Virginia Beach

Beachgoers have to eat, and Chowhounds know the best places to refuel in Virginia Beach. Get recommendations on dinner spots, new restaurants, and more.


Is Virginia Beach a foodie desert?

by ArlingtonVA01 7 months ago

There are almost no discussions here about foodie magnets in Virginia Beach. The highest rated placed on Yelp are the typical boardwalk mid-Atlantic run of the mill seafood places that have a heav...

Best Eats in Virginia Beach

by Gspeed37 2 years ago

My brother and his wife will be in Virginia beach this month. I would like to get them a gift certificate to a dinner place, not necessarily fancy, but with really good food. What do you recommend?

Super dry country ham slices

by fishymd 3 years ago

Back in the late 70's, my grandmother who lived in the areas around Williamsburg VA used to get an institutional size pack of dry cured country ham slices(ready to eat) for making ham biscuits. Th...

LIDL... An After Visit Report

by The_Evil_Chip 4 years ago

I'm back from my visit to the brand new LIDL in Virginia Beach. In case you're unfamiliar, LIDL is a huge grocery store chain in Europe, based in Germany. Their big competitor in Europe is ALDI alt...

Where can I find boudain in Virginia Beach or the surrounding area?

by dburgoon 10 years ago

I have been looking everywhere and have not been able to find any boudain here yet. Anyone know of anywhere? Thank you, Donna

Virginia Beach family reunion (foodie needing help)

by CaliG8 5 years ago

Traveling to VB in a few weeks, family reunion. Easy to figure out high end ($100 per person) spots, but I want to go to really good food, where the locals go -- and only know about -- that is mod...

Who Would Have Thought? The Best Tacos in Norfolk are not Mexican!

by gderenoncourt 5 years ago

The best Taco in Norfolk, hiding right under our noses! Granby Social Club brings Casba Cuzina the warmth and flavor of the Mediterranean to a uniquely urban area known more for shops and services ...

Places to eat in Virginia Beach

by erin724 7 years ago

I am taking my husband to VA Beach for his birthday and I am looking for recommendations on breakfast and dinner options. No price point in mind just good food. Thanks for your help!

Where to eat near Virginia beach?

by kadams441 7 years ago

Hi! I'm going on a road trip in July and one of our stops is in Virginia Beach. Any suggestions on where we should stop for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

Peter Chang's coming to Virginia Beach

by wanderingviolet 8 years ago

Just passed the store front for Peter Chang's newest location in the Landstown shopping center in Virginia Beach. It's slated to open in December. Very excited this is less than 10 minutes from my ...

Virginia Beach Before Dave Mathews

by veganhater 8 years ago

We are traveling from Eastern North Carolina for the Dave Mathews concert this Friday. Looking for a good dinner rec before the concert. Really open to anything as long as it makes sense from a d...

Virginia Beach Dinner Recs

by picklelicious 11 years ago

I will be in Virginia Beach on Thursday and Friday night, fishing for rockfish out of Rudee's Inlet on Friday. I've eaten at some of the restaurants on Atlantic Ave, and most of them were reasonabl...

Virginia beach recommendations

by sidesjf 8 years ago

What are some good places in Virginia beach any recommendations welcome ----- good coffee, hole in the wall places, subs, seafood, fine dining, goo location anything and everything.

Norfolk and Virginia Beach

by oceans 9 years ago

We are going to Norfolk and Virginia Beach for a long weekend. I know about the great Maryland crabs. Is this area known for any particular foods? If so, what restaurants, or crab shacks, would ...

Richmond, Williamsburg and Virginia Beach, Virginia [moved from Southeast board]

by a81 9 years ago

Hi, I'm heading to Virginia for vacation and was interested in any recommendations for eating in Richmond...Virginia Beach. I have not found much but assume someone has an opinion. We're a famil...

Virginia Beach dinner

by movesalot 9 years ago

We are in Hampton Roads this week & have been using the boards to find some places to eat. (last night we went to a.w. shucks). However, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a place to eat i...

BBQ Near Norfork/Virginia Beach?

by Leebe 9 years ago

My family and i will be traveling to the Outer Banks in the late summer and we are looking for authentic BBQ (and a nice town to stop and spend a night in) near Norfolk/Virginia Beach on our way?

Seafood Dives in Virginia Beach & Wiliamsburg?

mountain md
by mountain md 11 years ago

We are heading to VA Beach & Williamsburg in early May. Our favorite places are rustic seafood dives/shacks (ex. "Old Florida"). Not big fans of fancy places and/or places located in strip malls....

Virginia Beach Eats

by keithlb1 9 years ago

Looking for some good places to eat in Va Beach. Not into the real touristy stuff with fried everything and boardwalk fare. More like diamonds in the ruff places, good seafood, and engaged servic...

Virginia Beach Seafood Lunch

by wyogal 9 years ago

We are on vacation in Virginia Beach, and would like to have some seafood for lunch on Thursday of this week. We don't want fancy, just good. How about Lucky Oyster? Or is there a shack somewhere t...