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Please help a solo diner traveling to Venice, Garda, Milan, and Florence in early July looking for recommendations

by vinominer 2 years ago

I am looking for restaurant and wine bar suggestions in Venice, Gardone (lago di garda), Milan, and Florence. I will be traveling solo in late June and early July and prefer to eat at the bar or so...

Italy Itinerary Comments welcome

by Bababooey 2 years ago

My wife and I get 9 days in Italy in early September. Looking for input/insights to help make this a great food/wine trip where we do things we wouldn't/couldn't do if our kids were with us: Da...

Rome - Florence - Cinque Terre - Venice in 10 days and a very tight budget!

by s0na 2 years ago

Hi, Me and my friend will be travelling to Italy for 10 days (May 1st week) on a very tight budget. This is our 1st time in Italy (or to anywhere else for that matter), we have zero Italian betwee...

Cooking classes in Verona/ Venice area

by supergoldie 2 years ago

Hi! Can anyone recommend cooking classes in the Verona/ Venice/ Mantua area? There will be four of us so it might be cheaper just to hire a private teacher?? We would prefer not to focus just on pa...

Looking for a seafood place

by herzzreh 2 years ago

Hi, We have a few days in Venice and looking for a purely seafood place, something that serves local stuff. Big plate of shrimp comes to mind, scallops in half shell etc. It can be pricey but no...

Trip Report - Italy North

by slvrspoon1 2 years ago

Gotta be quick but gotta give back.... 1. Lake Garda - Riva Volta not impressed. Re Lear in Montacesine good (both lunch). Nothing else around looked good unless you can eat the fatty parts o...

Trip Report, May - Venice, Florence Rome

by johnmart11 2 years ago

VENICE Alle Testiere - lunch on a Saturday. Among the first to arrive. Nice to have a choice of tables (some looked like they would be hard to get out of...). Great Venetian seafood and wines. Ser...

Venice Restaurant for a large group?

by CyclingClare 2 years ago

Hi all, Any suggestions for a restaurant in Venice open on Monday nights for a large group of 22 people? We are a group of cyclists and hope to have our final group meal together in Venice. ...

Help me pick the right Venetian restaurants for my family of five

by scully4er 2 years ago

I will be in Venice, Italy with my family in July. It's my husband and myself, and our three kids ages 9, 14 and 16. The two youngest are picky eaters, but the 16 year old loves everything as do my...

Venice, Florence and Rome - time to get this list pared down. Help!

by johnmart11 2 years ago

Looking to visit Italy the last part of May for the first time.We will be doing the three cities listed over the course of eight days (I know...). I have been reading all the recent posts and hav...

Venice Trip Report: April 2017

by wenhaines14 2 years ago

Hey everyone - just got back from a fantastic trip to Northern Italy last night. Wanted to first thank the chowhounders who helped provide restaurant recommendations for me, my husband, and my 5 ye...

Dinner in Venice on Mondays and near Gritti ?

by Daniel_D21 2 years ago

Got great advice reading CH threads on top places in Venice, such as Antiche Carampane and Anice Stellato, but still in need of more specific recommendations: places that are open on Mondays with ...

Good, local restaurants open Easter Sunday in Venice

by Slocum1970 2 years ago

We are going to be in Venice on Easter Sunday, and most restaurants are closed. Does anyone have recommendations for eating that day - either good, local restaurants or non-touristy simple pizzeria...

Fabulous Lunch on the way to Venice?

by flyfishchick 2 years ago

we will be driving from Forli to Venice and would like to have one fabulous lunch at a great restaurant along the way. we will be a group of 5 with a driver. We could do Bologna, Ferrara, Padua, Vi...

One night in Trieste, three in Venice plus many in Croatia

by collioure 3 years ago

Where should we eat? We enjoy local specialties and not high end prices. In Trieste I have identified Chimera di Bacco which sounds right for me. Have you something better and can you recommend ...

Florence and Venice--favorites, bakeries, and reservations?

by emiliewasmyeve 2 years ago

Hi, everyone. Heading to Italy for the first time, next month. Wanting to eat, mostly. I've been reading through all of the back posts and making lists. Looking for further recommendations--any ...

Delicious Gluten-Free Eats in Venice

by raisingmygirlglutenfree 2 years ago

We are going to be in Venice for a few days in May with our young daughter who has celiac disease. We are foodies who love great food & wine, and we have instilled a love of good food in our daught...

Neighborhood with density of eats/drinks but off the beaten track

by rosalita 2 years ago

Hi, My mother and I will be visiting Italy in late October/early November. We will be staying in Venice for four days. I have been to Venice for a weekend about 12 years ago; my mom is a first...

Venice and Milan over Easter Weekend: Restaurant Planning Advice

by wenhaines14 2 years ago

Hi everyone, I've been diligently reading many back posts but figured I'd reach out for some specific questions. My husband and 5 year old son and I will be spending 8 days in Northern Italy in Apr...

Venice--Fall 2016

by jangita 3 years ago

I'll be here in an apartment in Venice for 3 weeks, eating in a lot but still willing to report on our restaurant experiences. First lunch Alle Testiere. Reserved the morning of. Place was not f...