Chefs Share Their Favorite Summer Meat Marinades for Steak, Chicken, Shrimp & More

Take it from chefs: these are the best marinades for every type of meat you'll grill this summer. And there will still be some time to try them all even after Labor Day. You ever notice how a great...

Tips for turning a venison heart into a pot roast or stew?

by curiousaboutcafos 7 years ago

Hi I'm hoping to hear your thoughts: I was looking for recipes for a venison heart and was interested to hear someone mention they had it growing up as a pot roast, http://chowhound.chow.com/top...

Canned moose (elk?) meat

by annaesm 5 years ago

My mother brought a 400-gram can of moose meat from Finland. The drawing looks like a moose, at any rate. The title is "Hirvenlihaa," which google translates as Venison. The main ingredients are li...

Wine choice with venison

by collioure 5 years ago

I am tasked on New Year's Eve with preparing the plat de resistance. If I can get them, I am thinking of Venison Medallions with Balsamic Reduction and Celery Root Pear Puree. What wine do you ...

Venison/Deer meat in Worcester/Marlborough/Framingham

by Orchideanouk 5 years ago

Searching for Venison/Deer meat at a decent price - so not Wegmans Dartagnan. Thank you. Misty River Farm only sell the whole animal.

Recipe ideas for lamb, bacon and venison

by antihawk 5 years ago

Hi, all. I have leftover venison, lamb and bacon. I was wondering if anyone had any recipe ideas to incorporate those three meats into one dish. I'm primarily looking for a one-pot solution. ...

Safe or stupid to eat venison after thawing at room temperature overnight?

by Willanoah 5 years ago

Help! A guest (a hunter whom I do not know) presented me with a frozen leg of venison from a deer he had bagged. I was thrilled! Took it out of the freezer yesterday to thaw, forgot it and left ...

Ideas for cooking with smoked venison/pork sausage?

by ChristinaMason 5 years ago

I've had a lb. of smoked pork/venison sausage sitting in my freezer since summer and would love some ideas to help use it. Per the website drscription: "Our own fresh sausage which is a special...

Leg of venison best way to cook?

by Willanoah 5 years ago

Any ideas about methods or recipes for cooking a wild leg of venison?

Best way to cook venison backstrap?

by jeremyn 11 years ago

My hunter friend gave me a venison backstrap that is thawing right now. If I understand correctly, this is the NY Strip equivalent on a deer. If it was a beef NY Strip, I'd grill or roast it to rar...

Venison/rabbit ragu

by Soop 6 years ago

I just yesterday got onto the topic of game with my girlfriend, and she suggested I cook a dish for her birthday, so I'm going to pull out all the stops to make a nice gamey pasta dish. I don't wa...

Venison Tenderloin

by picklelicious 10 years ago

Someone has given me a venison tenderloin, which I was very pleased to receive, but I have never prepared one before. I was wondering if any of you could give me your thoughts on the best way to p...

Substitute for brandy?

by juliejulez 8 years ago

So I'd like to try my hand at this recipe, since I have some venison steaks hanging out in the freezer: http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/recipes/mini-venison-wellington.html But, I do not have ...

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