Charlie's Hideaway

by Fireitupbaby 2 months ago

Hi! I saw a post about Charlie's Hideaway...loved it! Just wanted to know if anyone has any old pics of it. I loved it and miss it so much! I wonder where Charlie's son and daughter in law are now?...

Charlie's Hideaway (Thai), Westminster

by Heather 21 years ago

About eight years ago, my family's favorite Thai restaurant closed its doors saying it was being relocated and it has never been heard of since. Charlie's Hideaway was on Westminster Blvd, just ea...

Quan Hop - Westminster - Review with Photos

by elmomonster 15 years ago

If pho isn't the official dish of Little Saigon, it should be. Walk any square block on Bolsa Street and you won't see just one restaurant hocking bowls of the noodle soup, but three, with a few mo...

Lunch rec in Westminster

by MarkC 6 years ago

We are making a rare excursion to Westminster this sunday, and would love a rec for lunch in Little Saigon. One of our group doesn't eat meat or fish. Other than that, we're up for anything. Tha...

Vietnamese food in Little Saigon vs. SGV

by feed_the_pig 6 years ago

After eating at several restaurants in the Little Saigon area, I have to say the SGV Vietnamese food scene (Rosemead, El Monte, San Gabriel) really sucks. The Vietnamese food in the 626 seems t...

Looking for specific Vietnamese noodle dish in Westminster

by DiggyK 7 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm visiting Orange County for a couple days this weekend and am looking for a specific Vietnamese noodle dish that a friend introduced me to many years back. Unfortunately I've lost t...

Kups (Westminster)

by ipsedixit 7 years ago

Italian ice is good. Frozen custard is good. Italian ice served on top of frozen custard is great. Key lime Italian ice served on top of frozen vanilla custard is fucking awesome. Kups ...

Is there REAL AUTHENTIC Pho in Westminster?

by rb 17 years ago

OK, my wife and I just got back from Vietnam where naturally we got to eat all kinds of REAL Vietnamese food. I've been an Orange County resident for 5 years and my wife lived in the San Gabriel ...

Little Saigon Night Market (Westminster)

by OCAnn 7 years ago

Heard about this word of mouth; has anyone been? Is this a lot like the 626 Night Market (which was awesome, but packed to the gills)? http://www.ocweekly.com/2014-06-19/food/hole-in-the-wall-l...

Westminster Vietnamese

by dimsumgirl 8 years ago

Ate at a great little Vietnamese restaurant in Westminster a couple of years ago. The name escapes me now but I would like to find this place again. Can you tell me your favorite places? This pl...

Vietnamese Food in Westminster

by Drummah 9 years ago

I'm getting a lot of mixed reviews about different Vietnamese restaurants in the Westminster/Buena Park area. Don't know my way around here either. Any suggestions appreciated. Looking for casua...

S Vietnamese Fine Dining - Westminster

by socalfoody 9 years ago

I'm a Vietnamese cuisine novice (though I do love a good banh mi). Looking for a unique birthday lunch spot. Thoughts/menu suggestions anyone?

Vietnamese in Westminster for lunch tomorrow, need great rec.

by bad nono 9 years ago

Hello, hello, My friend is visiting from NJ, we're going to see an exhibition in Newport Beach tomorrow and he has requested Pho for lunch. Anybody has a recommendation for a place that has some...

Best seafood-based Vietnamese dishes in Little Saigon/Westminster

by spicygal 9 years ago

I'll be in the Little Saigon / Westminster area on Saturday and even though I am off meat for the time being, I'd love to have great, authentic seafood-based Vietnamese food while I'm there. Any r...

S restaurant westminster

by linus 9 years ago

what are the best things to order at S? thanks.

Riviera at the Fireside, Westminster?

by paprkutr 10 years ago

Will be staying at the Queen Mary for 2 nights. Was thinking of 555 East and Sir Winstons, but remembered this place. Is it still good, or other suggestions near the Queen Mary of downtown Long B...

Update: Breads at Au Coeur de Paris in Westminster

by adamclyde 10 years ago

when I first came here mid year last year (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/772839) I was impressed by their macarons and pate chaud. But I was mixed about their baguette. It was better than most o...

OC - Taco Surf now open in Westminster

by Joani Macaroni 10 years ago

At long last another Taco Surf location has opened up - at the northeast corner of Westminister & Springdale in the old Casa Gamino location next to the Rivera by the Fireside. We've been waiting a...

Dim Sum in Westminster/Fountain Valley Vicinity

by silverlakebodhisattva 10 years ago

Help me out, 'hounds: my mother-in-law has requested that we take her to dim sum in OC next weekend, and recalls that we took her, several years ago, to a place in the Westminster area (probably on...