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The Best Food Experiences to Give as Wedding Gifts

Heading into wedding season, the pressure to find the perfect wedding gift for your favorite foodie couple can feel overwhelming. Sure, you could stick to buying them something on their registry. But...


Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

Apr 26, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM PDT Online via Zoom "Eat Some­thing is part com­e­dy, part nos­tal­gic jour­ney part cook­book — the zany Jew­ish book we haven’t seen before. Tak­ing a scrap­book app...

Pomme, Peachtree & Ward Review (Wedding)

by JohnTalbotWannabe 5 years ago

We got married at Pomme in October 2015. When considering wedding venues, we were won over by the overwhelmingly positive reviews of Pomme. There was one negative review, and when we in...

Wedding Celebration and Food... Covid-19 era style!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 year ago

My son and fiancee put their 'wedding plan wheel' in motion as early as late last year. A significant down payment deposit was placed with a wedding planner with a view of having a formal wedding c...

Breakfast reception menu for a small at-home wedding

by Captain_Ironphoenix 1 year ago

I'm planning a breakfast "reception" for about 10 people following my morning wedding. I'd like some input on my menu: Doughnuts from a local bakery Strawberries and dip (any recommendations fo...

Wedding Reception for 150 in Manhattan . . . Suggestions Desperately needed

by MissMara 9 years ago

So . . . I thought 150 guests for a seated reception with good food and dancing was a good number. How wrong i was! I was told its too big to be a small wedding and too small to be a big wedding i...

Small Wedding-Westchester

by DC9672 1 year ago

Looking to have an intimate wedding in/ around Westchester. Around 25 people. Can anyone suggest somewhere nice? Good food is important to us! Would love Italian but doesn’t matter. We thought abou...

Banquet for 250 people: Palais Royale or The Old Mill? Where else

by prima 3 years ago

Looking for a venue that offers rentals, that is on the cheap to modest side , preferably less than $80 per person, and I realize that will be a very basic menu. Accessible by TTC. This is for a sp...

Help with wedding catering

by raerae88 2 years ago

I know what crazy person would choose to cater their own wedding? Well me. So here is my challenge. I have 3 Boston butts averaging 15 lb. Each. I have to hand an oven, slow cookers and an electri...

Sugarsweet bakery in Oakland?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Any 'hound intell on this bakery? No reviews on its google or yelp pages. I was given this beautifully decorated cookie by a friend, but it went missing before I could taste it! Sugarsweet Oa...

Alternative Version of Croquembouche - Toronto

by Britmeg 2 years ago

With a September wedding looming we have just learned that our source for croquembouche has fallen through - help! My fiancé's fav dessert is key lime pie and mine's black forest cake, so we were h...

Looking to rent a private home for a 100-150 people wedding. Northern New England.

by searchingforavenue143 6 years ago

We got engaged a couple of months ago and have been searching and searching and visiting and searching for a venue to host our wedding for summer of 2016. We saw some decent venues with little valu...

San Sebastian area for a rustic and simple wedding dinner

by larsmars 2 years ago

My fiance and I have decided to have a wedding party (instead of a big wedding) with our best friends in the San Sebastian area. The Basque country is fantastic, a large part of the group surfs, an...

Chinese wedding banquet in NYC Chinatown?

by CathyC92 3 years ago

Looking for a Chinese banquet hall in NYC to host a reception for approximately 100 people. My future mother-in-law has suggested some places in Flushing, but we are having the ceremony in a Manhat...

Crisp fried potatoes for 100

by jennifer852501 3 years ago

My daughter is getting married and I'm doing most of the food. As a side they want me to make crispy fried potatoes w/bacon (parboiled then fried). No problem except there will be in excess of 100 ...

Catering a wedding for 200--How much to make?

by Amysano30 7 years ago

I'm going to catering a wedding for about 200 people the menu is grilled chicken, backed ham macaroni and cheese, baked ziti, salt potatoes and garden salad. How much should I make?

Nut-Free Cupcakes for a Wedding

by Rachelmd3 3 years ago

Looking for someone who can make nut-free cupcakes for my wedding next year. Are there any caterers or companies in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area that offer this?

Any recommendations for a vegan wedding around Montreal?

by shelbyy 3 years ago

Hi! I'm vegan and would love to have some intel on how to host a vegan wedding in Montreal and surrounding area. Do you have any caterers or venues to recommend? My budget is rather limited, so...

Looking for an affordable wedding venue in Montreal

by shelbyy 3 years ago

I'm looking for an affordable wedding venue in Montreal or its surrounding area. I'm open to pretty much anything where I can host a sit down dinner for 80-100 people and that has a dance floor...

The perfect drink for any occasion

by rawright 3 years ago

Whether you’re out on a first date or enjoying a summer afternoon picnic with your best friends, it’s always time for a drink. Besides, isn’t it 5 o’Clock somewhere? Everyone has a favorite drink t...

What is the worst wedding reception dinner you've ever had?

by alliegator 8 years ago

I've had some pretty bad stuff at receptions, and I've had some good stuff, too. But tell us about the worst meal you've ever choked down on someone's big day?