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The Hidden History of African-American Chefs in the White House: Q&A with Adrian Miller

The White House has a long history of African American cooks, chefs, butlers, and stewards, which Adrian Miller chronicled in The President's Kitchen Cabinet. In honor of both President's Day and Black...

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Cork Wine Bar - Washington D.C.

by vsimoncini 7 years ago

What a disappointment. Really looked forward to an evening spent sampling the energy and flavor of 14th St. north of Logan Circle. Having already enjoyed an evening with the folks at Chuch Key, as...

Chowhound Dinner at Baan Thai - Report

by Steve 2 years ago

If you love to compare a favorite dish from restaurant to restaurant, say pad thai, then you might have a problem eating at Baan Thai. The menu does not conform to standard "Thai restaurant" dishe...

Emilie's in Capitol Hill - Report

by Steve 2 months ago

I was more than a bit skeptical sitting down at Emilie's after they rolled out their cart. It is filled with what looks like banchan and they charge for it. Not a lot mind you, but it looks like ...

Silpancho's House, New Bolivian in Del Ray

by Steve 10 months ago

On Mt Vernon Ave, near West Glebe, there is a brand new Bolivian spot with counter service and a menu that is mostly changing daily specials. They aren't serving the full menu yet, just a couple o...

Suggestions in Lorton, VA area

by pretender414 10 months ago

Hello! We'll be moving to Lorton this summer and are looking for suggestions in the nearby area. I did a search on the board, but most posts are years out of date (and the restaurants are closed). ...

Eerkin's, Uyghur in Fairfax - Report

by Steve 6 months ago

So far I've been disappointed at any of the kabobs from NW Chinese cuisine that are available in our area, and I usually hesitate in ordering them. I was happy to see that for $3, I could check ...

Piccolina in City Center, DC

by Steve 6 months ago

More than any other new venture in a long time, I was so looking forward to trying Piccolina, the breakfast, lunch, and dinner casual offspring of Centrolina, right across the alley. The menu hig...

Nanjing Bistro in Fairfax - Report

by Steve 5 years ago

Only open about a month, this may be the only place around to try out Nanjing Cuisine. I was happy to find out that the name was true to the purpose of the restaurant. I will have to explore mo...

Lanzhou Handpulled Noodles in Gaithersburg - Report

by Steve 2 months ago

They feature mainly two kinds of noodles here, knife-cut and hand-pulled. The pulled noodles are available in different thicknesses. In addition, the noodles can be ordered in soup, stir-fried,...

Yunnan Menu at Mandarin Express (chow lunch report)

by alopez 13 years ago

Four intrepid chowhounds gathered at this tiny restaurant in north Rockville to sample items from their menu of Yunnan specialties. We tried: -Crossing the Bridge noodle soup. -steamed dumplin...

Search is Not Getting Good Results

by Steve 3 months ago

With the Washington, DC tag I can no longer count on finding my posts. I searched for Little Sesame and did not find the thread I started. I was able to find it using Google. This has been happen...

Cosmic Crisp Apples

by Got_Wood 3 months ago

These were supposed to roll out 12/1/2019 but I haven't been able to find them in the last two weeks. Does anyone know where they might be available in the metro area (preferably VA)?

Jing Du 17 in Seven Corners - Report

by Steve 3 months ago

Eight Chowhounds got together for dry hot pot at Jing Du 17, a new place in Seven Corners that took over Fuji Asian Fusion, which never attracted a following. This was my first time trying dry hot...

Martha Stewart frozen "slab" pies, where to find them?

by takadi 6 years ago

I used to find these at Costco all the time a few years back. They were kirkland brand I think but had Martha Stewart's name on it. They were the equivalent of chicken pot pies without the "pot" an...

La Limeña Grill - Rockville, MD

by pinkfloydx 3 months ago

This is my first post, and would like to introduce La Limeña Grill. Peruvian food is definitely one of my favorites. La Limeña Grill is, I think, amazing place to have high quality food. My ultim...


by LulusMom 4 months ago

Has anyone tried this place? Thoughts? Coming for a couple of nights and thought I might try something new.

Huarascan, Peruvian in Del Ray

by Steve 4 months ago

Although I've passed by this true hole-in-the-wall a gazillion times, yesterday was my first time to stop by. The sign said open for breakfast, and it was 7am. I couldn't resist trying the tama...

Ruan Thai: Thai Smackdown

by Steve 14 years ago

As a continuation of our Thai Smackdown, a group of us recently went to Ruan Thai in Silver Spring to see how this small storefront stacked up against some of the best in the area. Wow! I loved it...

Frankly Pizza - Kensington, MD

by pinkfloydx 3 months ago

If you are looking for wood burn oven pizza with amazing Neapolitan crust, you must try Frankly Pizza. I have tried Neapoliten pizza in Italy, Toronto (Pizzeria Libretto, which is amazing), and DC....