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Joe's Noodle House (and Sichuan Jin RIver): Downhill concerns?

by Marty L. 4 years ago

Just had Joe's for the first time in a *long* time and, sad to say, it was nowhere near what it was back in the day. Everything was fresh enough, but it was bland -- dumbed down, perhaps. Not the...

Jerusalem restaurant in Baileys Xrd

by geling 11 years ago

I seem to remember hearing that the Jerusalem Restaurant in Bailey's Crossroads has new owners and has discontinued the Friday buffet lunch? Is that true? I loved their bread and some of the othe...

Arepas Pues in SIlver Spring

by Steve 1 month ago

For a quick snack in Silver Spring. Arepas Pues can't be beat. They offer an arepa de choclo, made with sweet yellow corn that makes the arepa all golden and gooey, naturally sugary, and with a lo...

Can Anyone Offer More Information About "King Syrup"

by DLynne 7 years ago

I just bought a 32oz. bottle of King Syrup at Gourmet Giant on Rockville Pike. The red label with the lion face looked so interesting, and I thought I remember seeing it called for in a recipe for ...

Childhood memories

by k140db 5 years ago

Being a child of the 80's(35 now) and growing up in Arbutus, I remember eating out at a lot of great places growing up. We would travel all over Maryland for a good meal and sometimes meet up with ...

XO Taste -- Seven Corners --New Management, Thai added

by alkapal 2 months ago

Stopped for lunch at XO Taste and learned they just initiated a new lunch Thai menu, as new owners (managers?) are Thai. I ordered Pad See Ew off the new Thai lunch menu. They have eliminated th...

Two Swiss Restaurants - Swiss Bakery and Market in Fairfax Co. and Stable on H St., NE

by Steve 2 months ago

I haven't had Swiss food in a long time. I remember a place (back in the day) called The Broker on Capitol Hill that was serious and very good. But it just so happens I ate at both of the area's ...

Momo Yakitori

by wineloverdc 2 months ago

Having heard good things about this place on Rhode Island Avenue {near South Dakota} we went on a cold Monday. We arrived to a mostly empty restaurant and were greeted by Ume, the waiter/host. We...

Peter Chang Arlington: Mystery

by alkapal 3 months ago

Today I saw several empty packages of commercially-made food items ( I presume from the same sized packages with same bright red wrappers); and on top was an empty package of “Crystal Shrimp Dumpl...

Chef Seng Opens Third Location in Tysons Galleria

by Steve 3 months ago

Seng Luangrath has opened Sen Khao, a limited menu counter service spot where MIke Isabella had one of his eateries in the Galleria. There wasn't a lot of planning for this; it was all conceived i...

Little Saigon, Falls Church (outside Eden Center)

by FoodDude2 2 months ago

Went here for the first time last weekend. There were 4 of us and we came hungry. The owners have definitely changed as the menu is completely different from what is on Yelp from a few years ago. ...

Thai Square: Redux

by Ziv 2 months ago

After a long time away, I visited Thai Square and they have really updated the place nicely. New lights, decor, more open feel. Very nice. But I stopped coming a couple years ago because the food h...

Fava Pot, Brand New Egyptian in Falls Church

by Steve 1 year ago

Fava Pot is a handsome new place in Falls Church that sports a menu for casual eats as well as something more elegant. It has plenty of counter space and stools to snack at, but there are enough...

Growing Up In D.C./Balt: Who Else Remembers....

by Joe H. 17 years ago

I graduated from Montgomery Blair High School in '64 with Connie Chung and Goldie Hawn the year before. (Belatedly, thank you Connie for not covering your paper in plane geometry. Where it not fo...

Short rib Plate

by 3MTA3 2 months ago

Looking to score a whole Beef Short Rib Plate, 3-4 bones, fresh. Have done the local inquires. Any luck with odd purchases in Maryland ?

Who remembers Vesivius Pizza?

by journeyman 13 years ago

I've just moved backed to DC after a 20 year hiatus overseas. The city has definetly changed and I haven't yet decided if it is for the better or worse. One of my regular stops for food use to be V...

Restaurants feeding Federal employees for free during shutdown

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

"I thought, we could probably do that here in Indianapolis," Brown said. "The beautiful thing about being a restaurateur, is that we're already positioned to help. We're in the business of hospital...

The Furlough Cheesecake

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Buy cheesecake to help out the Federal worker owners during the shutdown. https://wjla.com/news/local/furloughed-sisters-cheesecake-business-government-shutdown?fbclid=IwAR1xRuTESPiHU_4ErckvVngH0f...

Chowhound Dinner at Momofuku DC

by Steve 3 months ago

This was a kind of last-moment replacement, as we were supposed to eat at Yu Noodles in Rockville, but we found ourselves in DC instead. Six hungry Chowhounds went through quite a bit of the men...

New Dim Sum - Hong Kong Pearl Falls Church

by Geeyore 7 years ago

I'm going to repost my review from another site. Recommend that Chowhounders check it out and add your own opinions: We visited for dim sum on Sunday morning, the place was about 2/3 full. The c...