West Virginia


Wanderlust, New River Gorge, WV - Report

by Steve 11 months ago

We ate at Wanderlust in Fayetteville, WV three of four nights that we stayed at the Gorge. The reason we kept going here is because of our experience on the first night: one of the most sublime m...

Restaurants Charlottesville

by foodiern1 1 year ago

Looking for restaurant recommendations aroundCourtyard by Marriott University Medical Center Charlottesville... good food, lively area.

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White Sulfur Springs WV

by jinnyv 2 years ago

Any great local spots near The Greenbriar? We will be staying for a few days but love to find some off the beaten path local lunch and dinner spots. We love any type of home made great food. Any ...

Charleston, West Virginia

by gothamlp 2 years ago

We are traveling through Charleston, West Virginia from Pittsburgh (and to Lexington, KY). It's been a few years since there have been any suggestions in the area. Can anyone suggest any great fo...

Road Trip: Wheeling Portion

by rlcole4346 5 years ago

Day 19, 11/4, Wheeling, WV: Wheeling Brewing Company. We shared Pierogies for appetizers, and the Executive Angus brisket sandwich. Both were good, but I should know better than to order a sandwich...

Any good eats in Martinsburg, WV?

by Louise Z. 17 years ago

Anybody know where I can find deliciousness in Martinsburg? I know where to eat in Shepherdstown and Berkeley Springs but not in Martinsburg. Thanks!

Charleston wv

by noelb 5 years ago

Hi an Australian foodie couple visiting for a few days in late September. Eclectic tastes, but always keen to experience authentic local cuisine. No posts for Charleston for a long time! Suggest...

Looking for Ramps

by BrianYarvin 5 years ago

Hi folks! Does anybody here know of any markets selling ramps in Maryland, Pennsylvania, or northeastern West Virginia? I don't need a festival (although I wouldn't mind one) but rather, five or te...

any " brazillian" type restaraunts anywhere in wv?

by mizzdee 9 years ago

Hi! I mean the places where they bring around the giant skewers of meat.... Sorry to sound stupid..but i dont know what else to call it.

Food off I-64 in Indiana/Illinois/Kentucky/West Virginia

by mosis16 5 years ago

Going cross country in April, and while I've found a TON of fantastic recommendations for other parts of the trip, there's a real dearth of options off of I-64 in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and W...

Food near the Monongahela NF

by melogranato 6 years ago

Heading into the south western Monongahela from DC in a couple of weeks and wondering if anyone has any recent recommendations for the area? I feel like I have a good handle on what's along 81 - Fa...

Where to buy fresh, USDA Prime beef near Beckley, WV?

by davellan 6 years ago

I just moved here from Miami, and I'm struggling to find a place with fresh, quality beef. While there are plenty of cattle farms close by, they all sell there beef precut and frozen. They also are...

Can't Miss Spots Along the GAP/C&O Canal Trail

Tom from Raleigh
by Tom from Raleigh 6 years ago

Hi- In a few weeks, I'm riding from Pittsburgh to DC on a bike trail. Are there any can't miss spots on my journey? Our overnights will be in West Newton, PA, Confluence, PA, Frostburg, MD, Little...

Bluefield & Logan

by syrup09 6 years ago

I just planned out my trip. I'll be hitting the towns of Bluefield WV and Logan WV. Anybody have any recommendations for those places?

Trying to find fresh (or not) cheese curds in Charleston West Virginia - missing poutine and hoping to make some myself but I need cheese curds!

by IsoscelesJones 6 years ago

I've checked two different Krogers but rather than driving around aimlessly I'm wondering if anyone would be able to point me in the right direction? Thank you!!

What's good in or near Morgantown, WV?

Liana Krissoff
by Liana Krissoff 7 years ago

Greetings to the Mid-Atlantic board! My family and I are moving to Morgantown, West Virginia, from Nebraska next month—my husband took a job at WVU—and I need to hear all about food in that city. I...

Give the West Virginia Hot Dog its due

by ric 19 years ago

I would like to hear from West Virginians who love their regional hot dogs! I am not from that grand state, but have come to get acquainted with a hot dog combination that is super: steamed bun, mu...

Morgantown WV question

by David W 7 years ago

I'll be travelling between Indiana and Gaithersburg MD this summer and am looking for a stop along the way. Usually, we are heading home to Brooklyn and stop in Donegal for Out of the Fire Café, b...

[Huntington]Visit to Marshall University in Huntington, WV

by GraydonCarter 8 years ago

Rio Grande - Putnam Village, Scott Depot, WV Authentic, inexpensive Mexican The two chilis rellenos were served with a spicy tex-mex sauce. Perfection. They loved it when I spoke Spanish... I do...