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'America's 38 Essential Restaurants', according to Eater...

by gutreactions 1 month ago

Well, here we go again. Time for lists and consensus...and controversy. What do you think of Eater's 2018 selections?...


hirsheys commented 7 days ago

NYTimes Puts Recipe Box Behind Paywall

by exyalie 3 months ago

After accumulating a wonderful supply of recipes on their site, as I prepare to make a Pad Thai dinner from a recipe ...


thegforceny commented 29 days ago

What happened to Recipezaar Community Groups?

by KiwiKathy 1 year ago

Before Recipezaar was rebranded as there was a community group where you could enter cooking games which I e...


GRACIE_AND_MIA_S_POPPIE commented 3 months ago

Other PDX food boards?

by Mr Taster 5 years ago

Hi PDX hounds, I've been a very active member of the Los Angeles Chowhound board for about a decade now. It has b...


grayelf commented 4 months ago

Yelp adding hygiene scores to restaurant reviews...

by gutreactions 5 months ago

Recently heard that Yelp will be adding hygiene scores and info to its restaurant review site. I am not a big followe...


meatn3 commented 5 months ago

Cooks Country Jacks Up Online Access Price 175%

by mrkinla2 6 years ago

I know I've groused about Cook's Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen/Cook's Country price gouging on Chowhound before,...


acgold7 commented 5 months ago

Traveling 'Hounds

by sheriff 2 years ago

Question for the 'Hounds who travel. What sites are you using for food recs when traveling? I used to do extensive ...

Ruth Lafler

Ruth Lafler commented 5 months ago

Your "Go To" Cooking Publication Is...?

by exyalie 9 months ago

Remembering the "good old days" when my kitchen/living room was littered with each month's copy of Gourmet, Saveur, t...


DrGaellon commented 7 months ago

Boston Globe Magazine article on Yelp

by BostonBestEats 8 months ago

WARNING: It's really, really, really, really, really, really LONG! "Why ranting on Yelp is the wrong way to compla...


BostonBestEats commented 8 months ago

Do we still need cookbooks?

by 50waze 10 months ago

Should I throw away/recycle/donate all my cookbooks? It seems even when I look through them, I still refer to the ne...


MidwesternerTT commented 9 months ago

Chris Kimball's new 'Milk Street Kitchen'...

by gutreactions 2 years ago

Chris Kimball has been a busy man. Ever since he left America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Illustrated, he has been work...


nussbaum commented 11 months ago

Eat your books

by dickgrub 1 year ago

Sometimes leafing through a few hundred cookbooks looking for THE Recipe is fun; but sometimes it's aggravating, and ...


rglo820 commented 1 year ago

Website Where You Input Ingredients to Get Recipe

by boltnut55 11 years ago

Is there a website where you can type in all the ingredients you have on hand and then it will come up with a recipe?...


tristan12 commented 1 year ago

Has OpenTable changed their filters?

by hunger8struck 1 year ago

Headed back to NYC for some solo dining soon. I have no qualms about eating out alone and prefer a decent, although n...


Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

pantry cookie from 1970's

by tcomeau 1 year ago

I was wondering if anyone out there remembers Pantry cookies. I grew up with them in Massachusetts when I was younger...


moira27 commented 1 year ago

Any other Redditors?

by MplsM ary 1 year ago

I have been using Reddit for a while now. When Pinterest got so adamant about joining and logging in just so I could ...


myfoodconnectiononline commented 1 year ago

What happened to the Food Down Under recipe site?

by steinpilz 9 years ago

Does anyone know what happened to I get one of those "buy this site" pages, which doesn't loo...


lilcougar commented 1 year ago