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Weird Foods

Insects: The Next New Restaurant Trend?

by EricHarper 9 months ago

The restaurant industry is subject to fads and trends, just like every other industry and everyday life in general. I...


beevod commented 9 months ago

Weird but good food combos

by tvan614 1 year ago

Hi there! I was just wondering if anyone has any food combinations that they like that may seem mundane or odd to ...


The_Libster commented 1 year ago

Birthday recs?

by indelibledotink 1 year ago

last bd went to casablanca and had a blast. have been thinking about spicy pavilion for sichuan chinese, which I h...


indelibledotink commented 1 year ago

Weird food secrets

by MissMoxie911 5 years ago

Please don't be afraid to post the strangest and most bizarre food combinations ever. I'm notorious for these and I k...


munchkin1 commented 2 years ago

Novelties in Tokyo/Kyoto

by Jane_Frame 2 years ago

My husband and I are taking our 11 year old to Tokyo in August (hot and humid, I know). I've been reading tons of gre...


Jane_Frame commented 2 years ago

Your bizarre binge food?

by munchkin1 2 years ago

We all have it (them). Mine are cheese corn curls (have to be JAX) dipped in French Onion Dip of which the surface is...


munchkin1 commented 2 years ago

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Where To Find Molecular Gastronomy Ingredients

by jgoodfriend1 3 years ago

I need to do some spheriphication using ingredients such as sodium alginate and calcium lactate gluconate and I was n...

Bizzare Foods in Omaha?

by Comutt 3 years ago

We have friends visiting this weekend, and I was really wanting to take them to a unique or rather strange restaurant...


KansasTravel commented 3 years ago

weird food combinations

by Boychucker 3 years ago

So I recently had Totino's Triple Cheese pizza and dipped it in a deli made tartar sauce with dill. Oh my god and I'm...


BuildingMyBento commented 3 years ago

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Weird food in Portland

by davidras 4 years ago

Where is a good place in Portland to get some weird food? I am watching Bizarre Foods and getting inspired.

Weird Foods

by RayFood 5 years ago

Looking for the weirdest foods places you hounds can think of..anything from cow utters to pig intestines...anywhere ...


Jerseygirl111 commented 5 years ago

Help me find weird food [Raleigh, NC]

by M_Tag 8 years ago

It seems I can't get enough strange food. Well, not strange, but not typically enjoyed by most Americans. I'm a big f...


scottlivesey commented 7 years ago

Speaking of weird food/health news: Salt is healthy!

by applehome 7 years ago

On NPR: They...


choctastic commented 7 years ago

Weird foods gift basket

by holyjes 9 years ago

Hey ya'll, My boyfriends father loves eating weird foods that other people would not consider eating. I was tryin...


pacheeseguy commented 9 years ago

nominations: weird food items in msp

by soupkitten 9 years ago

mine is the veggie burger at be' wiched. now, i love be' wiched. i love their pastrami, i love their soups, and ...


churchka commented 9 years ago

What weird food does your family make for the Holidays?

by jggabel 10 years ago

I am having a holiday cocktail party and want to serve some of the strange foods that have somehow become Holiday tra...


jazzy77 commented 10 years ago

What weird food does your family make for the Holidays?

by jggabel 10 years ago

I am having a holiday cocktail party and want to serve some of the strange foods that have somehow become Holiday tra...


FriedClamFanatic commented 10 years ago

WCVB "Chronicle" weird food [moved from Boston board]

by greygarious 10 years ago

This was on last night, but the details will be on their website. They sampled the coffee that comes from civet drop...


greygarious commented 10 years ago

Weird Food I Can Buy Online?

by Biggie 12 years ago

What's some "unique" stuff I can get online? Keep in mind I live in Southern New England. I'm always looking to try n...


fauchon commented 12 years ago

Any Weird Food Addictions?

by Don't Ask 13 years ago

After only eating them once or twice in my life, I've recently developed an addiction for Brussel Sprouts. After eat...


toodie jane commented 13 years ago