Start your morning off right. Waffles--from hefty Belgian dessert waffles to classic crisp buttermilk waffles--are a serious treat. Chowhounds tell us where to find the best, plus offer tips for the best recipes, waffle irons, and cooking techniques.

What Is the Difference Between Waffles and Belgian Waffles?

First off, if you’re lucky enough to be eating waffles for breakfast, you’re having a great day. Waffles for lunch or dinner? Then you’re really doing it right. Savory waffles with whole wheat flour...

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Hong Kong egg waffles and Delimanjoo

by haochi 19 years ago

Some posted a query about where to find "Hong Kong egg waffles" in the Bay Area. I somehow missed coming across these in the few weeks I spent in HK several years ago, but from the descriptions I'...

Waffle help

by tizzie 19 years ago

I'm planning a waffle brunch for mid-February, with about 20 guests. I'd like to make the waffles in advance, maybe the night before. I'd also like to make a few different flavors; blueberry, choco...

Why are all waffle irons for BELGIAN waffles?

by Cathy Elton 19 years ago

I want a good waffle maker for regular old waffles, but that seems to be easier said than done. I'm just not crazy about super-thick waffles. Any suggestions?


by Jon Leventhal 20 years ago

I used to make Sour Cream waffles from Joy of Cooking, however new edition doesn't have recipe. So I tried a recipe from Bittman's "How to Cook Everything". It says to add melted butter to dry i...

Help with Buttermilk Waffles!

by Wilson 19 years ago

I'm trying to find a good, simple recipe for Buttermilk Waffles. Also, can I substitute low-fat buttermilk for regular?

crispy waffles

by lparis 19 years ago

I made some this morning,(buttermilk and blueberry from the old James Beard American cookbook) and while tasty and cooked through, they didn't have a crispy exterior. Do I need more butter in the ...

Ok...another one...Chicken and Waffles/Soul Food...

by Jason Cheung from Seattle 19 years ago

Don't see C&W here in Washington, and ever since the Nisqually earthquake closed down Ms Helen's here in Seattle I have been dying for good, inexpensive Soul Food. Any Ideas ? Thanks !

Bulgin Waffles Closed

by Xavier 19 years ago

My wife was crushed when we walked by Bulgin Waffles in the East Village last night to find that it has closed for good. She loved the waffles, straight, no toppings or ice cream. These are the guy...

*Report* Dutch Stroopwaffles

by wpid 19 years ago

Thanks to Emma! I followed her advise and bought the best Stroopwaffles ever from Billings, Montana?!? Extremely fresh, and definitly the real deal! Shipped UPS ground in 2 days. My girlfriend...

looking for amsterdam waffle cookie (strophwaffle?)

by wpid 19 years ago

Does anyone know where I can purchase the genuine and delicous cookie of the netherlands? The Stophwaffle(sp?) It's a crisp waffle sandwich cookie with a mollasses filling. Think - Oreo cookie...

I need hot, fresh, buttered,syrup soaked Waffle House waffles

by waffleguy 19 years ago

I need Waffle House waffles, bad. Sadly, I live in Milwaukee, where there are no(sob) Waffle House restaurants, and none within driving distance. Does anyone know where to get good waffles in Milwa...

SF Chinatown produce and waffle

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

Last Saturday I spent 2 1/2 hours in Chinatown selecting the best of the best Chinese food stuffs to take home to my parents. A few seasonal produce items are worth mentioning before they're gone....

Speaking of waffles

by Ruth Lafler 19 years ago

After years of living in Alameda -- all of them withing an easy walk of this institution -- I finally had breakfast at Ole's Waffle Shop Friday. I had been put off by the huge lines on weekends, ...

Best pancakes & waffles - East Bay

by Ron Dorfman 20 years ago

I recently discoverd the Nantucket Flapjacks at Cafe Venus in Berkeley - outstanding - hearty - very tasty with multi grains - but not heavy so you can eat a whole plate full. Very good other brea...

Where can I find a pancake/waffle batter dispenser?

by jenniferfishwilson 19 years ago

My husband is in charge of breakfast at a huge camping trip and wants a dispenser that squirts out batter. Any ideas where he could get one?

fried chicken and waffles (please)?

by david 20 years ago

i miss roscoe's in la- there used to be a roscoe's in oakland, but the waffles weren't as good, and the place closed down. any other places around here with the good combo, or even just the fried ...

chicken n waffles

by homer 20 years ago

has anyone ever had good chicken n waffles in the city?

Chicken and Waffles in Brooklyn

by MD 20 years ago

Any recommends for where to find this lovely southern-fied plate? I had it at this place called Night of the Cookers for brunch one Sunday in Fort Greene but the chicken was dry and the waffle mach...

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