Waffle Makers

The Best Tool to Clean Your Waffle Iron Might Be in Your Bathroom

There's never a bad time for waffles but now that the weather is getting cooler, they'll probably be in regular rotation (pumpkin spice or otherwise). Here's how to clean a waffle maker, with or without...

Mini-Waffley Buttery Biscuity Things

by Querencia 1 year ago

In this grim season I happened on something that is actually fun. There is a tiny waffle iron just the size for elves and fairies---4 inches wide. Plug it in on the table while you are having coffe...

Waffle iron worth it?

by Bonniexx 5 years ago

I am contemplating getting a waffle iron. My kids love waffles. I bought frozen waffles for them and that's been pretty successful. The cook inside of me can't abide this forever though. Mos...

Waring ww150 waffle maker

by gamma50g 3 years ago

How is the Waring Ww150 model commercial waffle maker? Someone closed their restaurant and is selling it. I am no professional cook. I want to use this at home to make waffles for family. Would you...

Waffleburger waffle iron "review"

by Sirrith 6 years ago

Hi all, just wanted to write a little something about this great waffle iron. I was searching for vintage wagner/griswold irons on ebay. Came across this "waffleburger" iron which seemed on it...

Chicken waffles

by Scott_R 3 years ago

Not chicken AND waffles, chicken waffles. A day or two before I'd made chicken soup--soup fowl and soup parts from a local chicken farm, plus soup greens (onion, parsnip, carrots, turnips, dill,...

Presto Flip Waffle Maker New Sticks

by punkygal 3 years ago

Villaware casing has cracked after 20 + years of great Belgians! New company has not stepped up. I've tried 3 new makers so far. Test Kitchen gave great reviews of Presto Flip. This is the first ...

New Waffle Maker Help!

by applegbt 3 years ago

So, had a Waring dual belgian waffle maker for a couple years and it worked great. Always had good, crispy waffles using a tried and true recipe. It finally gave up the ghost so had to invest in...

Waffles keep sticking? Waring Pro

by Dough Girl 7 years ago

Hi! I have a Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker that is about a year old. Recently, the waffles have been sticking. I oil both sides of the grid well and have make sure it is hot before adding the bat...

Which type of waffle maker?

by Foodie564 4 years ago

Hello, im going to buy my self a waffle maker, but im not sure about which kind. The choice is between the regular heart shaped waffles and belgian waffle maker (square shaped one). Which type ...

Vitantonio Premier Belgian Waffler - Instructions?

by rp17 4 years ago

I have never used a waffle iron and know the concept is pretty self-explanatory. But I'm wondering about any guidance for this particular model since I don't have the instruction manual. There is...

Why aren't my waffles crispy? Help!

by Scirocco 14 years ago

We make waffles frequently on the weekends and I just can't seem to get them to come out crispy from the waffle iron. I use a Vitantonio Premier waffle maker with the small holes (not a Belgian wa...

Liege waffles - how do I prevent burned sugar?

by Sirrith 5 years ago

Hi all, I've been making liege waffles in my stovetop waffle irons for a while now, but every time towards the end of the batch I run into the frustrating problem of burned caramel. The pearl suga...

Does Anyone Make A Thin (not Belgian) Waffle Maker?

by suebro 12 years ago

I am looking for a waffle iron that does not make Belgian waffles, but makes the thin kind like you used to make before Belgian wafflers came around. Does anyone know if you can find these anymore?

How to make crispy crunchy waffles?

by billy198621 5 years ago

I've had waffles at restaurants before and they've always been really crunchy and crispy I've also had waffles in a box that you put in the toaster and they've been crisp and crunchy But I can't...

Cast Iron vs Aluminum Stovetop Waffle Makers

by vagary 5 years ago

I'm shopping for a stovetop waffle maker for use on an electric range with baking-powder-based batters. A few questions: 1. What's the difference between cast aluminum and cast iron for waffle m...

Cleaning Waffle Irons

by Elora 12 years ago

I have a non-stick Cuisinart waffle iron which cooks quite well. I'm very happy with it but can't figure out how to get it really clean for the life of me. Instructions say to wipe clean with a...

Costly culinary tools that you own that don't get much use, or that have caused you buyers remorse.

by letsindulge 8 years ago

My top 3 are: http://cookware.lecreuset.com/cookware/product_Moroccan-Tagine_10151_-1_20002_10103_ http://www.cameronsproducts.com/stovetop-smoker http://www.knifemerchant.com/product.asp?...

Your Waffle Iron--Use It!

by kaleokahu 6 years ago

So much of and about cooking involves arbitrary mental barriers. Many tools we think are good for only one thing, and often that they're the *only* way to do something. Williams-Sonoma's stock goe...

Need a New Blender and Waffle Maker

by sivyaleah 6 years ago

So, both my blender and waffle maker of many years both have gone kaput. The blender, starting leaking from the bottom and while the waffle maker still works, it was a cheap one and has no on/off s...

My waffle iron sucks but I can't get a new one. Help me troubleshoot?

by ls150 9 years ago

Hey everyone, My waffle iron is terrible. OR I am just terrible at using it. It is an older (5-7 years?) Black & Decker 4-in-1 Wafflemaker. Has the sandwich, grill, and griddle attachments, too....