Budapest, Vienna, Prague - Need updated info

by mallomarmom 5 days ago

I’m searching Chowhound and all of the posts for restaurant recommendations are 6+ years old. I’m hoping someone on this site has been to this area more recently and can share some ideas from thei...

Vienna restaurant reviews

by Belkisw 7 months ago

Hi all, A quick update from my last trip to Vienna: Silvio Nickol Gourmet Restaurant- hmm. I can comfortablly say that in my view it is no Steireck (which is a similar price) or even Konstantin...

3 days in Vienna

by tachbrook82 5 months ago

Hello, Heading to Vienna (from London) in November and am looking for restaurants that aren't too touristy and involve good Austrian cuisine and interesting wines. I have tentatively booked Walte...

Need help with Austrian classic dishes in Vienna

by kathrynanne 1 year ago

Hello. My husband and I are so excited to finally head to Vienna. We are staying near the Belvedere and would like to try a few variations of schnitzel and tafelspitz over the course of our visit. ...

Vienna Review (mostly high end)

by estufarian 8 months ago

When I travel I try to dine at places I cannot find at home (Toronto) – accordingly these tend to be more upscale although, if I find somewhere I particularly like that’s more downscale, I’ll certa...

Shopping in Vienna?

by lotsoforegano 7 months ago

A couple questions. For our first trip to Vienna, does anyone have advice on stores where we could buy food (or food-related) presents to take home that are: (1) not terribly bulky and (2) diffi...

48 hours Vienna, Budapest, Prague

by kkline63 9 months ago

I have 2 days in each city, need TOP restaurants recommendations please! If you had to eat in 2 places, each city. GO!

Traveling to Nuremberg and Bamberg in June

by Cookanddog 1 year ago

Hello All - I am traveling with my parents through France, Germany and Vienna. I have no problem finding places to eat that are interesting in France and Vienna but Nuremberg hasn't given me a...

Recommending Ilona Stuberl in Vienna

by kitbag 1 year ago

Ilona Stuberl is a wonderful and tiny Hungarian restaurant right smack in the middle of the center of Vienna. It is kind of a miracle this place survives as is, serving rustic, unfancy Hungarian di...

Help make a special birthday trip to Vienna!

by Docmarcia 1 year ago

We are going to Vienna for the first time in October for a week celebrating one of those big birthdays that end in zero. We will be looking for lunches and dinners and we want great food, whether c...

Steirereck - have reservations in May - should we still go?

by Seige 2 years ago

We have never been to Vienna and unfortunately, we'll only be there 2 days. I have reservations at Steirereck, but I'm wondering if we should devote an entire evening to dinner there or if it woul...

Simple restaurants in Salzburg and Vienna

by vulpine 3 years ago

I will be in Salzburg and Vienna in early April (next week) and would love to find places to eat without pretension that serve local/regional food -- nothing fancy or innovative. The places I am ha...

Vienna: 3 nights. Need some suggestions (Sturmi please help!)

by bostonpilot 2 years ago

Hi All- I've been doing some reading and trying to collect some ideas from the wide array of related posts, but thought I'd ask for some more direct help. I'm going to be in Vienna for 3 nigh...

Vienna Restaurant Suggestions -- Paul Restarant, Skopik & Lohn

by stevenmargolis 2 years ago

I will be in Vienna for 3 nights in October and am looking for some new-ish, good, offbeat restaurants. I have received a few suggestions but am looking for responses from people who have dined at...

Prague and Vienna

by pepisstud 2 years ago

I will be traveling to these cities for 4 days each at the end of August. My husband and I are good and adventurous cooks and we love wine. We've traveled to France many times as well as Italy and ...

Kosher in Prague and Vienna

by flo220 3 years ago

Leaving next week for Prague and Vienna . Any updates on the restaurants there? (Last discussion seems to be from 2014.) Best choice for Shabbat meals in Prague? Is Alef-Alef in Vienna good? I...

Need help with optimal timing for reservation/dinner hour in Vienna (Gasthaus Poschl)

by Michaelspont 3 years ago

I'd like to make a dinner reservation at Gasthaus Poschl for the middle of the week, and I am wondering if 8pm or 8.30 would be better. The latter time would be easier for me, but I can make the ...

Hotel Sacher: which restaurant, if any?

by elizabeth2929 3 years ago

First day in Vienna (ever) and having a spa visit at Hotel Sacher. Would like to eat a meal there afterwards -- which could be unfashionably early or very late. I think we don't want "snack" in t...

Vienna 3 days

by Andypre 3 years ago

Hi everyone I will be in Vienna for three nights in December and I need 4 or five local favorites place to taste the real Austrian food l! In particular I'm interested to try the best schnitzel a...

Vienna/Wien: Is Die Metzgerei Worth The Hype?

by denholt 3 years ago

I see that Die Metzgerei (see link below) is still enjoying #1 status under the Vienna Restaurants on Trip Advisor. Is it really that good? I'll be in Vienna for a few days in May and am consider...