Where to Buy...

Having trouble finding vanilla beans in your area? Or foie gras? Or gluten-free injera? Or a Bosch dishwasher? Or ... Chowhounds weigh in on the best local sources for ingredients, packaged foods, appliances, imported items, and more.

The Best Places to Buy Humane & Organic Chicken Online

With mounting concerns about mass-produced and factory-farmed poultry and folks trying to limit trips to the market, we looked into some alternatives, including the best certified humane and organic...

Ace Endico Marketplace does home delivery...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Ace Endico, based in Brewster, is a major wholesale food distributor in greater Westchester. Their retail arm, Ace Endico Marketplace, offers a wide variety of food items. The public can visit the ...

Spice shop on Long Island

by Scott_R 19 hours ago

I've been mourning the loss of Penzey's since the Carle Place location closed. Yes, you can order from them by mail, but that's never really worked for me: often I'll need one particular item for ...

Kaffir Lime tree

by edub 23 days ago

Does anyone know of any Asian markets or other places in the DMV where I can buy one? I’m also trying to recall which market I was in in Virginia around this time two years ago, where they had a gr...

Where can I buy fresh anchovies?

by Kosmonaut 11 years ago

I'd like to try my hand at making boquerones, except I'm not sure where to find fresh anchovies. My local seafood store (Sun Fat) sometimes has fresh sardines but I haven't seen anchovies. Which ...

Meat out of vending machines at Applestone, Scarsdale...

by gutreactions 1 month ago

How about a bacon run at 3 a.m.? You can now satiate your meat cravings and shop for beef, pork & poultry at Applestone Meat Company's newest vending machine store in Eastchester/Scarsdale, next to...

Asiento in San Diego?

by DiningDiva 4 months ago

Has anyone in San Diego seen asiento? Asiento - from the Spanish verb asentar, to settle - is what's left over in the bottom of the pot after you've made carnitas and/or fried off a bunch of c...

Wild Caught Seafood in the Desert...

by DavyLeo 8 months ago

Hi... Just trying to find some good sources of wild-caught seafood in the low desert area, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Hot Desert Springs, etc etc etc etc anywhere in the desert area. Good quality. Oy...

Dry Fava Beans in Los Angeles

by treppenwitz 1 month ago

I started what I thought would be an easy task of finding dried fava beans to soak and sprout. After trying two Russian Jewish markets in my neighborhood (Hollywood), an international market (Jon'...

ISO Truffle Paste

by Googs 16 days ago

In this week's Toronto Star recipe by Mark McEwan, he extols the virtues of truffle paste. So you'd think maybe he sells it in his grocery store. Not so, according to quick browse of the online ...

Portuguese Sausage

by luvwine4 19 days ago

Can anyone advise on where in the East Bay, I can buy Hawaiian style Portuguese sausage?

Where in Northen NJ can I find Vermut from Spain?

by CanisDirus1 3 months ago

Not sure if it's the result of the pandemic but where before it was available I'm seeing not available. Thank you.

Rice Bran Oil Source

by zackly 24 days ago

I see several good chefs like to use rice bran oil for cooking/frying. It's has virtually no flavor and a high smoke point. It is also inexpensive. I've never seen it on any store shelves. Maybe it...

Any great Italian sausage (both hot and mild) in Tampa?

by soccermom13 25 days ago

Hi everyone, Minnesotan here, whose daughter has moved to Tampa and says she can't find good Italian sausage. Can anyone direct her to a store where she can purchase great Italian sausage? Tha...

Help! Where can I buy fish racks/bones?

by hazchow 25 days ago

I'm dying to make a decent fish stock but can't find any place that sells racks/bones.

Boudin sausage in NYC

by lisaud 2 months ago

Anyone know of markets, butcher shops or restaurants selling good boudin anywhere in the city? It can be homemade or a good commercially packaged (IF such a thing exists) version. I know there are ...

Is there a recipe for Silverstein's kimmel rye bread (Toronto) online? Or anything similar?

by tetraneutron 2 months ago

Everyone in Toronto has had Silverstein's rye bread and I want to recreate it. I know they supplied some of the local delis and markets, and you could keep buying bread that tastes the same after t...

Del Monte Dill Halves

by mtskeeter 2 months ago

Hello, I am looking for Del Monte Dill Pickle Halves (in jars). Years ago, 'My Brands' sold them by the case load, but since have gone out of business. I just have not found a dill pickle half that...