Store with large selection of bottled water?

by maestra 1 month ago

Can anyone recommend a store that has a large variety of personal-sized waters? I'm not actually looking for water or...


maestra commented 1 month ago

Tips on dealing with water crisis in Chapel Hill?

by LulusMom 10 months ago

All restaurants in Chapel Hill closed due to the water crisis. Water sold out at Harris Teeter. How are you dealing w...

LulusMom commented 10 months ago

Topo Chico mineral water

by kellyoyo 2 years ago

Looking for Topo Chico mineral water in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Has anyone had any luck? Seems very hard to find.


greenegrape commented 1 year ago

Water filter campaign targets black churches to help combat diabetes

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"... The Davis-based awareness group Public Health Advocates partnered with Brita to make 3,000 of the water-filte...

hill food commented 1 year ago

Los Angeles City Water?

by DavyLeo 2 years ago

Maybe the wrong place to put this, hehe. I was curious has anyone in Los Angeles ( I live in Ktown near Downtown area...

nannygoat commented 2 years ago

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Steph Curry Backs Brita -- Not Coke or Pepsi

by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

"Drinking water is essential to a healthy lifestyle," Mr. Curry said in the statement. "Water is my drink. I like tha...

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Local Bottled Water Question...Charlotte

by ChiKen 2 years ago

I'll be in Charlotte for a business conference from Monday to Wednesday (Oct 19-21). Unfortunately, because virtually...

Wouldn't water softener effect the taste?

by c oliver 8 years ago

Long story which I won't bore you with but we just "returned" from spending a week in our next door neighbors' house....


cleobeach commented 2 years ago

Anyone drink Poland Spring and notice a change?

by mushroomaffairs 4 years ago

It used to have a slightly sweet taste and has been my go-to bottled water for years but now has an almost metallic, ...

coll commented 2 years ago

Natural Fill-Your- Own - Spring Water in Boston Area?

by opinionatedchef 2 years ago

A friend in NH gets her water from a spring and spickot by the side of the road in her area. I wondered if anyone kne...


jjbourgeois commented 2 years ago

Whole Foods on the receiving end of some more mockery

by drongo 2 years ago

Lots of stories today about Whole Foods and their latest "nonsense product, supposedly healthy or organic or artisana...

ennuisans commented 2 years ago

A Simple Syrup Question

by Pwmfan 4 years ago

I just read another of many instructions for making simple syrup. The ingredients and process is always the same but...


bsteph commented 2 years ago

Any Carbonated Water Experts out there

by Ambiance 6 years ago

We are passionate about our favorite drink...Tito's Vodka (handmade) and sparkling water. And, the more carbonated...


ferret commented 2 years ago

Looking for maple water in Toronto

by tearingmonkey 2 years ago

Has anyone seen this in cartons or bottles? I wanted to give this to a maple loving fiend. I know there is company fr...


youdonut commented 2 years ago

flavored non-sweetened seltzer water?

by katsongs 8 years ago

Since moving to Canada, I haven't been able to find flavored, non-sweetened seltzer water. It's really common in the ...


Kayra commented 2 years ago

Boxed water in SF

by smatbrat 2 years ago

Hello, Has anyone seen Boxed Water is better actually sold in San Francisco? If so , where?

smatbrat commented 2 years ago

~ Is boiling water sufficient enough to kill anything harmful compared to water filters? ~

by designparadise 6 years ago

It would probably be safe to guess yes since the majority of restaurants and fast food chains don't filter their wate...


Burghfeeder commented 2 years ago

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