Any other Le Creuset Fanatics out there?

by ThriftedTreasure 3 years ago

Hi, this is my first ever post! I am a keen Le Creuset Collector (vintage and new) and love seeing other people's col...


ohlala9 commented 1 month ago

Mystery Le Creuset Cast Iron Set

by Asteria214 1 month ago

Recently my mom happened upon an estate sale where a woman was selling various cookware sets. She lucked up on a 6 pi...


BigG commented 1 month ago

One day I will have a Chambers stove. Do you have one? If so, tell me about it. The good the bad and the ugly...

by iL Divo 8 years ago

I want a Chambers stove/oven/broiler and one day I will own one. A couple of years ago a man had one on Ebay that I ...


olearybridget1 commented 2 months ago

Guardian Service triangle pots, anyone?

by jebaker 10 years ago

My mother recieved a set of 3 Guardian Service triangle pots for her birthday from her brother. The gift was recieved...


Nannybakes commented 3 months ago

Q: How to turn on O'Keefe & Merritt oven?

by charva 10 years ago

I recently moved into a house with a gorgeous antique stove, but I can't figure out how to turn on the gas oven. The...


mandies86 commented 3 months ago

Does anyone know how old my Revere ware might be?

by Glencora 11 years ago

A friend just gave me her late aunt's copper bottomed Revere ware. (My friend doesn't cook.) The bottoms say made i...


Ninthwheeler commented 3 months ago

Vintage copper cleaning challenge: Burned-on adhesive

by betsy_VA 5 months ago

Hi folks -- Welcome ideas on whether and how to tackle the residue from a price sticker that is marring my otherwise ...


betsy_VA commented 3 months ago

Used/Vintage Le Creuset--Downside?

by HalliePM 5 years ago

I am poised to purchase two used Le Creuset dutch ovens (enamel over cast iron). They appear in good condition. One h...


Beaner8 commented 4 months ago

Vintage copper questions grab-bag

by betsy_VA 4 months ago

I've been doing some eBay and Etsy shopping for vintage copper pieces and have some questions for the hive mind. 1...


kaleokahu commented 4 months ago

Is a vintage Lodge cast iron skillet better than a new one??

by Ritcheyd 7 years ago

There are so many cast iron skillet posts, I hope this doesn't get lost but I haven't seen my question addressed. I w...


BigG commented 4 months ago

Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster Repair

by cfhartzell 4 years ago

I have a vintage 1950's era Mixmaster. I can use it as a hand mixer but the mechanism that makes the bowl turn will ...


swede57 commented 5 months ago

Vintage roaster?

by breadchick 6 months ago

Short version: beloved aunt passed away. Lots of kitchen stuff. I got quite a bit, and am wondering about this "roast...


breadchick commented 6 months ago

More copper advice please

by OaklandGal 6 months ago

Hey guys, sorry another thread asking advice. Any idea how thick this beautiful old pan might be? I am guessing 2mm? ...


TJFRANCE commented 6 months ago

Help identifying

by littlemy22 6 months ago

Hello, We have acquired some “antique” copper from France, but have no idea how to tell the value. Can anyone help?


TJFRANCE commented 6 months ago

Need buying advice on vintage tin-lined copper pan

by damiano 10 months ago

Hi all, I've seen this tin-lined copper sauce pan for sale on a local craigslist-like site. It's marked 'made in fran...


am47 commented 9 months ago

Trying to date and characterize antique French hammered copper and tin pans

by AM2903 9 months ago

Please help me understand the history and dating of my hammered copper based pans with tin interiors that have no mar...


Newlyn_Tinning commented 9 months ago

What are these vintage water goblets?

by 18moira13 1 year ago

My mother gave there from my grandmother who is 101. I am trying to find out more information about them. Any leads w...


18moira13 commented 1 year ago

When is a pitted steel-lined copper pan unsafe?

by BFPhillips 1 year ago

I am looking to buy a stainless-steel lined copper pan, and ideally I'd like to buy used both because I prefer the ae...


kaleokahu commented 1 year ago

French Antique Copper Pans - Origin? Date? Quality?

by docimo 1 year ago

I'm trying to figure out the origin/manufacturer of these 7 nesting copper saucepans. They have no manufacturer marks...


docimo commented 1 year ago

Help identifying vintage cutlery

by Korson 1 year ago

I bought these knives in a set of three about 36 years ago at a surplus auction of recovered train wreck deliveries. ...


DBinNOLA commented 1 year ago