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The Hidden History of African-American Chefs in the White House: Q&A with Adrian Miller

The White House has a long history of African American cooks, chefs, butlers, and stewards, which Adrian Miller chronicled in The President's Kitchen Cabinet. In honor of both President's Day and Black...

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favor to ask all 'Hounds

by John Piekarski 19 years ago

Fellow 'Hounds, As a person who uses the boards a lot for business trips and personal travel, can I ask that folks include the address -- especially the city name -- when recommending a place? ...


by pam 19 years ago

I feel a bit shy about making this recommendation only because it doesn't seem edgy enough for true CHs, but whenever I want a great meal I go to Yanyu and order the tasting menu (the cheaper versi...

navigating this board

by pam 19 years ago

Does anyone have easy user instructions for this board? I have a hard time finding threads I was interested in tracking unless I use the initial search function on the home page. Other than that, e...

Driving to DC

by Lisa 19 years ago

We'll be driving from NY to DC any interesting eats along the way. We'll be stopping over in Baltimore a couple of days. And kid friendly please (kid likes lobster, clams and vegetables)

she-crab soup

by gravyboat 19 years ago

anybody know a place in d.c. that makes she-crab soup better than the market inn?

Chinese in Rockville

by Sirina 19 years ago

I had lived in in DC for five years when my parents came to visit a year and a half ago and tapped into their immigrants-from-Taiwan-in-the-'60s network and discovered three Chinese places that wer...

Mooncakes in D.C.

by Marty L. 19 years ago

The mooncake threads on other boards have piqued my curiosity. Anyone know of any reliable places in the D.C. area to get good mooncakes this week? P.S. Do young kids actually like them? If ...

Stop Picking on Washington

by Jim Leff 19 years ago

I've posted a long missive defending Washington D.C.'s chow-worthiness on the Baltimore/DC message board. Take a look, and please take the DC portion of the discussion over there (everyone else, pl...

What's good between DC and Crisfield, Maryland?

by Sirina 19 years ago

I am driving from DC to Crisfield, MD this weekend, and staying overnight in Crisfield (on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay). Any food recommendations along the way?

Report from the Hitching Post

by John 19 years ago

Headed over to the Hitching Post recently, jonesing for crab cakes -- which were sold out by 2030, but no worry, and . . . fantabulistic! For the uninitated, the Post is a brightly lit but little ...

craving crabs!

by dw 19 years ago

i've been in maryland for a month now, and i just realized i still haven't had any of the famed crab in this area! is anyone willing to give me a primer on the different types of crab available...

"The Man Who Ate Everything" -- great book

by Sirina 19 years ago

Yes, I am getting addicted to this site. I noticed a book recommendation list, so I am adding my vote for The Man Who Ate Everything, by Jeffrey Steingarten. He is the food critic for, yes, Vogue...


by vsvillage 19 years ago

Does anyone have any word on TenPenh on Tenth and Pennsylvania?

Les Halles

by Sirina 19 years ago

In a message in the "dinner downtown" chain, someone asked about the DC Les Halles. My husband and I have been there several times, but swore it off three or four years ago. The problem was no...

Chowhounds Get Together at Full Kee

by Jim Zurer 19 years ago

Gary Cheong and his friend Karen--visiting Chowhounds from NYC-- joined my wife Diana and me for lunch at Full Kee on Sunday. We lucked out and they had soft-shells that day....they were fabulous...

Clams at Full Kee -- Alert

by Jim Zurer 19 years ago

Clams in black bean sauce are one of my favorite dishes at Full Kee and I have been disappointed in them on my last two visits. The clams, while large and juicy, have suffered from an off-taste--n...

dinner downtown?

by SarahG 19 years ago

I will be visiting DC with a friend in the next couple of weeks and will be staying downtown (PA Ave. Marriott, I think). We would like to have one really fine dinner out but don't want to do a lo...

Breakfast in D.C. or Northern Virginia

by A.J. VAUGHN 20 years ago

Looking for some great breakfast places--not fancy, not brunch, some place with great home cooked breakfast and preferably some personality too. Any suggestions?

Ethiopian Food in DC

by Jim Zurer 22 years ago

Jim L. asked me to post something about the level of quality of the Ethiopian restaurants in the Adams-Morgan section of Washington DC. I am chagrined to say that in my first "assignment" I mus...

Steakhouses in Washington - help me pick one! (more)

by Eli 20 years ago

I'm part of a group of 7 old college buddies (we all went to Johns Hopkins, in Baltimore, in the mid-'90s) who meet annually for a ritual we call Mens' Night. We're scattered - I'm in England, som...

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