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Things I wish Trader Joe's would bring back (or begin)

by brooklynista 3 months ago

The green tahini sauce was amazing, but was tragicaly discontinued a couple of years ago. I can't find it anywhere el...


OliveYou2 commented 1 day ago

Where to buy hazelnuts in Boston area?

by ian9139 14 days ago

We live in East Somerville and never see hazelnuts in the markets around here - we usually shop for nuts in the bulk ...


OliveYou2 commented 2 days ago

where to buy brisket

by Zengarden 11 years ago

Is brisket a cut of meat that I can get at a grocery chain or will I have to go to a butcher for it?


ppritcha commented 2 days ago

Where to buy rhubarb in Austin?

by iPlayFlonkerton 9 years ago

I made a recipe with rhubarb in september, and was easily able to find fresh rhubarb at both Randall's and HEB. Bu...


TroyTempest commented 3 days ago

Where to buy Half Smokes at a Grocery?

by Got_Wood 8 years ago

It's my understanding that half-smokes are half beef and half pork. I understand that Ben's Chili Bowl is the quinte...


RobertM commented 3 days ago

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ISO Texas beef sausage ala Kreuz or Elgin

Cocinero Cubano
by Cocinero Cubano 4 days ago

All - does anyone know of a source in the DC/VA/MD area that sells something similar and at least as good as Kreuz's ...

Where to Buy Pork Belly in DC Metro

by jac0077 9 years ago

I have seen some other threads on this but nothing great. Two questions: 1. Is the pork belly sold at Asian marke...


bombo1998 commented 5 days ago

Serbian Food

by mugashie 7 days ago

Does anyone know where I can find Serbian kajmak and cevapcici? I live in the Boston area. Can I order it online?


BigG commented 6 days ago

Williamsburg Food Specialties

by tojen 16 days ago

I am hoping to do some exploring in Williamsburg. I am especially looking for unique/exceptional food stores/bakeries...


emma20 commented 7 days ago

Empanada tapas (dough rounds) in Mtl?

by lagatta 14 days ago

I'm looking for the best and best value empanada tapas in Montréal. Any ideas?


lagatta commented 11 days ago

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Canadian Tomato Powder

by leigham 14 days ago

Hi there, Does anyone know where I can find a supplier of Canadian grown tomato powder? Can't seem to find it anyw...

Where to buy good quality Chinese dried fish maw?

by KK 13 years ago

Where in the Bay Area can I get quality Chinese dried fish maw at a reasonable price, that is as good as the finest f...


JayMM commented 14 days ago

Good, plain buttermilk biscuits in Albuquerque?

by ninrn 22 days ago

Seems like no one from New Mexico uses this board any more, but I'll give it a shot anyway. I need to buy a dozen but...


ninrn commented 14 days ago

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Sour Cherries in the Capital District

by arp29 15 days ago

Hi all, Wondering if anyone has some intel on local places carrying sour cherries. I am itching to do some baking wi...

Duke's Mayonnaise discovered...

by gutreactions 18 days ago

We were travelling thru Virginia recently and picked up a couple of jars of Duke's Mayo. We had heard a lot about it,...


acgold7 commented 15 days ago

Sun-dried Tomatoes Source

by Fritz 16 days ago

Use to get them at CostCo, Amzn, and other in bulk. A pound or 2. Now I can't find them anywhere but in 3x packages...


Ttrockwood commented 15 days ago

Best Turkish /Mideast Stores in Brooklyn?

by jen kalb 20 days ago

Im looking for an update on where the best places are to shop for Mideastern and particularly Turkish products in Bro...


ethnojunkie commented 15 days ago

Best stores to find tropical fruits in Vancouver

by maxmillan 4 months ago

I’m looking for fresh soursop in particular. T&T sells a 2 pound size for about $35! Is there another ethnic store,...


LotusRapper commented 16 days ago

Miami Florida Area - Where to buy fresh ramen noodles?

by dbellas 5 months ago

Hello, I live in miami, I used to buy our ramen noodles at the “Japanese market “ which recently closed down. Anyone ...


Dashvee commented 16 days ago

Fresh hearts of palm...where to buy?

by murphlaw152 6 years ago

I have honestly never seen fresh hearts of palm anywhere and I have been looking for about a year. Any ideas in the L...


Fermm53 commented 16 days ago