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Help: In-house kosher catering for wedding

by asc335 2 months ago

Hi all, We are looking for an in-house kosher catering hall (ceremony and reception in same place) for a spring 20...


meinNYC commented 3 days ago

Need a venue for a crawfish boil for a wedding reception

by sheepfugue 5 years ago

Hi all! Apologies if this isn't enough about food for ChowHounds but food turns out to be a sticking point in my p...


hazelhurst commented 7 days ago

Desert wedding delicate foods

by Foxeyblue 1 month ago

I'm in need of inspiration! If you were planning a tiny wedding somewhere in amongst the sands of California, Nevada ...


Foxeyblue commented 10 days ago

Wedding Halls - Food Waste

by jhopp217 5 years ago

I have really been getting on people about food waste lately. I was at a wedding last night and everything was amazi...

ninrn commented 19 days ago

Kosher Wedding

by dsg253 7 years ago

Hey All, I'm planning a kosher wedding for around 200 guests and I need it to be in NYC, Westchester or Brook...


MartyB commented 23 days ago

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Wedding Menu using Solomonov and Ottolenghi

by hisspark 27 days ago

We are having a small wedding - no more than 40 people. We will order hummus, pita, and Israeli salad from Solomonov...

Pavlova for wedding

by kaylashalayla 1 month ago

Hello, I am the bride to be, and I am the only one I know who knows how to make pavlova. It's my favorite dessert eve...


Foxeyblue commented 1 month ago

You Can Now Get Married at Taco Bell for $600

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

Starting this summer, a new option for tying the knot in Las Vegas, Taco Bell Cantina on the strip.


catseefood commented 1 month ago

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Rehearsal Dinner Location - last minute?

by Shuttercrzy17 2 months ago

Hi! Looking for some suggestions on a last minute rehearsal dinner location for February 10th, 2017. Woukd like a...

Kosher wedding

by rleibovitch 2 months ago

I'm trying to come up with ways to have a super duper cheap or affordable kosher wedding in montreal. So far everythi...


lagatta commented 2 months ago

wedding favor ideas? special to washington or seattle.

by rln 8 years ago

hello, SF chowhound here - i am looking for help with ideas for favors/parting - travel gift or welcome bags to g...


bing50 commented 2 months ago

Alternative Wedding Venues & Caterers!

by rueboteler 4 years ago

Hi Montrealers! We're planning our wedding for summer 2013 and our guestlist is bulging. I'm having a hard time find...


rueboteler commented 3 months ago

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Premier Ballroom & Conference Hall - An elaborate Chinese Wedding Banquet Dinner

by Charles Yu 3 months ago

Attended another elaborate Wedding Banquet dinner this evening. The second one of this infant New Year. The venue ...

Rooftop/ Outdoor Wedding in Montreal

by tully 7 years ago

Hi there, We are planning to hold our wedding this summer in Montreal, with 80-100 guests. We're hoping to spend abou...


CaptCrunch commented 3 months ago

Foodie bride in southern CA!

by opiazz 3 months ago

Hi all! I am looking to book a venue in either San Diego or south OC for our very intimate wedding of just under 2...

junglekitte commented 3 months ago

Self catering budget menu ideas?

by DontMeanIt 3 months ago

I need ideas for catering my cousins wedding. A group of us are going to prepare her entire meal for the evening as a...


dfrostnh commented 3 months ago

Rounding out my collection: Advice on saucepans

by bradendrake 3 months ago

I would love some guidance. I will preface this post by noting that I enjoy an awesome employee discount with William...


bradendrake commented 3 months ago

Food Processor for registry: Cuisinart vs. Breville

by BonBon79 2 years ago

My fiance and I are starting to put our registry together. I've read some reviews for the various Breville food proc...


alexrander commented 3 months ago

Restaurant for Wedding Northern NJ?

by jaimekop 7 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a nice restaurant to have a wedding in somewhere in the northern NJ area. We're lookin...


Gastronomic commented 3 months ago

Query Kosher Vegetarian/Milchig Caterers And Halls For Kids Wedding

by yocheved 3 months ago

Does anyone have any ideas about where to book a kosher veggie wedding that's does not overwhelm the parents budget?


MikeG commented 3 months ago