Mrs Keaton's Bakery

by Linda Burns 19 years ago

Does anyone remember those wonderful cream puffs we used to buy from Keaton's Bakery on Austin Ave in Waco? Does anyone have a recipe for cream puffs like those? Thanks! momoburns@yahoo.com

Best places in Waco?

by puffalumps 13 years ago

I can't find a recent Waco topic, so here goes. What's everyone else's favorite spots? Anything off the beaten path to try? Anywhere new open up?

Waco, Austin & SanAntonio for Very Picky Eater!

by Booboo731 6 years ago

I'm meeting friends in Dallas and driving through Waco to Austin and then on to San Antonio. The two I'm meeting will NOT eat Mexican food, Texas barbeque, seafood, Chinese, Indian or Asian food. ...

Anything if note in...Waco?

by jinksdc 9 years ago

Chowhounders--I am headed to Waco for a couple of days for work. Anything there I should try to hit? I'd go for pretty much anything of note, as I am going to be at a conference and anticipate ea...

Waco/Central Texas

by hungry longhorn 17 years ago

I am in Waco for the summer/fall with several friends. We are in desperate need of some food -- please advise!!!

recommendations of places to eat in Waco, Texas or nearby

by ume 10 years ago

I will be in Waco for a short business trip and am wondering if there are any recommendations of "must trys" while I am there. Since I'm from Canada, I would love to get some great bbq and Tex-Me...

Headed to Waco for 3 months

by dcbbq 12 years ago

I'll be in Waco from February through April, and welcome suggestions on places to eat, including restaurants in smaller cities and towns that are worth a day or weekend trip. I am armed with the T...

Waco Food?

by Dallassooner 13 years ago

Going to the OU/Baylor game this weekend and looking for somewhere to eat afterwards. I have heard recommendation of George's. I also know there is Heitmillers Steak House in Elm Mott. Any ...

Good Eats in Waco?

by gelofool 11 years ago

I'm going to Waco in a few hours and need something GOOD to eat. No chains but nothing too pricey. Thoughts?

Good Drive-In, Diner, or Dive off I35 from Waco to Austin for lunch

by cchrist 11 years ago

We are traveling to Austin from Dallas this weekend and need to stop for lunch and wanted to find "that special unknown place" to eat that has good food, but is not a chain. Adults and children, ...

Waco area

by Hilary 11 years ago

My son is moving to Waco in just a couple of weeks to start a new job. I am totally unfamiliar with that area. What are the surrounding towns/cities I should be looking for when reading the revie...

Son moving to the Waco area(working in McGregor)

by Hilary 11 years ago

My son has just accepted a job working in McGregor at SpaceX and will be looking to live in the Waco area. Any suggestions on where to shop and places to eat. All suggestions are welcomed. Tha...

Best sausage in Waco?

by Grawburg 12 years ago

Never had Texas sausage until I ate one in Lockhart at Kreutz' last month.. I'll be traveling to Waco next week and wanted to find the same smokey, greasy, homemade goodness. Suggestions?

Road trip: Austin, college station and Waco

by geat 12 years ago

We will be floating around this area for an entire Saturday. Just doing some sight seeing and general wandering. Looking for ideas for break., lunch and dinner. Nothing to fancy, just good. Any ...

DFW/Waco/Van for long July 4th Weekend - recs needed

by Pssst 16 years ago

Hey Howdy, This weekend, my husband and I are flying into DFW, heading to Waco to visit family Saturday, then to my uncle's July 4th shindig on his ranch near Van, with a day in Dallas afterwards. ...

Collins Street Bakery in Waco - come for the danish

by hnewburn 12 years ago

Stopped by on my way to Dallas yesterday. Sampled some cookies (mostly misses), but the "danish" there is just insanely good. The cherry danish is actually in puff pastry, and it's incredibly r...

Between Hillsboro and Waco-interesting dinner?

by tvmovielover 13 years ago

I am going to meet my sister-in-law in that area on Monday for an all day cooking class then out to dinner somewhere around there. She likes ethnic food but also good meat. She would not mind a g...

International Restaurant suggs for Temple/Killeen/Waco?

by nakira 13 years ago

I've lived in the Temple area around 2 years and can now afford to eat out more. I used to live in the dFw area and tried a lot of foods from different countries and now I feel i am in the middle o...

Waco "High End" Dining... Any thoughts/ideas???

by falcon75 13 years ago

Spending an evening in Waco with a "high end" client... Any thoughts/ideas on where to take them for the evening. Price is not important... Quality is absolutely critical. Thanks in advance to al...

Sunday Brunch - good food/rest. around Waco

by theabroma 13 years ago

Need & would appreciate some help. Meeting my bro in Waco Sunday am ... will park one car and go around in the other. Looking for something interesting, ethnic or not, excellent food ... but most...