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This D.C. Beverage Director Believes Everybody Has a Role to Play in Revolution

“Activism comes in many shapes and sizes,” says Andra “AJ” Johnson. “There is a lane for creatives as we can be the storytellers of the movement.” This past June in the wake of the protests after the...

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Spice Kraft Indian in NoVa - Report

by Steve 4 months ago

Bombay Curry Company in Del Ray, and its sister restaurant, Delhi Club in Clarendon, have now both turned into Spice Kraft. They were owned by B. Bhasin who provided some of the best Indian food ...

Pluma Bakery near Union Market

by Steve 4 months ago

The pastries here look divine and it was a hard decision on what to choose. I wanted one or two of everything, with some items being difficult to find elsewhere. I finally settled on two croiss...

Catania Bakery, Founded in 1932

by Steve 4 months ago

For the past four decades, I have sporadically passed in front of Catania Bakery on N. Capitol St. and it's always been closed. Not just closed for the day, but it looked like it was closed and un...

Natural Foods in Towson on Susquehanna Av, behind the Courthouse?

by Guido 10 years ago

Hi, I'm trying to replicate a great sandwich that I used to get at a Natural Foods store in Towson. It was on Susquehanna Av, behind the Courthouse. They had a sandwich bar as well as other things...

Pizza at Komi x Happy Gyro

by Steve 4 months ago

Much has been written about the $32 pizza at Happy Gyro on donrockwell.com. I am careful about which advice I follow on that board, but I have had some memorable successes. So I decided I could n...

La Union, Blanca's and La Cantanita, Kudos to Bob B.

by Steve 18 years ago

Took the suggestion of Bob B. and visited La Union market on Lee Hwy. (about 2 blocks east of Pastries by Randolph). Very nice folks who care about what they serve. Yes, they have very nice tamal...

Where can I find Saba in Northern VA?

by chefkate 6 years ago

Looking for Saba (reduced grape must - similar to balsamic vinegar but sweeter and more syrupy) in Northern Virginia, preferably Loudoun or near McLean/Tyson's. Tried the online route, but everyth...

Trini Restaurant Tour vs...

by Steve 5 months ago

Tim Carman of The Washington Post wrote a feature article a few weeks back about all the Caribbean restaurants up Georgia Ave. He mentioned six spots, but once you get there you can see the neighb...

Takeout Thai: The good, the bad and the ugly.

by Ziv 6 months ago

This month I have been trying a lot of new Thai spots and getting appetizers or soups for carryout. Thai Select at 1713 Wilson Blvd in Arlington was my first stop this month, I got a rather good La...

Childhood memories

by k140db 7 years ago

Being a child of the 80's(35 now) and growing up in Arbutus, I remember eating out at a lot of great places growing up. We would travel all over Maryland for a good meal and sometimes meet up with ...

Raaga's Previous Chef Ramesh -- Where is he now?

by alkapal 6 months ago

Missing a special dish the previous chef -- Ramesh -- of Raaga Indian, Falls Church, made for me. Does anyone know where he may have gone in the area to be a chef? (He was there maybe eight years...

Chloe at the Navy Yard - Report

by Steve 6 months ago

My first time to the new development at the Navy Yard. Lots of restaurants to choose from and a nice area to walk around with a boardwalk and some interesting architectural features. Many pretty ...

Anyone remember Fio's?

by luvs2tvl 7 months ago

I loved Fio's in the Woodner! Tried to go once a week and for birthdays, social events, etc. My understanding was he, his wife and sister moved back to Erie, PA. I'm not aware of them opening ...

Spicy Snacks at Momo House in Vienna

by Steve 7 months ago

Momo House, a Nepalese place on an alley between Maple Ave and Church St, has an interesting array of snacks aside from the regular menu of momo, kabobs, and curries. But be careful, the spicy is ...

where did the owner's of Fio's go?

by Nancy 18 years ago

I loved that place - anyone know if the owners/chef ended up somewhere else?

June 11, Support Black-owned Restaurants

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

On Thursday, June 11, please join with eaters across the country to support the black community. Order takeout or delivery from a Black-owned restaurant and post a photo on social media. For ea...

Springfield, VA area spots

by FoodDude2 3 years ago

I recently moved from Arlington to Springfield and thought I would provide some updated reviews of local spots we have tried since moving in a few weeks ago. Golden Hong Kong Chinese---located n...

Sweetpea, Soul Food near Howard U. - Report

by Steve 2 years ago

Open all of eight months, Sweetpea is a tiny spot on Georgia Ave. with some slim counters and stools for eat-in. Worth the cramped conditions. I got the smothered chicken (ordered white meat) w...

Restaurants Open for Carry-out that Gave Up

by MikeR 9 months ago

I was disappointed last week to find that Hong Kong Palace, that had been open for carry-out and delivery, had decided to close entirely. Not sure if that means they'll re-open after the apocalypse...

Any recent happy farmers market visits?

by tcamp 8 months ago

Early on, I went to the Dupont FM when the the VA markets were closed. Now VA markets are "open" but you need to preorder your items. For me, that is no fun. Half of the pleasure of cooking for me ...