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Examples of what's cooking in the homes of Chowhounds. Even on nights when they're rushed, the 'hounds somehow rise to the challenge. Lots of gorgeous photos, too.

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Pasadena: What should I have for dinner tonight?

by brattenheimer 12 years ago

Help a tired, over-worked gal out... ...I'm just far to tired to think about what to grab for dinner this evening. I can say that I don't want Italian or Thai food. Any thoughts/recommendati...

Saratoga Springs- what's good for dinner?

by LizR 12 years ago

We are traveling to Saratoga next weekend for a wedding and will arrive in town probably around 7 p.m. on Friday evening. Where is good for my husband and I to go for dinner? We'll have a car.

What's good for dinner near Grand Central Station?

by 2busymom 12 years ago

My 21 y/o daughter and her boyfriend are planning a dinner a couple of Fridays from now. They are not on a big budget but want to have a decent meal. Nothing too exotic or fancy is necessary - Ita...

What are Chowhounds having for dinner tonight?

by kmills9408 12 years ago

I'm making a delicious rice dish, I call it "Spanish rice", but I just made the name up. I roast pablanos, remove the skin, seeds and veins, and dice. I add this to onions and garlic that I sauté...

What sounds better for dinner?

by BakeAholic 12 years ago

I'm having a dinner party for five people tomorrow night. They are friends of my husband and I have never cooked for them before. I would like to know which dinner menu out of the two below you thi...

Salpicon - Its whats for dinner (well maybe lunch)

by Eat_Nopal 12 years ago

In Mexican eateries throughout the U.S. when they have leftover Carne Deshebrada, Ranchera or En Su Jugo... well they just refrigerate it and serve it the next day, the same exact way. In Mexi...

Christmas is about brunch in my house, so what's for dinner?

by stacylyn 12 years ago

I need some help! We host a Christmas brunch at my house. It's totally casual with tons of food. By the evening, once our family/friends have left (and only those out of towners are staying over...

What Should One Order for Dinner at Elite?

by aching 13 years ago

Going tomorrow and can't wait! Thanks in advance for any suggestions. ----- Elite Restaurant 700 S Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754

What did you make for dinner tonight?

by aeros 13 years ago

Tonight for my son I made a chicken stir fry with brocolli, snow peas, baby corn, galic and "Soy Vey's" "Hoisin Garlic Sauce." I also added some thai rice noodles. Two thumbs up from my 10 year o...

Its a small thing, but if you are looking for the best ice cream sundae since Bailey's... & Piranha Ribs, there whats for dinner.

by TheSomervillain 13 years ago

I stumbled upon it yesterday. In one of my rare visits to the South End. (Too far, Too hip & No parking) made only my second visit to B & G Oyster, Nice folks and a well run place, sat at bar for l...

What the Jester Had For Dinner: Tradiciones, Phoenix AZ

JK Grence the Cosmic Jester
by JK Grence the Cosmic Jester 14 years ago

The Phoenix Ranch Market at 16th Street and Roosevelt is one of my favorite grocery stores in the Phoenix area. They have great meats and produce at dirt-cheap prices, the atmosphere is festive an...

New Step-Mom & picky eaters: What's for dinner?

by larkspurKC 13 years ago

I'm recently wed to a wonderful man and his two sons. I can't say that the boys are the picky eaters when my dear husband is loathe to eat a vegetable. (So much for the "eat your veggies or no de...

What's for dinner?

by jinet12 13 years ago

Everyone going out tonight, or is anyone cooking? If so, what are you having? I am home tonight and cooking buffalo wings and southern collard greens...You should smell my kitchen...Better than a g...

Matchbox Review - What a fun place for dinner!

by stever500 13 years ago

I rarely post here unless I have a darn good reason. Basic laziness I guess. Sometimes a restaurant is just so darn great that I'm compelled to check in, so... here goes. We came into town from ...

What's a good time of day for dinner in Cabo San Lucas? (Nick San)

by Cinnamon 13 years ago

We're going to Cabo for the weekend, returning Monday, and I'd like to reserve a table at Nick San for two. We really have no plans beyond hanging out at the beach/pool/hotel and seeing a bit of th...

What's for Dinner?

by foodlove 13 years ago

So our wedding weekend is coming up on Memorial Day and we want to take the folks out for dinner. I'm trying to find a good place that's only $$$ that I can get reservations at. I've tried a couple...

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