How to Score Gems at Paris Flea Markets, According to a Parisian

“I love that everything you buy in a brocante has a story,” Jackie Kai Ellis tells me over the phone. “You really get a snapshot of history.” The Vancouver native, who has a design background, moved...

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Turkey Shaped Clay Roaster - Römertopf?

by CaliforniaJoseph 5 years ago

For the princely sum of $10 I took this bad boy home from a yard sale. I've never seen such a thing before. And I cannot find anything about it on the Internet. The bottom reads "4043 W. Germany...

Vintage enamelware safe to cook on?

by thirtytwopaws 3 years ago

I don’t know much about cookware but I am trying to replace all my pieces that have a non-stick/Teflon type coating (and trying to do so without spending a ton of money). I picked up an old ceramic...

Locating an old mixer

by whatsername85 3 years ago

I've been wanting a hobart era kitchenaid k5ss for a while, I recently moved into my own place and am finally ready for one. My mom wants to get me one for christmas but I don't have the first clue...

Can anyone identify this stamp on a vintage copper pot?

by Joygetty 3 years ago

Hi! i was wondering if anyone has seen this identifying mark on the bottom of a copper pot or piece of cookware before? Thanks!

Bought this in 1997 and I need help identifying it!

by jennmc31 3 years ago

I worked in a dr's office in 1997 in Ocala, FL and for the Christmas party there was this cookware decor that had different pieces that all the ladies wanted from their secret Santa. I was able to ...

Mystery Le Creuset Cast Iron Set

by Asteria214 3 years ago

Recently my mom happened upon an estate sale where a woman was selling various cookware sets. She lucked up on a 6 piece cast iron set in orange with a very visible "Le Creuset Made in France" on t...

One day I will have a Chambers stove. Do you have one? If so, tell me about it. The good the bad and the ugly...

iL Divo
by iL Divo 11 years ago

I want a Chambers stove/oven/broiler and one day I will own one. A couple of years ago a man had one on Ebay that I didn't buy because I'm a nitwit. It was copper, the pix were beautiful, in his ...

Does anyone know how old my Revere ware might be?

by Glencora 14 years ago

A friend just gave me her late aunt's copper bottomed Revere ware. (My friend doesn't cook.) The bottoms say made in Riverside CA. A little googling told me that Revere ware was first made in NY...

Used/Vintage Le Creuset--Downside?

by HalliePM 8 years ago

I am poised to purchase two used Le Creuset dutch ovens (enamel over cast iron). They appear in good condition. One has a slightly chipped handle. Both have slightly discolored inner surfaces from ...

Vintage copper questions grab-bag

by betsy_VA 3 years ago

I've been doing some eBay and Etsy shopping for vintage copper pieces and have some questions for the hive mind. 1) Some copper pots and pans have brass handles and some (supposedly) have bronze...

Is a vintage Lodge cast iron skillet better than a new one??

by Ritcheyd 10 years ago

There are so many cast iron skillet posts, I hope this doesn't get lost but I haven't seen my question addressed. I want a cast iron skillet but have read so many posters saying " Don't buy a Lodge...

Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster Repair

by cfhartzell 8 years ago

I have a vintage 1950's era Mixmaster. I can use it as a hand mixer but the mechanism that makes the bowl turn will not work. Any suggestions for repair? I tried the Sunbeam site but they could ...

Vintage roaster?

by breadchick 3 years ago

Short version: beloved aunt passed away. Lots of kitchen stuff. I got quite a bit, and am wondering about this "roaster?" It's 14x9x5 high. I'm assuming aluminum, and it's heavier than it looks. Al...

More copper advice please

by OaklandGal 3 years ago

Hey guys, sorry another thread asking advice. Any idea how thick this beautiful old pan might be? I am guessing 2mm? I know it’s unlined, but wouldn’t this be great for sugary French toast with app...

Help identifying

by littlemy22 3 years ago

Hello, We have acquired some “antique” copper from France, but have no idea how to tell the value. Can anyone help?

Need buying advice on vintage tin-lined copper pan

by damiano 4 years ago

Hi all, I've seen this tin-lined copper sauce pan for sale on a local craigslist-like site. It's marked 'made in france', 24cm diameter, 12cm high, 3mm copper supposedly, 4 kilograms heavy. It ...

Trying to date and characterize antique French hammered copper and tin pans

by AM2903 4 years ago

Please help me understand the history and dating of my hammered copper based pans with tin interiors that have no marks. The use/ patina of the pans suggest they are antiques and may have been indi...

What are these vintage water goblets?

by 18moira13 4 years ago

My mother gave there from my grandmother who is 101. I am trying to find out more information about them. Any leads would be appreciated. Tia.

When is a pitted steel-lined copper pan unsafe?

by BFPhillips 4 years ago

I am looking to buy a stainless-steel lined copper pan, and ideally I'd like to buy used both because I prefer the aesthetics and the prices are more reasonable. But most vintage steel-lined copper...

French Antique Copper Pans - Origin? Date? Quality?

by docimo 4 years ago

I'm trying to figure out the origin/manufacturer of these 7 nesting copper saucepans. They have no manufacturer marks on them, are copper lined, 1.5mm thick at the top with cast iron handles. I've ...