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Having trouble finding vanilla beans in your area? Or foie gras? Or gluten-free injera? Or a Bosch dishwasher? Or ... Chowhounds weigh in on the best local sources for ingredients, packaged foods, appliances, imported items, and more.


Reed Avocados in San Francisco?

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 4 months ago

Does anyone know where I can find Reed Avocados in San Francisco (store, farmer's market, underground connections, anything)? They're plentiful at Farmer's Markets in Southern Cal, but I never see...


by kelseyd91 1 day ago

My wife and I were in Toronto for work last week and stayed at a B&B in Koreatown there and stumbled across this wonderful thing called Taiyaki made fresh at a Korean supermarket. We drove straight...


The sad state of organic produce in Miami

by fishermb 3 days ago

With the millions who live here, why is it so difficult to find a variety in our Organic produce? I have been looking for months for organic turnips, rutabagas, parsnips, jicama and yuca with no su...

Seeking Vietnamese and Thai ingredients in Westchester

by metacritic 10 months ago

As the title indicates, I am seeking Thai and Vietnamese ingredients in Westchester with mixed success. I can find galangal and lemongrass at one of the two H-Marts. I can find frozen pandan leaves...

Smoked Turkey in the Boston Area

by pedxing 8 days ago

I'm looking to purchase one or two good Smoked Turkeys to serve in early December and eager for recommendations. I tried Wilson's Farm last year and it was good enough, but am wondering if there ...

Where to find cow brains and other organs in Bay area/Silicon Valley?

by beeflover1 20 days ago

I am mainly looking for cow brains to cook for recipes but other organs are harder to find. If you know an asian supermarket that sells cheap cow and chicken organs, please do tell. I'm also lookin...

Little gem lettuce

by highlyunlikely 8 days ago

In search of little gem lettuce in the downtown core - or along my commute from Queen and Bay to Queen and Roncesvalles. I can get it at St Lawrence Market but it’s a bit out of the way - and they...

Deluxe Foods or Hong Kong Supermarket

by bxgirl 11 days ago

I need to buy eggroll wrappers (not wonton wrappers) to make homemade vegetarian egg rolls. Would both of these markets have eggroll wrappers? Is one place better price-wise or quality -wise? Tha...


by soccermom13 20 days ago

I am looking for excellent tahini. I've read that Soom and Ziyad brands are good, but I don't know where to find them. I looked at Eastside Co-op and Holyland on Central Ave with no luck. Holyla...

Sankio Noodles?

by Atomic27 12 days ago

Where I'm from, the Sankio noodle brand is fairly commonplace. They're perfect for making soups for several reasons -- they don't lose their bounce and texture after cooking, they hit a sweet spot ...

ISO Liberian Ruby Red Rice in SF Bay Area

by tarheelexpat 12 days ago

Recently I watched a video (on Chowhound, I think) about chef Pierre Thiam and his Teranga restaurant in NYC. The West African food looked delicious and healthy, but I cannot find a source on the i...

Half Smokes-above Baltimore

by kdibble 15 days ago

Does anyone know where i can buy half smokes north of Baltimore. I mean at the grocery store. If you know if a similar sausage that's ok too. Thanks

Pumpkin Donuts

by vanessanyc 17 days ago

Any suggestions for the best homemade pumpkin donuts in Manhattan?

Where to buy superfine sugar?

by LilBrownBat 6 years ago

Seems to me that you used to be able to buy superfine sugar in the supermarket, but no more. Anyone know for sure where in the greater Boston area it can be bought?

Best shopping for Jewish New Year?

by gutreactions 28 days ago

It's time for Rosh Hashanah, Sept. 29th, the Jewish New Year, ending with Yom Kippur! Where do you find the best foods for the celebration and breaking the fast in the metro area? Been hearing abou...

Where to buy rice wine?

by sparkyk 8 years ago

Having a very hard time finding rice wine (not vinegar) which is frequently listed ingredient in Chinese cooking. Checked Whole Foods, Galleria, different liquor places. Anyone have any ideas for...

Fresh Croutons?

by nuraman00 19 days ago

I used to get fresh baked croutons from the Acme Bakery in San Francisco. 8 oz, for about $3.50. My commute has changed and I will no longer be going to San Francisco too often. Is there som...