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Having trouble finding vanilla beans in your area? Or foie gras? Or gluten-free injera? Or a Bosch dishwasher? Or ... Chowhounds weigh in on the best local sources for ingredients, packaged foods, appliances, imported items, and more.

Where to buy saffron?

by Lawrence Joe 16 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy just a little bit to make some paella? Does Trader Joe's have any?


acgold7 commented 10 hours ago

Where to find SweeTango Apples in Montreal?

by Barcham 1 year ago

I love Honeycrisp apples this time of year but last year a friend brought me some SweeTango and they put the Honeycri...


Barcham commented 16 hours ago

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Looking for 00 caputo blue pizza flour

by peppatty 1 day ago

I'm mid-peninsula looking for a source for pizza flour. I saw the red bag at the RWC Whole Foods, but need the blue b...

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Shishito peppers

by meagain 1 day ago

Shishito peppers are amazing and easy to prepare, oil, char, salt and start eating. A really fun food as they say 10%...

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Frisee Lettuce

by HalChicago 1 day ago

Now that Treasure Island is closed, where can you find Frisee Lettuce in Chicago? Thank you.

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Hand-patted tortillas?

by poot 8 days ago

Didn't The Little Fiesta have these, back in the 1970s? I have since had them in La Cabaña in Venice. Are there resta...

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ISO Chinese birthday buns

by slee1230 8 days ago

I’m in Sydney for my dad’s birthday and apparently the place my mum used to buy the birthday buns (the peach longevit...

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Mexican Herbs

by amohler 9 days ago

Any recommendations on where to buy fresh herbs such as quintonil or chepil in the Oakland/Berkeley area?

Martelli Pasta

by lballinger 11 days ago

Does anyone know where I can buy this in the greater Phoenix area? Amazon sells it, but the cost is prohibitive when ...


lballinger commented 9 days ago

Need white peppercorns

by LadyofTexas 13 days ago

I am running low on whole white pepper corns. I've searched the local groceries and the internet, and come up with no...


medlar commented 12 days ago

Miami Florida Area - Where to buy fresh ramen noodles?

by dbellas 7 months ago

Hello, I live in miami, I used to buy our ramen noodles at the “Japanese market “ which recently closed down. Anyone ...


dbellas commented 12 days ago

Big John's PFI

by kaleokahu 16 days ago

Longtime Seattle resident and shopper here. Yesterday I visited Big John's Pacific Food Imports for the first time, ...


kaleokahu commented 13 days ago

Looking for brioche & whole wheat slider buns

by WINDELLA 22 days ago

I'm looking for Brioche and whole wheat sliders bun. Anyone know where I can purchase them in the Pasadena or San Ber...


mpken commented 14 days ago

ISO Kosher Goose

by iris 2 years ago

This article reminded me of how good this would be. Does anyone have a source for kosher geese?


arh commented 14 days ago

Frozen apple juice concentrate in Toronto?

by rstuart 2 months ago

I have a number of low-sugar jam recipes that use frozen apple juice concentrate. It's become increasingly hard to fi...


rstuart commented 14 days ago

ISO Name of food store in Montreal?

by itryalot 1 month ago

i was in Montreal and was introduced to a store (similar to M and Ms but much better quality). I think there were two...


lagatta commented 18 days ago

Where to buy bottarga in Milan?

by wworld 19 days ago

Hello all, any suggestions where to buy good bottarga (as well as colatura di alici) in Milan, Italy? I'm only there ...


damiano commented 19 days ago

Natural Casing Hot Dog Brands in NYC Area?

by zackly 21 days ago

I'm looking for an all-beef natural casing hot dog available in the NYC CT or Westchester suburbs. I know the usual s...


zackly commented 19 days ago