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Westminster 8AM Sunday - Where?

by Seattle George 16 years ago

On my way to Del Mar tomorrow morning. Whats a good (terrific) and quick detour for Bahn Mi or soup/stew? Thanks

Jon's market/deli-Westminster

by marti 16 years ago

I keep discovering new and tasty items at both the market and deli! Had the best chili relleno ever yesterday! Unlike any I have had elsewhere, the cheese was very subtle in taste and texture allow...

Fruit Tart from Le Croissant Dore - Westminster (w/ photo)

by elmomonster 16 years ago

When it comes to desserts, I prefer subtlety to the overly sweet. Recent expeditions to a much heralded place for "Extraordinary Desserts" in San Diego yielded nothing but a chocolate and sugar-ind...

Breakfast in HB, Seal Bch, or Westminster

by Frank 16 years ago

I have a Sunday, 8 AM breakfast with someone in Huntington Beach. I'm looking for a place not too far from the freeway in either Huntington Beach, Westminster, or Seal Beach. Pancakes would be id...

Jons Market-Westminster

by marti 16 years ago

Recently heard interesting things about this market so wandered through the other day.Extremely clean and unbelievable variety offered in all depts.Noticed numerous Middle East and Mexican items in...

Szechuan peppercorns found - Westminster

by Professor Salt 17 years ago

T & K Food Warehouse stocks every Viet - Chinese food item imaginable inside a ginormous blimp hangar of a building. I ran into many items I've never seen before, and took home a few. I love being ...

lunch spots in hb/westminster

by j 17 years ago

hi, looking for quick and yummy lunches in the huntington beach area near boeing (bolsa chica and bolsa) - already tried some of the sandwich shops in the area (not so great) and little saigon is a...

Westminster for Saturday lunch - Top Baguette or ?

by Debbie 17 years ago

My husband and I have an errand on Saturday in Cerritos and so I thought we'd do lunch in Westminster - close enough, I guess. We've never been, and we've never had banh mi so I thought we should ...

On the Chow Trail: Top Baguette in Westminster

by The Green Knight 17 years ago

After reading about Professor Salt's adventures in Westminster during his Bahn Mi Crawl, the Fair Lady and I decided to try Top Baguette. We put two sandwiches to the test: a chicken sandwich and a...

Tofu shop in Westminster.

by Bob Barnett 17 years ago

My ex GF told me about a Tofu shop in Westminster that sells all kinds of fresh and baked tofu. Anybody have a clue?

New Vietnamese Place - Westminster - Yummy!

by RollyPop 17 years ago

Yesterday I went to a new Vietnamese place. Well it looks new and I remember a gas station being where the restaurant is now, but that might have been a while ago. Food was excellent. Had the f...

HELP! Westminster branch of Chinese seafd/dimsum place

by Rich Gould-Saltman 17 years ago

Help. My mind's playing tricks on me. A few weeks ago, some 'Hound gave high praise to a Chinese place (seafood/dim sum, I THINK), with a link to a menu and website. When I looked at the web...

Lee's Sandwiches in Westminster--report.

by lonegungirl 19 years ago

Hi. Just wanted to know if anyone's been to a place called Lee's Sandwiches in Westminster, on Bolsa by Magnolia? I tried it the other day and thought it was kinda unusual. First, just getting ...

Westminster banh mi crawl - Episode I

by Professor Salt 18 years ago

I defaulted to the 800 pound gorilla of banh mi, Lee's Sandwiches, for my Vietnamese sandwich fix, which told me that FDH syndrome had set in. Fat, dumb and happy, I stopped seeking out alternative...

Dim Sum -SEAFOOD PARADISE in Westminster

by russkar 18 years ago

We haven't been to SP for a long time. It used to be the "Z" guides highest rated Dim Sum for years in the area. Back then everyone I know started going to Dragon Phoenix, Kim Soo, etc and we follo...

Lien Hoa Deli- little Saigon(Westminster)

by russkar 18 years ago

In search of the Best Chinese Roast Pork-TO GO only. I consulted my Vietnamese, Laos, Chinese friends that are experts on the subject and the answer was the same everytime. Lien Hoa Deli on Bolsa n...

Downhill alert - Pho Bac Huynh in Westminster is now Pho Bac

by Chris G. 18 years ago

I've recommended the pho ga (chicken pho) at Pho Bac Huynh in Westminster (15640 Brookhurst St.) several times previously, including last week, but when I went there last night I noticed that they'...

Vietnamese in Westminster

by Nathan Lee 19 years ago

I'd like to make a little trip to Westminster for some Vietnmese food. Can you share your top three places for the best food? It's really an exploratory trip, so any criteria is fine, from favori...

Best places in Westminster area for Vietnamese food?

by Emma 19 years ago

Also, if you have any recs for places with good Vietnamese fruit shakes (fresh fruit, ice, condensed milk), please share!

retaurants huntingbeach westminster area

by dotty 19 years ago

does anyone know of any good restaurants in the huntington westminster area? we are retired on a limited budjet. thank you dotty

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