West Covina


El Cristalazo - Glorious Camphechana

by Sgee 6 years ago

Finally made it to El Cristalazo in West Covina after hearing about it from LA Mag's Bill Esparanza. Had the most glorious Camphechana I've ever encountered. For $15 you get a large glass bowl ...

Hibachi Grill Buffet Replaces World Buffet in West Covina With All You Can Eat Pork Chops

by Chandavkl 7 years ago

World Buffet in Hong Kong Plaza, which might have been the last Chinese buffet in Los Angeles that didn’t have a Japanese name, has been replaced by Hibachi Grill Buffet. Typical Chinese buffet far...

Krua Thai - West Covina - a review with photos

by elmomonster 16 years ago

What is it about Thai food that always makes for a splendiricious meal? Is it the harminous convergence of all the essential flavors of hot, sweet, sour, and salty? Or is it the fact that it costs ...

Canaan Opens Branch in West Covina

by Chandavkl 7 years ago

Since I won't be able to get out here for a while I'm posting this sighting from one of my spies. Canaan's original location is in Cerritos and there was a Rowland Heights branch for a while. The...

West Covina Grass Fed Finished Meat? Or Close by? Farmers Markets?

by DavyLeo 8 years ago

Hi was curious if anyone knew of any near by farmers markets, sellers of grass fed finished meat? If not local, than somewhat closer to West Covina? Thanks much

Dinner for 4 adults somewhere along 10 or 60 freeways between West Covina-ish and Colton/Riverside?

by Midlife 8 years ago

We're young seniors meeting some old friends for a Saturday dinner on a Saturday night very soon. We live in South OC and they will be in San Gabriel that afternoon, but they will be staying in Be...

The Eastward March Continues--Boiling Noodles Opens in West Covina

by Chandavkl 8 years ago

Thanks again to TonyC for another heads up, this time for Boiling Noodles in West Covina, which appears to have opened up earlier this month. Boiling Noodles is a variation on the mini hot pot, wi...

85C possibly coming to Temple City and West Covina

by catbert 9 years ago

i don't think this has been mentioned, nothing showed up when i did a search, but i was shopping in temple city on rosemead blvd. the shop lady there told me that 85C is planning on opening a branc...

Yunnan Garden Empire Repulsed in West Covina

by Chandavkl 9 years ago

In a stunning setback, the Yunnan Garden empire which was seemingly on an unstoppable march, was soundly (and quickly) defeated in West Covina. Barely 6 months after opening, Kun Ming Garden in th...

Chicken Box- West Covina New Owners?

by reality check 11 years ago

Broasted chicken is the only way to cook chicken and I always thought Chicken Box in West Covina did a very good job. But a few years ago, the original owner was bought out by an Asian couple. I ...

Yum Cha Cafe Opens In West Covina

by Chandavkl 10 years ago

The previously mentioned under construction branch of Yum Cha Cafe has opened up in West Covina. Similar dirt cheap assortment of reasonably tasty Chinese dim sum and other food items like the oth...

Crispy Sweet Potato Cakes at Yaya (No-MSG Sichuan) in West Covina

by Chandavkl 10 years ago

Based on a tip from a high placed informant (a discerning HK native), I headed over to the recently opened Yaya Restaurant in West Covina's Hong Kong Plaza. (Am I the only who saw the Yaya sign an...

Sunday lunch/brunch in West Covina or nearby??

by janetofreno 11 years ago

Hounds: we'll be in LA this weekend for some family time and a little chow. DH is a work-aholic; he wants to meet up with a new work contact that he has "met" over the phone and internet and is...

West Covina Help

by chris2269 11 years ago

I am travelling with work through out LA and I am trying to make the most of the trip food wise. Right now I'm in Torrance and have done all right finding some Sushi and Korean food. Next week ...

Great Mexican near West Covina for Lunch?

by BrookieStyles 12 years ago

Hey guys, I am not too familiar with this area but will be here for lunch today and am looking for great Mexican! Must have fresh guacamole as that is my absolute favorite. Thanks in advance fo...

Sushi in West Covina

by foodieintraining 12 years ago

A friend told me about a really great sushi place in West Covina whose owner used to work at Matsuhisa. Any idea what the restaurant is called? I want to send my father, an avid sushi fan who now l...

Any Taiwanese or Vietnamese in West Covina/Covina areas

by b0ardkn0t 12 years ago

Hello fellow chowhounders, I'm heading to IKEA in the Covina area later today. I've had a craving for Taiwanese or Vietnamese. Anyone have any recommendations for those areas? I know these citi...

Hong Kong Plaza (West Covina) Revisited

by sayamakan 12 years ago

I recently discovered two Indonesian eateries in the Hong Kong Plaza Food Court in West Covina. I did notice older posts (circa 2005) about the plaza but haven't seen recent posts. I want to bring ...

Yogurt Space in West Covina

by janetwu 13 years ago

has anyone been to yogurt space in the hong kong plaza on glendora ave? i saw the grand opening sign & went to see what time it closed. it's self-serve, then pay by the ounce. they have about 10...

Good local joints in/near West Covina

by Piggyinthemiddle 13 years ago

My husband and I will be in the West Covina/Covina area for two weeks in late June visiting my elderly mother and staying in the Radisson WC (Formerly the Embassy Suites). The latter has fridges an...