Stay Cheese: 6 U.S. Road Trips for Adventures in Dairy

Europe is hardly the only place on earth anymore where you can’t swing a baguette without hitting a cheesemaker. France, The Netherlands, and Switzerland have long since been destinations for curd aficionados...

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Kosher in Killington VT

by jboyc 5 years ago

For Yesiva week availability of kosherfood/minyan staring Jan. 20

Seeking a baby shower venue in Burlington, VT

by bedhills 5 years ago

Can anyone suggest a baby shower venue in Burlington, VT? We are looking at 25 - 30 people for just a few hours. I am interested in both full service options or a room where I can bring in catering...

Burlington New Year’s Day Brunch

by jefpen2 5 years ago

Would love to find a place that takes reservations Any Ideas?


by jefpen2 5 years ago

Change of plans. Need someplace, right off the highway, moderate, no chains, between WRJ and Burlington. Reservations would be great!!! Trying the 2 pubs in Waterbury but the Reservoir does not hav...

HIghlights of quick visit - VT , Hanover NH and Estrie QC

jen kalb
by jen kalb 5 years ago

We recently did a quick 9 day swing up the CT River Valley into NE Vermont and then across into the Eastern Provinces. This was mainly a camping trip - our visit to QC was curtailed and we did not...

Upper Valley VT/NH Roundup...Hanover, Norwich, Lebanon et al

by madisoneats 9 years ago

Upper Valley hounds...lets pool our knowledge on what's going on. Granted the pickings are slim...but there is some good stuff out there! I have finally found good Chinese food...and it is, I ki...

Burlington VT casual lunch ideas for this Saturday 8/6

by Cookingcutie 5 years ago

Hi, My husband and I are planning a trip to VT this weekend (staying in Waterbury), and want to spend a few hours in Burlington on a Saturday for lunch, but with so many options, it's hard to kn...

One evening in Manchester VT

by Joanie 5 years ago

Am leaning to splitting our time between the Copper Grouse and Ye Olde Tavern. Any thoughts? Just want some good drinks and interesting food that's not overly expensive. Will probably split everyth...

ConAgra to disclose GMOs on labels nationwide

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

"...ConAgra and other food companies such as Campbell Soup Co , General Mills Inc and Kellogg Co have decided to use such labels nationwide, finding it to be the easiest way to comply with a Vermon...

Great Thanksgiving meal in Western MA or Southern VT

by terrierboy 6 years ago

We're looking for a cozy restaurant in the Berkshires or Southern VT (between Bennington and Manchester) that serves a tasty array of traditional and non-traditional dishes for Thanksgiving. The bi...

Bromley ski area/Vermont recommendations?

by Deanna2730 5 years ago

Hi there -- we're looking for restaurant recommendations for an upcoming trip to Bromley. We're not looking for fancy, just good. Thank you!

Local VT Butcher b/w Boston and Burlington

by goody1720 6 years ago

Hi everyone, We're making a roadtrip to Burlington next week, we'd love to find a great local butcher in Vermont that on the way to Burlington. Any suggestions?

Bove's, did they pay off the food network to come there?

by scorp508 10 years ago

I was in Burlington for business back in mid-January, and noticed Bove's was in the area and one of the Throw Down contestends from the Food Network. I thought it must be worthy of a visit, so I tr...

Burlington VT nice dinner

by Joanie 6 years ago

Hi where would you go for a great higher end meal on the Sat. after Thanksgiving? This is to "celebrate" a horrible monumental birthday. I saw a few that seemed good, Leunig, Bleu something, a stea...

Local turkey in Vermont, on my budget?

by Idyllwild 6 years ago

Looking for a locally raised turkey in Vermont, but also hoping to spend around $2/pound or less. Any suggestions? Frozen or fresh would work, I need about a 20 pound bird.

Place for Thanksgiving near Putney VT?

by Uncledave 6 years ago

Anyone know of a place serving dinner on Thanksgiving. We have two young boys so nothing formal. Not interested in Chinese. Thanks for any suggestions!

Burlington VT 10/15 Breakfast,Lunch& Dinners

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

Even though foliage was ~ 2 weeks tardy this year, and we ‘missed it again’ (peak foliage, that is) we still had a welcome visit to one of our fav places in New England. Based in Burlington, we ...

Seeking food adventure in VT (not Burlington)

by Idyllwild 6 years ago

I'm looking for new places in Vermont outside of Burlington, willing to drive to any part of the state, my wife and I eat almost any type of food with very few restrictions. Need not be fine dining...

South Vermont/ Grafton area Restaurants

by Bacchus101 6 years ago

We will be based in Grafton for a few days this week. We would appreciate recommendations for local restaurants considered to be friendly with good food, any ethnicity. If they can accommodate ve...

Killington, VT

by meeps2002 6 years ago

I am looking to buy a gift certificate to some place in the Killington, VT area for a wedding present. Any recommendations for good local spots, with the hope I could order online?