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Examples of what's cooking in the homes of Chowhounds. Even on nights when they're rushed, the 'hounds somehow rise to the challenge. Lots of gorgeous photos, too.

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What to make for dinner to go with chicken?

by Kajikit 11 years ago

I just invited our minister and his wife to come to dinner on the weekend. The main course is roast chicken served family style with roasted veggies and some kind of potato, but the starter and des...

Help me, Lazyweb! What should I have for dinner?

Das Ubergeek
by Das Ubergeek 11 years ago

Dear Lazyweb, It's just me and the kid (who's a good kid and doesn't throw food or screech or any such nonsense) tonight. I actually got through not only the food I bought but the leftovers as ...

what to do with salmon, shrimp and scallops for dinner tonight?

by lexpatti 11 years ago

I'm thinking of a nice quick stir fry, with what though? I have soy sauce. I have some red curry and love that but haven't worked with it much. I could do something over rice. I have fish sauce...

Eeee! It's 6PM, no idea what to make for dinner (stew beef)

by Morganna 11 years ago

I got out stew beef. I didn't really plan out what I was going to make ahead. I know that it really SHOULD be stewed, but we don't care too much about tough meat. So it's not such a huge problem...

It's Saturday night! What're you doing for dinner?

by bayoucook 11 years ago

I found these 5" thick veal shanks at the butcher and I'm making osso buco with kalamata olives and lemon, served with polenta and caesar salad. The next-door neighbors have been smoking something ...

What are you cooking for dinner tonight?

by tigerd 11 years ago

It's 4pm, and I'm still at work. Have no motivation to cook tonight, so I wanted ideas of quick dinners people are making! Help!

What's a great place (maybe with a PATIO?) for 80 people for dinner?

by renogirl 11 years ago

My fiance and I want to have our wedding reception in a restaurant. A good restaurant. It really doesn't matter what kind of food. Just good food. For about $40/person for food. Could...

What to do w/ ground chicken for dinner?

by twinmommy 11 years ago

I have some fresh ginger, onions, garlic, crushed tomatoes, bread crumbs, parm cheese, rice on hand. I thought of ginger stir fry or italian style meatballs but would really like to try something ...

What to make for dinner tonight (3 hours from now)?

by yummyinmytummy 11 years ago

I have rice, couscous and salad fixings....need a protien. Prefer fish and chicken to red meat. What shoud i make?

What's for dinner tonight?

by LaLa 12 years ago

Tonight I made ribs, creamed corn, homemade mac and cheese, salad, butter beans and cornbread.The little one and I are just waiting on the husband....what is on your menu?

For those not celebrating traditional Thanksgiving, what are you having for dinner?

by kobetobiko 12 years ago

So many posts about Thanksgiving lately, and while I found all of them interesting, they are not actually practically for me. Why? Because my Asian family doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving. However...

So what is for dinner tonight?

by Candy 12 years ago

What will you be dining upon while watching the election returns? i am trying to decide between a roast chicken, sausage-cornbread dressing and haricots verts or a rich creamy spinach pizza. Not w...

First Rain Of The Season! What to Make For Dinner?

by chowkari 12 years ago

I'm working from home today, and have become distracted with what I might make for dinner tonight. It's Halloween, and it's raining for the first time this fall! I haven't broken in my dutch ...

Help! Have Roasted chicken breasts and don't know what to do for dinner....!

by lovessushi 12 years ago

I have 4 roasted lemon chicken breasts from whole foods. I don't want to heat up the house with prep but I need a side to go with this...thinking just broccoli steamed and some pasta but hoping fo...

What's for dinner?

by greedygirl 12 years ago

I need to know, because I'm nosy, but also because a similar thread on another (non-foodie) website proved very popular, and threw up lots of good ideas and recipes. And hey, it might be fun! Plu...

What shall I make for dinner tonight?

by kelkelkelw 12 years ago

Vegetarian, low-fat, fairly fast -- I am jonesing for potatoes, spinach, lemon lemon lemon to make it bright on this warm grey thundery evening -- composed salad? something roasted? Let me know wha...

What are you making for dinner when it so hot?

by DaisyM 12 years ago

I really need some inspiration. What are you making that is great...fast...and isn't making the house hot???

What's for dinner? Scallops

by rabaja 12 years ago

Thinking about making scallops tonight. I have some nice big ones in the freezer that I need to use up, and I'm looking for some inspiration. I cruised through previous posts and saw some pan sea...

MSP-What's for dinner?

by jenniegirl 12 years ago

Just wondering what did you/have you eaten today?? I had a cookie from a mexican bakery with my coffee for breakfast, tater tot hotdish( I know, I know...actually it wasn't that bad, but hunger is ...

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