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Great Thanksgiving meal in Western MA or Southern VT

by terrierboy 2 years ago

We're looking for a cozy restaurant in the Berkshires or Southern VT (between Bennington and Manchester) that serves ...


terrierboy commented 2 years ago

Bromley ski area/Vermont recommendations?

by Deanna2730 2 years ago

Hi there -- we're looking for restaurant recommendations for an upcoming trip to Bromley. We're not looking for fancy...


Deanna2730 commented 2 years ago

Local VT Butcher b/w Boston and Burlington

by goody1720 2 years ago

Hi everyone, We're making a roadtrip to Burlington next week, we'd love to find a great local butcher in Vermont ...


erin_grogan commented 2 years ago

Bove's, did they pay off the food network to come there?

by scorp508 7 years ago

I was in Burlington for business back in mid-January, and noticed Bove's was in the area and one of the Throw Down co...


grmli commented 2 years ago

Burlington VT nice dinner

by Joanie 2 years ago

Hi where would you go for a great higher end meal on the Sat. after Thanksgiving? This is to "celebrate" a horrible m...


Joanie commented 2 years ago

Local turkey in Vermont, on my budget?

by Idyllwild 2 years ago

Looking for a locally raised turkey in Vermont, but also hoping to spend around $2/pound or less. Any suggestions? Fr...


opinionatedchef commented 2 years ago

Place for Thanksgiving near Putney VT?

by Uncledave 2 years ago

Anyone know of a place serving dinner on Thanksgiving. We have two young boys so nothing formal. Not interested in ...


opinionatedchef commented 2 years ago

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Burlington VT 10/15 Breakfast,Lunch& Dinners

by opinionatedchef 2 years ago

Even though foliage was ~ 2 weeks tardy this year, and we ‘missed it again’ (peak foliage, that is) we still had a ...

Seeking food adventure in VT (not Burlington)

by Idyllwild 3 years ago

I'm looking for new places in Vermont outside of Burlington, willing to drive to any part of the state, my wife and I...


AmyH commented 2 years ago

South Vermont/ Grafton area Restaurants

by Bacchus101 2 years ago

We will be based in Grafton for a few days this week. We would appreciate recommendations for local restaurants cons...


Blumie commented 2 years ago

Killington, VT

by meeps2002 2 years ago

I am looking to buy a gift certificate to some place in the Killington, VT area for a wedding present. Any recommend...


meeps2002 commented 2 years ago

La BOCA or Pie casso Pizza in ~ Burlington?

by opinionatedchef 3 years ago

We're mid-researching restnts for our end Sept/beg.Oct visit to Burl. Hoping someone has tried both these places ' p...


Morganna commented 2 years ago

Looking for sherry (wine) in Vermont

by Idyllwild 3 years ago

Could anyone suggest a place, either retail or bar/restaurant, to find sherry wine in Vermont? Would love to find man...


Morganna commented 3 years ago

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End of an era for Boves

by NHCarol 3 years ago

Today's Burlington Free Press has an article about the closing of Boves: http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/story/...

Comparing Polly's Pancakes w/ Boston's

by opinionatedchef 3 years ago

We will be in Burlington VT the end Sept-very beginning of Oct, then traveling on a Friday to Portland and North for ...


Boston_Otter commented 3 years ago

La Puerta Negra - Montpelier, VT

by Morganna 3 years ago

We were supposed to meet up with a business associate of my husband's for dinner and I chose the new restaurant La Pu...


Morganna commented 3 years ago

Visiting Cheese Farms in Vermont

by BellaDonna 3 years ago

I will be visiting last week in October and looking for artisan cheese farms to visit. I would even consider larger p...


opinionatedchef commented 3 years ago

What's open in Burlington on a Sunday night?

by chowfox 3 years ago

Spouse & self will be arriving in Burlington, VT Sunday for a few days' vacation. Looking for veg-friendly cheap eat...


chowfox commented 3 years ago

family friendly in Burlington

by jimmyjazz 3 years ago

will be in Burlington x 1 night with my 7 and 10 yr old boys. looking for a solid meal that welcomes kids. any sugg...


Morganna commented 3 years ago