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Arlington, Nagodoches, and Waco eating recommendations?

by TboneDano 12 years ago

Hi all, I'm on a business trip next week, and looking to experience some local flavor. We'll be eating all of our meals out, so a great breakfast place recommendation would be as greatly apprec...

Need lunch place between Waco and Tyler..maybe Corsicana?

by rlon 13 years ago

I plan to be driving between Waco and Tyler, and will be looking for a good place for lunch. Corsicana would be about right. Could be either downhome or upscale. Not fried stuff. Any good ideas?

request for suggestions for lunch in Waco

by seb 13 years ago

Hi, We're meeting friends for lunch in Waco next weekend and since we are coming from NYC are interested in great BBQ or Tex-Mex. A search of the boards didn't yield too many suggestions. Any thou...

Waco- best local turkey

by ceekskat 13 years ago

Couple of years ago while visiting family, we ordered turkey from Michna's. My mom had called Uncle Dan's but they had already stopped taking new orders. While Michna's was good, I would like to ...

Waco, Texas Chinese Buffet

by TXNews 13 years ago

Which is better overall: Summer Palace buffet (N. Valley Mills) or the Taste Of China buffet?

good place to eat in waco

by textex 13 years ago

hi going to see the texas sports HOF in waco need a good place or 2 to eat at THANK's

Waco Weekend

by Phood 13 years ago

Hi Folks, The clan (Yankees and Californians) will be gathering in Waco later this month for Dad's 80th and Wedding reception. (He's a busy man.) We're a family group of about 15 with ages from 8 ...

waco-killeen area

by jd 14 years ago

Any don't miss spots I should Know about? mex. q, stk or other.


by SLadd 14 years ago

Any new food places?...I'm not expecting gourmet...but please, no BBQ, no Chinese, no Korean---Mexican will be fine or anything that is good, freshly made, not a chain..of course, I do realize that...

waco fish

by roonie 14 years ago

Siete Mares has the best fresh fish in Waco.

California Hound visiting Waco and Austin

by Josh 14 years ago

I've been to Rudy's, which I loved, what other great BBQ is around Waco? Tex-Mex?

Dallas to Brenham--maybe Waco--TONIGHT!

by twobluecats 14 years ago

As plans have changed, I will be leaving Dallas at 3pm today headed for Brenham. We'd love to stop somewhere on the way down for dinner. Any advise? We like it all. And, bummed that both Mik...

lunch between Dallas & Waco

by ChrisKC 14 years ago

will be arriving at DFW at around noon and then heading south on I-35 till we turn off at Waco. Any suggestions for lunch?

WACO - Please help!

by Dallas Alice 15 years ago

Will be spending a day or two in Waco. Where should I have lunch and dinner? It will be just me and a work colleague -- so it's an expense account deal and money is pretty much not an issue. No ...

Waco on a Sunday Night?

by Bob Foster 15 years ago

I'm going to be in Waco this Sunday night. Many of the places I've seen mentioned here are not open on Sundays or are not open after 6pm. Can anyone help out this San Diego Chowhound with a sugges...

Where to eat in Waco?

by Friend Of A Friend 15 years ago

My partner is on a business trip in Waco for the week. Are there any good eats restaurant, modestly priced, that I can suggest to her while she's there? She doesn't eat beef, but loves most any...

waco: REALLY good burger

by txlesa 15 years ago

I was in Waco this weekend and went to an oriental restaurant, kitok on 18th and maple. I had the best cheeseburger I have had in years. At first I was skeptical and tempted to order oriental foo...

Waco Dining

by Helen 15 years ago

Have to go there for a business trip on Monday. Anyone know of a nice place for dinner?

BBQ-Somewhere btwn DFW and Waco?

by Bob Foster 15 years ago

San Diego Chowhound needs help from Texas Choswhounds: I will be flying into DFW and then driving down to Waco. Any decent BBQ spots along that route?

Vegetarian in Waco - sort of.

by Janer 15 years ago

I have a good friend who is in Waco this week. She is mostly vegetarian, will eat seafood, cheese, etc. But can't abide poultry, pork, beef, etc. I know this is a stretch, but is there any recom...