneusse in Chicago. I'm tracking Cafe Sel Marie and Dinkel's. Where else should I be looking for pfefferneusse?