Ojai and Ventura County

by Antoniad 7 months ago

Any updates/recommedations about restaurants in Ojai and Ventura County. We will visit in July and are adventurous eaters

Why your Huy Fong Sriracha doesn't taste the same

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

" . . . For nearly 30 years, the company behind Sriracha, Huy Fong Foods, used peppers supplied by Underwood Ranches. Now, the two companies are in the midst of a multimillion-dollar lawsuit, accor...

What's to eat in Ventura?

by curioussheridan 6 years ago

Baltimore hound and partner staying in Ventura AirBnb for a week in February. Carless, using Uber, looking for well cooked non-bland food and pleasant but not formal surroundings.(money is not the...

Help! Looking for A Good German Restaurant in the LA Area?

by lisa_s 3 years ago

I am looking for a good authentic German restaurant in the LA area, and wondered if you had any suggestions. We used to go to Old Vienna in Ventura, and everything was so delicious. They had the b...

Where to eat in two different parts of Southern California

by foodiehousewife89 3 years ago

For the week before and the week of Labor Day, my husband and I will be visiting two different parts of Southern California. The first part of our trip we will be in Ventura County area. Because I ...

Dim sum near Santa Barbara?

by adverb 3 years ago

I recently moved to Santa Barbara but haven't had the chance to explore the area much. I get the sense that excellent Chinese options in the area are few and far between, especially when it comes t...

Ventura Fish-Albacore opportunity

by SIMIHOUND 6 years ago

Hi, Just received a note from the Ventura Fish Company, essentially a fishing boat that appears at the docks with fresh fish. This time they are offering frozen whole albacore at $2.00 a pound. No ...

Good Fish Tacos in Ventura/Oxnard CA area?

by ljohaines 7 years ago

Hello all you wonderful chowhounds who tell us newcomers where to eat well. We went to a place called Spencers Fish Tacos in Ventura and let me tell you the "Giant Fish Taco" was a real bust! It wa...

Ventura County Thai, and bagging on Cholada Thai

by Snackish 15 years ago

My favorite Thai places in Ventura County are, I think, in order Chai Thai in Oxnard Blue Elephant in Port Hueneme Charn Thai in Camarillo Pookie's Westlake Thai Tipp's Thai, Ventura Sawadee...

Ventura County -Mussels and Clams

by homebound 12 years ago

Anyone know where to buy fresh mussels and clams in Ventura County? Please don't say Whole Foods. Fresh is important. Thanks in advance.

Family Restaurants in the Ventura area ...an update?

by MisterGash 7 years ago

Hi Chowhounds We're London UK family, finally taking the trip we had planned two years ago....but weren't able to make. We had a list of good places (from Chowhound - of course!) but things mig...

Johnny's Mexican Food Ventura

by malibumike 16 years ago

Anybody have an opinion of Johnny's Mexican restaurant in Ventura, CA. I heard they have great burritos. What's good and how much?

Albacore at Ventura Fish Company 4/26 and 4/27

by SIMIHOUND 7 years ago

Just got an unexpected email from VFC saying they have caught large amounts of albacore and will be at the Ventura Harbor (Spinnaker Drive) docks on 4/26 from 8a-4p and on 4/27 from 9a-3p. They wil...

Sunday Wahoo Sale at Ventura docks

by SIMIHOUND 7 years ago

The Ventura Fish Company sent me an email tonight saying they have an abundance of wahoo and are offering it on Sunday only for $6.00 per lb. This is from 9am to 3pm, at the Ventura Harbor Fish Ma...

Ventura/Camarillo Trip Report

by ekt_now 9 years ago

Slim pickings in the restaurant department - SoupPlantation was the best we could find one day. Tried Safire, a Zagat rated bistro in eastern Camarillo. The place was deserted on a Sunday nig...

Ventura Fish Company 2/8 and 2/9

by SIMIHOUND 8 years ago

I just received an email saying the boats will be in with tuna, mahi-mahi, shark, opah, and more depending on the catch. You can buy small or large amounts already cleaned and ready to take home to...

Are there no good eats in Ventura County?

by tenom dude 15 years ago

I am looking for anything West of Thousand Oaks - Camarillo, Oxnard, Ventura. There are slim postings on the site...come on ChowHounders post your recommendations!

Ventura/Oxnard help?

by perk 10 years ago

I'm renting a beach house in Oxnard in March. What are the best restaurants around there for lunch and dinner? Want places with good food....and wine. Thanks! Can be high end or casual.

Casual Dinner Party fir 25 in Ventura

by SilverlakeGirl 8 years ago

I am planning a VERY casual dinner party for about 25 people in Ventura. My leading venues, neither of which I have dined at, are Brophy Bros and Lure Fish House. Has anyone had experience wi...