How to Infuse Dry Vermouths

These days, it seems as if every bar and home bartender were making infusions. The ultimate neutral palate, vodka is a natural place to start. Rum's warmth lends itself to some flavors. Tequila takes...

Where in Northen NJ can I find Vermut from Spain?

by CanisDirus1 6 months ago

Not sure if it's the result of the pandemic but where before it was available I'm seeing not available. Thank you.

A conversation with food researcher Ariana Gunderson on recreating food in pandemic literature

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

Another Decameron project with some observations on the use of comfort food in stressful times.

It's 2020, we're locked down at home: pls tell me, how do you make *your* negroni??

by damiano 1 year ago

So... It's been a long time since this board has discussed a negroni. I'm relatively new to a negroni, but as it's 2020 and as we're all at home watching netflix, I've been noticing that around 1/3...

Another Julia Child related question...Vermouth!

by ChrissyMc 12 years ago

After seeing the Julia/Julie movie, I decided to try making Beouf Bourguignon. I asked everyone on this board if it would make much difference to make it in a crockpot, because my husband pref...

Vermouth for Dummies

by stevewi 5 years ago

See: http://www.portlandmercury.com/portland/vermouth-for-dummies/Content?oid=16936960 -- sw

Martinis, which Vermouth?

by kenb 14 years ago

I've been reading the posts about gins and I'm jonesing for a martini. But the gin is only part of the mix. The Vermouths are so varied in flavors that they must be specified for a proper martini. ...

Vermouth in a gin martini

by josephnl 6 years ago

I make myself a Gin martini pretty much every night. Bombay Sapphire is my most frequently used gin, but I also enjoy Brokers and Fords. I always put a good splash of dry vermouth in the shaker, an...

What trends do you see in the preparation of foods and drinks in restaurants?

by gfr1111 6 years ago

Cooks and restaurant management seem just as subject to trends as other industries. What trends have you noticed? Here are some trends I have observed: The discontinuation of the spoon. You r...

What's the Shelf-life of Vermouth (if you keep it in the fridge?)

by wontonton 13 years ago

I don't make martinis too often at home, so the Vermouth bottle doesn't get much play, but how long is too long?

Need a substitute for vermouth in recipe

by Clarissa 15 years ago

I'm making artichoke and mushroom lasagne (from Epicurious) and the vegetables are sauteed with a cup of vermouth, most of which is cooked out. One of us isn't a fan of vermouth. Can I substitute...

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