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This West Coast City Hates Lunch & Other Findings From New Study

Ever wonder where your co-worker is actually headed when they leave for lunch? Turns out it may be easy to guess based on what city you live and work in. Ubimo—a New York-based software company—looked...

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Root Beer Extract

by Transplanted Texan 9 years ago

Does anyone know where I might buy root beer extract in MoCo or Frederick Co.? Penzey's doesn't carry it, nor does the Harris Teeter on Darnestown Rd.

Childhood memories

by k140db 5 years ago

Being a child of the 80's(35 now) and growing up in Arbutus, I remember eating out at a lot of great places growing up. We would travel all over Maryland for a good meal and sometimes meet up with ...

Looking for muscadine/scuppernong grapes in DMV

by abigail99 2 months ago

So it's the very beginning of muscadine season and I am trying to find specific locations in DC or Montgomery County or NoVa (less preferred) that have them. I know the stores in general that might...

Suggestions in Lorton, VA area

by pretender414 6 months ago

Hello! We'll be moving to Lorton this summer and are looking for suggestions in the nearby area. I did a search on the board, but most posts are years out of date (and the restaurants are closed). ...

Northern Virginia favorites

by Ziv 2 years ago

I was looking at my Yelp feed this morning and realized I had hit a few new spots and a few old favorites this past couple months and thought I would share some impressions, the good, the bad and t...

Annandale/NoVA Korean restaurant recs

Cocinero Cubano
by Cocinero Cubano 2 months ago

My family is looking to get some Korean eats as we haven’t had some in a while. I want to ask the CH hive mind what places are currently top of anyone’s list. In particular we’re interested in tryi...

Ramen Factory 42 in Falls Church...

by Ziv 3 months ago

I had the RF42 Special Miso Ramen with Sweet Egg, Chashu, Ground Pork and Nori with Green Tea Noodles. Small bowl of ramen but nicely fragrant. Flavor was good but not great. Service was good and...

Does anyone remember Ramino's in Gaithersburg?

by Cuisinegirl 15 years ago

Ramino's, which used to be located in the strip mall across from Gaithersburg High Scool, closed a couple years ago when the shopping center burned down. The shopping center has now been rebuilt, a...

Chicago Meets India - Pizza With A Twist

by MikeR 3 months ago

There's little Chowhoundish about warmed-before-serving pizza by the slice, but when they were fresh, I enjoyed an occasional lunch at Flippin' Pizza in Falls Church. After a couple of consecutive ...

Mama Chang in Fairfax - Report

by Steve 3 months ago

Five Chowhounds tried out the wares at this brightly-lit and lightly decorated outpost of the Peter Chang empire dedicated, in part, to Hubei cuisine. We ordered: Scallion bubble pancake ses...

Mongolian Food at Buuz Thai Eatery, Courthouse

by Steve 5 months ago

The Mongolian Ambassador mentioned Buuz Thai Eatery in that Weekend section article about where Ambassadors go to eat their own cuisine. Turns out it is Mongolian owned and operated, and there is...

King of Koshary in Arlington - Report

by Steve 3 months ago

I lost a daughter but gained a son. Or. in Chowhound parlance.... . my neighborhood Yemeni restaurant closed, and is now a remarkable Egyptian restaurant. A win is a win. I've had koshary thre...

Wooboi Chicken

by wineloverdc 6 months ago

With a day of leisure and a small task to do by Dulles, I thought I'd try hot chicken here. I had a trio of wings code red hot (only code blue is hotter.) It was quite hot but one dimensional. T...

Lobster Salad/Pre-Picked Lobster Meat

by Deborah R. 3 months ago

I came across a hot dog bun (a brioche one from Giant) that I think would make an amazing lobster roll. But I'm really not up for boiling and cracking a lobster. Does anybody sell pre-made lobster ...

Silpancho's House, New Bolivian in Del Ray

by Steve 5 months ago

On Mt Vernon Ave, near West Glebe, there is a brand new Bolivian spot with counter service and a menu that is mostly changing daily specials. They aren't serving the full menu yet, just a couple o...

Sloppy Mama's BBQ new Lee Highway location

by MikeR 3 months ago

Ate lunch there today. Pretty good, but it didn't blow me away. Service is like at Hill Country - you order by weight (the food, not yours) at one end of the counter and pay for it at the other end...

Washington DC Center City

by Brawny 4 months ago

Visiting DC in late September and looking for a $$ or $$$ restaurant that you would consider not to be missed. Not really interested in "chains" but if there is something exception, we will consi...

So Korean BBQ

by wineloverdc 3 months ago

So Korean BBQ is by the same folks as Kagiya. I have never been a fan of kogiya so I was quite pleasantly surprised at how good SO is. I have been 4 times. Their Banchan selection is fantast...

Thamee, New Burmese on H St, NE - Report

by Steve 3 months ago

Thamee is a veritable hotspot featuring craft cocktails and a small menu, across from the Atlas. But how does the food measure up? After all, longtime Chowhound favorite Myanmar remains foremost ...

Mi & Yu Noodle Bar Now Open in Ballston

by Steve 3 months ago

One of the best pieces of news I've stumbled across in a while.... Mi & Yu Noodle Bar from Baltimore is now open in the new Ballston Quarter (fka Ballston Common Mall). I had a terrific meal in...