Weeknight Dinner

Need ideas for a quick weeknight dinner? Chowhounds are full of them: Get cooking advice on recipes, meals, and cuisines geared for simple dinners.

How to Make Toast for Dinner: Tartines, Bruschetta, and Open-Face Sandwiches

Breakfast toast has been #trending for a while now, whether it's of the avocado or unicorn variety. But dinner toast is even better. Toast is a good way to use up leftovers from a fresh loaf any time...

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Early weeknight dinner near RBC Center (Raleigh)

by boaviagem 10 years ago

I'm looking for suggestions of a good place within 15 minutes drive of the RBC Center to eat diiner before a weeknight event - arriving at the restaurant between 5:15-5:30 and leaving within an hou...

Recommendations for weeknight dinner in State College, PA?

by sg1136 11 years ago

Looking for recommendations for casual dining spots in State College, suitable for adults and our 5-year old daughter.

Weeknight dinner for 45 that says "Chicago"?

by sgtyson 11 years ago

We're planning a sales meeting mid-July downtown and are looking for a venue with a private room that will comfortably fit 45 people and that says "Chicago". We've already done pizza (too much) so ...

Good food for casual weeknight dinner?

by chicken kabob 11 years ago

A co-worker and I are looking to have dinner out in DC mid-week. We are looking to get "inspired" by someplace new, or perhaps a place we have not heard of. Good food is a must- atmosphere is a s...

Late Weeknight Dinner in Rochester, NY

by quentinC 12 years ago

I need to take a small group of musicians out for dinner after a concert at Eastman. Any suggestions for a place that serves at least until 10:00 or later? Casual, but not only bar food would be ...

Easy weeknight dinner near Downtown

by terwilliger 12 years ago

People of Downtown, where do you eat dinner on a Tuesday night? I often find myself at a loss. Obviously, Little Tokyo sushi is a good option, as are Blossom, Pete's, etc. But I feel like I've done...

Fun Weeknight Dinner in DC?

by tw1178 12 years ago

Have a friend in from town, and I want to take him somewhere fun, good, and DC neighborhood...not too expensive, but also not looking for Wendy's or anything. Thoughts?

Weeknight dinner menu help

by maplesugar 12 years ago

I'm tired of the usual but too tired to cook all day and I need to keep things on the light side... just wondering how this sounds: Roasted Chicken Bell Pepper Gratin Mini Lemon Cheesecake Tar...

weeknight dinner for 15 outside of Boston

by ts44 12 years ago

I am trying to organize a dinner for a young adults group of 15 during a weeknight around 6:30, so would prefer not to go into Boston, although Cambridge is possible (north or west inside 128 is wh...

Weeknight dinners - nondairy and healthy?

by Jel212 13 years ago

The SO is lactose intolerant, and when I'm not out at every restaurant I can get to in Manhattan, I'm trying to cook relatively healthily. What are your favorite weeknight recipes? I have a tiny ...

Great weeknight dinner?

by Jel212 13 years ago

Where to go for a great weeknight dinner, with decent/nice/funky atmosphere, with entrees under $15, maybe a bar at which to eat? Looking for something a little different than our go-to neighborho...

Peter Luger ... weekend lunch = weeknight dinner? [moved from Manhattan board]

by Pillsburychoboy 13 years ago

Does anyone here know if the "menus" at PL are identical for weekend lunch and weekend dinner ... or more specifically, can the porterhouses with the regular sides be had on Sunday afternoon? Obvio...

caterer for a weeknight dinner party for 8

by roxhills 13 years ago

I am in charge of arranging a dinner party for not more than 8 people for next week near Beverly HIlls. The budget is $65 a person. Can anyone suggest an incredible caterer? I am deciding betwee...

Easy weeknight dinners for me and my two year old

by shanphoto 13 years ago

It is just me and my daughter for dinner during the week. Anyone have any good quick food ideas for dinner. She eats anything. Things I could make on sunday and reheat during the week would be gre...

Your best rainy weeknight dinner?

by chilibug 13 years ago

Forecast for Boston today is rain and wind. I don't want to fuss or spend hours in the kitchen, but am definitely in need of some cozy comfort food for tonight. Any ideas?

Weeknight dinner option near Orpheum...Buzz 9 closed? Gyro King?

by mtm 13 years ago

Okay...snagged some weeknight tickets to James Taylor at the Orpheum! :-) (if anyone has ever sat in the Loge area of it, please tell me, is viewing okay from there, or does a railing block th...

A good weeknight dinner for guests?

by gray 13 years ago

My in-laws are coming in on Thursday and we will be eating in. I will have to work all day so I would like something that could be mostly prepped ahead and then put together on Thursday. Up to an ...

Weeknight dinner UWS

by meagan 14 years ago

Any recommendations for dinner this week, UWS, mid-seventies area? Any kind of ethnic food would be great but we don't want anything too expensive. Wine list not important at all. Thank you all! ...

Good Places for Eating In/Taking Out Weeknight Dinners in Midtown East

by btnfood 14 years ago

I'm very grateful to the poster below who mentioned the new Yama on East 49th Street. Since I moved to Midtown East, I've been having a hard time finding decent, somewhat affordable dining options....

Weeknight dinner near Grand Central

by sookie 14 years ago

Meeting brother arriving by train and returning by train same evening. Need good food and timely service. A seven year old with good manners will be with us.