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The Best Thing I Ate (or Drank) in 12 Countries This Year

Following a fever dream at the end of 2018, I decided to embark on a travel project that took me to 12 different countries in the 12 months of 2019. Focusing on the viability of short term, budget travel...

Juneteenth Black Liberation Walking Tour & Flint's BBQ, June 19, Oakland

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

"Come celebrate Juneteenth with us! Tomorrow's menu: Sliced BBQ Beef Links, BBQ Baked Beans, Green Beans, and a slice of bread! Event is from 11am - 4pm 1st come 1st serve!" Juneteenth, June ...

Stanley Tucci 'Searching for Italy' is delicious...

by gutreactions 8 months ago

Watched an episode of actor/culinary enthusiast Stanley Tucci Searching for Italy on CNN and it was mouthwatering all the way thru. His visit to Rome included preparation of 'vera' Carbonara, and A...

Beer tour in Prague

by SueFH 2 years ago

I’m looking for a beer tour in Prague, there’s a ton listed online but would prefer personal recommendation (or warnings on to-avoid). Thanks!

Foodie tours?

by SueFH 2 years ago

Going to be in Budapest, Prague, Vienna, etc next month. I have some nice reservations but wonder what you experienced hounds think of the foodie tours that hit a bunch of local spots, more than a...

Emilia Romagna Tours and Suggestions

by bractune 2 years ago

Hey Chowhound community! I was lucky enough to score a reservation at Osteria Francescana in September. I am a huge foodie and would love to explore many more things in that area. Normally I am ...

Suggestions for two 20-something on a budget in Seattle?

by ninrn 2 years ago

My niece just graduated from college and she and her boyfriend are taking their first vacation together to Seattle. Both love anything to do with the art and science of making food and beverages, a...

Food tours in Portland

by UnConundrum 2 years ago

Had a great time on the Land, Sea to fork tour today. This was a 3 hour tour that stopped at six different restaurants: Union, EVO Kitchen and Bar, Solo Italiano, Blyth & Burrows, Mami, and Picco...

Dating apps for food recs

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Had to laugh out loud when I saw this article about using dating apps such as Tinder and Grindr to get dining and sightseeing recs when traveling alone. From time to time, an occasional poster has ...

Omi Cho Market tour Kanazawa

by mrmathew 3 years ago

I'm visiting Kanazawa for two days this week and plan to visit Omi Cho Market. I always like to experience a market with the insights of a local. Can anyone recommend a tour guide of the Omi Cho Ma...

Unusual food tours in Chicago?

by LindaT516 3 years ago

I will be in Chicago soon with 8 adults. We are looking for something really unique to do. Can you suggest anything? Maybe a food tour that doesnt have a ton of walking? We will be there in the...

Food Tour

by bakerboyz 3 years ago

Will be in Rome soon but very briefly and would like to take a food tour on Saturday evening, February 24th. I have contacted Kate Parla, Elizabeth Minchilli and her daughter, Sarah, but none are a...

Must dos for 6 days Montreal

by Food on the brain 4 years ago

6 days in Montreal in August with 2 75+ year olds (in very good shape so can do a lot of walking), 3 50 ish year olds, and a 16 and a 20 year old. Any good walking food tours or must does for food?

things to do in vancouver in a day

by daughter 18 years ago

i've reposted this from the "not about food" board - would love any thoughts! my mother and one of her friends have a day long layover in vancouver, none of us have been there. she has travelled...

Solo foodie in modica / ragusa province

by rhi_bok 4 years ago

I will be spending about 4-5 days on my own in Sicily before my partner meets me in Palermo (and we will spend time in both Palermo and Trapani with day trips to the surrounding areas). I am thin...

Rome for four nights - 3 adults and 2 kids (7 and 10)

by r_ldn 4 years ago

Hi all Coming to Rome in March and looking for recommendations for restaurants, non touristy, good for kids (great eaters and not too fussy) but fun for us adults as well! Staying in Piazza Nagoya...

Food walking tour of Rome

by poland221 5 years ago

Can you recommend a good food walking tour in Rome for foodies? We did a tour with Paris by Mouth in Paris and loved it, we are looking for a similar experience in Rome. I found Eating Italy food t...

Share Food Tour in Rome Nov 8 or 9?

by cjschowdown 5 years ago

I've been on some excellent small group food tours in various cities. There are lots of tours in Rome, but I am skeptical of many -- they don't seem to be about the food. It seems private is the ...

Cooking Class in Rome

by QueenPeachie 5 years ago

Argh, this is such a naff thing, but I'm not sure I'll ever get the chance to visit Italy again, so I'd really like to try and book one in. I'm hoping to find an Italian cooking class while we'r...

Uptating an old article I found on a "Tasting tour of Chinatown/little Italy"

by WCBowman 5 years ago

Greetings all, My wife and I will be in Manhattan for a week in September and are looking for some help revising an old article we found for our own purposes and bringing it current, The arti...

Great food tour of Barcelona neighborhood!

by adambriones 5 years ago

My girlfriend and I went on an evening tour of the L'Eixample area with Alex from Aborigens (http://www.aborigensbarcelona.com/). Alex was an amazing guide and put together an awesome tour of a nei...