Northern Italy trip report: Liguria - Emilia - Venice - Milan

by dostrovs 3 months ago

I have just accomplish a blitz food intensive tour of Northern Italy in the company of my adult son. While the impressions are still fresh I am putting the feelings about the places together. I...

Venice and Genova suggestions for a Week in September? [Split from Who has Plan? post]

by flirtinfilly 4 months ago

I'm headed to Venice in Sept. for a few days (to see family from Germany), then I have an unplanned week. I will celebrate my 70th birthday with friends in Genova before heading back to Baltimore,...

Who has plans?

by jangita 5 months ago

I just got frequent flyer seats for spring 2022. Into Rome and out of Venice with (maybe) a week in Abruzzo in between. I am dreaming of meals at Armando for starters. Anyone else going this yea...

Gluten-Free in Venice Restaurant Suggestions

by Pamdixon1 1 year ago

Venice with thirteen old celiac Granddaughter in June. She eats sushi but no other fish (yet). Pasta, bread help.

Venice Food Experiences, bakeries, pasta shops, etc (that are not dinner out)

by ciaodog 2 years ago

I will be spending Christmas week in Venice with extended family ages 2-75. We're all foodies but because of kids and Christmas holidays we're thinking about dinner at home most of the time. I am w...

Venice 2019

by jangita 2 years ago

We have been here in Venice in an apartment on Fondamente Nove, for about 5 days now. Paradiso Perduto: Very crowded, (and over hyped IMHO). I foolishly ordered the fritto misto on a Monday ni...

Venice (vegetarian/seafood)

by sobbuh 2 years ago

My wife and I will be in Venice for 3 nights -- I'm a vegetarian, and she loves seafood; we do like more experimental/modern food, but generally find we prefer the osteria/trattorias that do tradit...

Padova: The under-appreciated "Foodie" town

by AWG 2 years ago

Just returned from my second visit to Padova. It is a nice city with an amazing food market, and best of all, the town is not overrun with tourists. When bustling, it is the bustle of students, no...

Trip plan for Milan and Venice in May

by PenelopeWitherspoon 2 years ago

So, heading to Milan and Venice in May with my mom. Have started planning it as places are starting to take reservations. We are spending 3 nights in Milan followed by 3 nights in Venice. I have...

Food focused day trip from Venice?

by kosmonautbruce 2 years ago

My wife and I are returning to Venice and the Biennale next month, for a longish stay of 12 days. We benefited so much on our last trip to Venice from the dining recommendations we found here, than...

Worth jumping off train for a meal in Bologna, en route to Venice?

by tucsongirlwood 2 years ago

I will be traveling to Reggio Emilia at the end of May, to participate in a study tour there. For air travel, it made sense to book flight/hotel into Venice. So, after my study of the RE education...

Venice Trip Report April 2019

by wendyrobin 2 years ago

We just ended 12 days in Venice, staying in an apartment in Dorsoduro. With the help of Elizabeth Minchilli’s app, Michela Scibilia’s app, and friends’ recommendations, we ate at these places, with...

Whirlwind Venice with kids

by rayonanyc 2 years ago

I just returned from 40 hours in Venice and couldn't be happier with the food! A big thank you to everyone here who helped me refine my eating itinerary. My kids (11, 9 and 5) were thrilled to ha...

48 hours in Venice with kids. What am I missing?

by rayonanyc 2 years ago

I've almost completed my itinerary for Easter weekend in Venice (I know, I know...but you travel when you can) and I'm hoping to get some feedback. My kids are adventurous eaters but elementary ag...

Venice for (almost) 24 hours! Please help me choose wisely

by lynnalan 2 years ago

We arrive on our international flight at 11 am and will get to our hotel (Charming House DD724 in Dorsudoro) as quickly as possible. Assuming all goes smoothly, I am hoping that we can have a ligh...

Best Fritto in Venice

by AWG 2 years ago

Heading to Venice soon. We are traveling with a 13 year old who likes fish, but has not had much experience with frutti di mare. I know that Fritto misto is a popular menu item all over Venice. I ...

Restaurant Help Needed

by keciacourtemanch 2 years ago

I am going to Italy in June and July and am DESPERATE for recommendations on places to eat in Rome, Florence, and Venice. I have seen a few posts, but not many. I could REALLY use some help!

"When In Venice, Eat Like A Venetian"

by DavidT 2 years ago

NY Times article on cicchetti bacaros in Venice

My Venice list, January 2017

by sidcundiff 5 years ago

I’ve been to most of the restaurants listed below in February 2014. Good restaurants often have a short shelf life, so anyone’s recent experience would be welcome. One restaurant is new on the lis...

Venice for New Years

by sdnola 3 years ago

My family and I (kids age 12 and 15) will be in Venice for 4 nights at New Years. We will be at CoVino for New Years Eve and I’m looking for recommendations for our other nights. Based on this site...