Vegetable Oil

The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Oils

From extra-virgin olive oil to coconut oil, there's a time and a dish for every kind of cooking oil out there. Here's a cheat sheet so you can remember which oil is best in which case. If you’re anything...

Testing (debunking?) the flaxseed method for seasoning cast iron

by Modemac 10 years ago

As you know, the idea of using flaxseed oil to season a cast iron pan became known far and wide after Cook's Illustrated eagerly endorsed it. The article in question, published in the January 1, 20...

Oil for Chocolate Cake?

by orlybabe 3 years ago

Hi, I’m making Hot Chocolate Cake (using Starbucks hot chocolate!) for a birthday party tomorrow. I normally opt for butter in chocolate cakes as I feel it gives a richer taste, but all of the hot ...

How often can I re-use vegetable oil?

by Bossmare 13 years ago

We have a countertop fryer — the kind with a basket that submerges into a deep well full of oil. It is designed to store the cooled oil in the well, between uses. How often can we re-use the same o...

Why do people not think soybean oil is disgusting?

by kmbell56 8 years ago

I've read several posts that say soybean oil (usually labeled as 'vegetable oil') has a neutral flavor. In my personal experience, and talking about the oil with some foodie friends, I find it's gr...

Oil vs. Butter in Muffins, Cakes, etc.

by Aloo0628 14 years ago

Some muffin and cake recipes call for the creaming method (start by creaming softened butter and sugar, continue from there). Others just use vegetable oil to provide the fat for the recipe. I've h...

Substitute for Veg Oil in Brownies

by BadRabbitAU 11 years ago

I'm making Ghirardelli boxed brownies as a shortcut today and it calls for veg oil. I looked in my pantry and really don't have time to run to the store. What would be the best substitute? I hav...

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