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80th birthday dinner

by motl 2 days ago

Friends, My mother will be celebrating her 80th birthday in June, and we'd like to organize a festive family dinne...

Ttrockwood commented 1 day ago

Best coffee and great eats in Kansas City MO

by cocoly 28 days ago

First visit to Kansas City this weekend. Looking for best dining options. Love BBQ. One of travelers is vegetarian...


starshollow commented 25 days ago

Best Vegetarian-Friendly Places in River North/ Loop Area

by NShewmaker 3 months ago

Hey Guys, I have a friend coming in from Brooklyn to visit who is a vegetarian. I already have a few places in min...


carineLS commented 2 months ago

Vegetarian dishes in Boston

by hs123456 3 months ago

Hi, I'm looking for a restaraunt near Back Bay, Boston with some good vegetarian dishes on the menu. I'm happy if it'...


RoyRon commented 3 months ago

Vegetarians at Barbeque Restaurants?

by lemons 3 months ago

I have a DIL and granddaughter who are vegetarians. We were trying to come up with things they could eat at barbeque ...


lemons commented 3 months ago

France in Spring

by SFDiner2015 9 months ago

Hi, I'll be visiting France this spring and have begun creating a list of a few places I'd like to dine at. I was i...


SFDiner2015 commented 3 months ago

Recommendations for vegetarian visitors

by lindabethn 3 months ago

I have a somewhat complex situation coming up in June. I'm hosting several of my extended family from New Hampshire t...


magicoyote commented 3 months ago

Pre-Hamilton dins

by lavendula 4 months ago

Looking for a mid-range nice dinner near the Private Bank Theater. 1 Vegetarian (dairy and eggs ok) and the rest hun...


ferret commented 3 months ago

Napa - with Vegetarians (and a few fish-eaters)

by jevi 3 months ago

8 of us will be Napa bound in March. 5 of us are vegetarians, but eat dairy; 3 eat fish. We'll be staying in St. Hele...


JonDough commented 3 months ago

Vegetable sides

by RHplus 4 months ago

Recently, visited a New York diner called westville and inspired to eat more vegetables. Thinking of cooking up ...


tastesgoodwhatisit commented 3 months ago

River North - Omnivore + Vegetarian friendly?

by RichInMV 4 months ago

I'm a fairly frequent traveler to Chicago (from SF) and will be there in a couple of weeks. I've been to MANY Chicago...

RichInMV commented 4 months ago

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Atlanta restaurants near Marriott Marquis

by chowgirl1 4 months ago

I'll be attending a conference at the Marriott Marquis and am looking for great lunch and dinner spots. I am all abo...

Dinner in Milan near the Teatro alla Scalla

by lavendula 1 year ago

Our last evening in Italy of a 2 week trip will be spent in Milan. We will be seeing an Opera at the Teatro alla Sca...


lavendula commented 4 months ago

Recommendations for post-holiday staff dinner with vegan options?

by esquimeaux 5 months ago

It's time to reward my hard-working staff of 10 with a post-holiday dinner out! Looking for a place with delicious f...

phee commented 5 months ago

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Family party in Mobile

by fun3Xdaily 5 months ago

I'm looking for a place for 10 or so people to celebrate a 90th birthday in Mobile. We'll have a couple of vegetarian...

Vegetarian Food in Oahu

by static9 6 months ago

Apologies if there's an existing thread, but I'll be on Oahu for 5 days (2 in Waikiki and 3 on the North Shore) and I...


macaraca commented 5 months ago

Vegan friendly (and carnivore friendly) near 59th and 1st

by Blumie 6 months ago

Any thoughts? Kid is a strict vegan. Cousins usually go for burgers, veal parm or roast chicken (i.e., fairly basic...


Blumie commented 6 months ago

Looking for a Wonderful Ethnic Restaurant on the Upper West Side, NYC

by haraliyaviner 8 months ago

My sister is coming to Manhattan in October for Rosh Hashanah. We are looking for a great Ethnic Restaurant within 1...

Ttrockwood commented 6 months ago

Good Lunch Value with Vegetarian Options?

by JBG89 6 months ago

Hello All, I wanted to see if there are any recommendations for a good value lunch meal for a family of 5, with on...

Robb S commented 6 months ago