What's to eat in Ventura?

by curioussheridan 2 years ago

Baltimore hound and partner staying in Ventura AirBnb for a week in February. Carless, using Uber, looking for well ...

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Ventura Fish-Albacore opportunity

by SIMIHOUND 2 years ago

Hi, Just received a note from the Ventura Fish Company, essentially a fishing boat that appears at the docks with fre...

pescaholic commented 2 years ago

Good Fish Tacos in Ventura/Oxnard CA area?

by ljohaines 3 years ago

Hello all you wonderful chowhounds who tell us newcomers where to eat well. We went to a place called Spencers Fish T...

perk commented 3 years ago

Ventura County Thai, and bagging on Cholada Thai

by Snackish 11 years ago

My favorite Thai places in Ventura County are, I think, in order Chai Thai in Oxnard Blue Elephant in Port Hueneme...


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Ventura County -Mussels and Clams

by homebound 8 years ago

Anyone know where to buy fresh mussels and clams in Ventura County? Please don't say Whole Foods. Fresh is importan...


lillymarlene commented 3 years ago

Family Restaurants in the Ventura area update?

by MisterGash 3 years ago

Hi Chowhounds We're London UK family, finally taking the trip we had planned two years ago....but weren't able to ...


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Johnny's Mexican Food Ventura

by malibumike 12 years ago

Anybody have an opinion of Johnny's Mexican restaurant in Ventura, CA. I heard they have great burritos. What's good ...


jesstifer commented 3 years ago

Albacore at Ventura Fish Company 4/26 and 4/27

by SIMIHOUND 4 years ago

Just got an unexpected email from VFC saying they have caught large amounts of albacore and will be at the Ventura Ha...

SIMIHOUND commented 3 years ago

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Sunday Wahoo Sale at Ventura docks

by SIMIHOUND 4 years ago

The Ventura Fish Company sent me an email tonight saying they have an abundance of wahoo and are offering it on Sunda...

Ventura/Camarillo Trip Report

by ekt_now 5 years ago

Slim pickings in the restaurant department - SoupPlantation was the best we could find one day. Tried Safire, a ...

perk commented 4 years ago

Ventura Fish Company 2/8 and 2/9

by SIMIHOUND 4 years ago

I just received an email saying the boats will be in with tuna, mahi-mahi, shark, opah, and more depending on the cat...

SIMIHOUND commented 4 years ago

Are there no good eats in Ventura County?

by tenom dude 12 years ago

I am looking for anything West of Thousand Oaks - Camarillo, Oxnard, Ventura. There are slim postings on the site...c...


Momobabygirl commented 4 years ago

Ventura/Oxnard help?

by perk 6 years ago

I'm renting a beach house in Oxnard in March. What are the best restaurants around there for lunch and dinner? Want p...

perk commented 4 years ago

Casual Dinner Party fir 25 in Ventura

by SilverlakeGirl 4 years ago

I am planning a VERY casual dinner party for about 25 people in Ventura. My leading venues, neither of which I have...

perk commented 4 years ago

Ventura updates

by edgrimley 4 years ago

Will be diving Channel Islands and looking for a good night before meal and night after meal. In the past Anacapa Bre...

Melanie Wong commented 4 years ago

Suckling Pig Dinner in Ventura

by smiling ed 5 years ago

Sidecar Restaurant offers a sucking pig dinner for min 8 people for $350 includes several courses and dessert.For de...


Muskrat commented 4 years ago

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Ventura County Food Truck Events

by SIMIHOUND 4 years ago

This was just posted in the local paper. I cut down the article and posted it because this paper is attempting to go ...

arabic grocery store near Ventura,CA

by richsbca 8 years ago

Hello everyone, My wife is Egyptian and would like to make me some egyptian food,however we are unable to find any...


Julesbythesea commented 5 years ago

Help with taco bar catering in Ventura County area

by dillandjaxmomma 5 years ago

I am looking for a good, reasonably priced taco bar caterer for my sons party in March. I have found very few and the...

ozhead commented 5 years ago