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This West Coast City Hates Lunch & Other Findings From New Study

Ever wonder where your co-worker is actually headed when they leave for lunch? Turns out it may be easy to guess based on what city you live and work in. Ubimo—a New York-based software company—looked...

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El Papi Torta Truck, various NoVa locations

by Steve 1 month ago

Everyone likes to hear about awful food experiences, right? As long as you don't have to eat the stuff, you're good. Well, this is good, and by 'good' I mean bad. Really bad. I decided on the...

Ray's The Steaks is a mediocre steak house at best.

by Fracis 9 years ago

Ray's The Steaks seems to be the default steak house recommendation on this board. I would like to spend a few sentences discussing why it is not so great. 1. The dining experience. Advance re...

XO Taste -- Seven Corners --New Management, Thai added

by alkapal 6 months ago

Stopped for lunch at XO Taste and learned they just initiated a new lunch Thai menu, as new owners (managers?) are Thai. I ordered Pad See Ew off the new Thai lunch menu. They have eliminated th...

Buena Vida in Clarendon, Happy Hour

by Steve 2 months ago

The new Mexican place in Clarendon, from the owners of Ambar, opened recently and has some nice Happy Hour deals. I went for only one item, the shrimp soup. It normally costs $5, but is $4 at Hap...

Ray’s the Steaks - past its prime in its prime...

by Fracis 2 months ago

Yawn. This place was never that good...

Tantalizing Thai X-ing

by Marty L. 14 years ago

Uh oh -- this sounds seriously worthy of investigation. Anyone been? Link: http://makeashorterlink.com/?A14025C5B

Mongolian Food at Buuz Thai Eatery, Courthouse

by Steve 2 months ago

The Mongolian Ambassador mentioned Buuz Thai Eatery in that Weekend section article about where Ambassadors go to eat their own cuisine. Turns out it is Mongolian owned and operated, and there is...

Looking for suggestions for post-graduation lunch

by lisaonthecape 5 months ago

My son is graduating from GW mid-May. The ceremony will be on Sunday morning on the National Mall, so we're looking for a celebratory spot for lunch, either relatively close to the Mall or our apar...

Lima District, Peruvian in Annandale - Report

by Steve 2 months ago

This new place in Annandale serves high quality food though it seems like they have yet to find their client base. The menu has a lot of Chifa items on it, those noodle and fried rice dishes inve...

Wood-cooked Barbecue in the DC area

by dcbbq 2 months ago

I'm looking for places in and around the DC metro area that make their barbecue using wood and wood only -- no gas or electric backup, just wood.

Hot Lola's

by wineloverdc 2 months ago

Continuing my journey of Hot Chicken on a day off, stop #2 was Hot Lola's by the chef of Himitsu. Located in the newly renovated Ballson Quarter. Had the sandwich OG hot. Not sure what was o...

Wooboi Chicken

by wineloverdc 2 months ago

With a day of leisure and a small task to do by Dulles, I thought I'd try hot chicken here. I had a trio of wings code red hot (only code blue is hotter.) It was quite hot but one dimensional. T...

Takohachi in Arlington - Report

by Steve 8 months ago

Located in the shopping strip at Glebe and Colombia Rd, Takohachi has found its audience: a nice crowd of mostly Japanese looked like they were enjoying their time here. We got grilled sardines...

Mother's Day Buffet Brunch in DC

by keithdcil 3 months ago

Mom & Dad would like to go to a buffet on Mother's Day. I'm not a fan of buffet, but it's Mom's day. Anywhere else?

Suggestions in Lorton, VA area

by pretender414 3 months ago

Hello! We'll be moving to Lorton this summer and are looking for suggestions in the nearby area. I did a search on the board, but most posts are years out of date (and the restaurants are closed). ...

Where to buy Half Smokes at a Grocery?

by Got_Wood 9 years ago

It's my understanding that half-smokes are half beef and half pork. I understand that Ben's Chili Bowl is the quintessential vendor of half smokes. I also understand that they have them made for ...

Gumbo At Po Boy Jim

by Steve 4 months ago

I ordered a small bowl of gumbo at Po Boy Jim. I was served a bowl chock-filled with meat for $9. Yes, there was some gravy and rice in the bottom, but this was an entire meal made sturdy with po...

Supra, Georgian in DC - Report

by Steve 1 year ago

Eleven Chowhounds gathered together to try Georgian food at this hopping new restaurant. Clearly it has hit a nerve in DC because it was packed after being open for just a month. We had a ring...