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World Vegan Day Cookbooks That Will Make You Love Plant-Based Cuisine

In honor of World Vegan Day, we're proving a payload of plant-based inspiration in the form of six incredible vegan cookbooks to keep your vegan routine fresh, fab, and fun. Looking to transition to...

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Vegan options on westside

by Renee 17 years ago

I have a friend who is taking out of town friends (in 50s with one member in 20s) to dinner. One in party is vegan. Any suggestions for a lively not to formal restaurant (up to $50 or so per pers...

Raw or Vegan Restaurants

by Beth 17 years ago

I'm trying to find a restaurant for a special dinner but the only problem is we are in the middle of an intense cleanse and can only eat raw. We could probably find something if the restuarant was ...

Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants

by Judith Soto 17 years ago

Hi, I and some friends are looking for a restaurant with offers both vegan/vegetarian and meat options. Any suggestions for eateries preferrably below 23rd St in Manhattan? Thanks, Judith

HELP - Lunch - 1pm - Today - Downtown LA - Vegan&Not

by 1913massacre 17 years ago

HELP HELP HELP Who: Girlfriend (Vegan); Me (Not). What: Lunch. Where: Downtown LA. When: Today @ 1 p.m. Why: Sustenance. How: Car/Foot. HELP HELP HELP

suggestions for vegan + chinese visitors to SF?

by jen kalb 17 years ago

Hi, my vegan daughter is travelling to the Bay Area along with a chinese family of discerning eaters for a one-week visit - I am picking down throught the amazing riches of this board, but I wonder...

Lunch in SOHO for Vegetarians and a Vegan

by blue26 17 years ago

It is the time of year in my office that each department gets to go out for lunch on the company. We're located in SOHO, so normally, this shouldn't be a problem. However, my department is made up...

Vegan Bakery?

by Lee Miro 17 years ago

I've got a close friend coming home from London. I haven't seen her for a year and I want to get a cake for the occaison. But she's a strict vegan. Anyone know a place where I can get a vegan cake?...

Vegan restaurants?

by Cocoa Nut 17 years ago

Hey 'Hounds --- Any recommendations for places where a vegan would have a wide variety of options?

Vegan restaurants in Baltimore/DC area?

by Carol 17 years ago

Any suggestions for vegan restaurants in the Baltimore/DC area?? I recently moved here and have had a difficult time finding a place for dinner. Thanks!!

Vegan friendly near Hammonton

by Kass 17 years ago

In early May I'm going to be in Hammonton, NJ to visit my very elderly aunts. I am looking for a restaurant in the area that the aunts would enjoy that also would have something my vegan children c...

Vegan friendly near Hammonton

by Kass 17 years ago

Hello all - in a few weeks I will be visiting my very elderly aunts in Hammonton NJ. I would like to take them out to a nice place for lunch ( within 15 miles of Hammonton would be best). The probl...

Vegan Resturants??

by Josh 17 years ago

Does anyone know of any really good vegan or vegetarian resturants in los angeles. Mostly West Los Angeles, but anywhere would be great. thanks, josh


by Joel 18 years ago

We have a guest that's with us for a few weeks and is a vegan. It's funny asking advice here because we chowhounds eat anything and everything - but I need some suggestions anyway. I have told her ...

Vegan cake- help!

by lstar 18 years ago

Hey, can anyone reccomend a place to get an excellent (not dry or overly healthy tasting) vegan cake - preferably carrot cake . . . thanks!!

Places to eat with a vegan

by Eric Eto 18 years ago

I'm very excited about being back in LA for the holidays from NYC to see the family and eat some BBQ, chili dogs, and fish tacos, among other things. However, I'll likely be eating out a lot with ...

Oneness-Fountain-Heart, Vegetarian (not vegan) in Flushing

by Jayask 18 years ago

I went to this restaurant last weekend. It is at 157 19 72nd Ave., at the corner of Parsons Blvd. This place is an outpost of Sri Chimnoy followers. The place is painted light blue, and is very c...

Vegan at Balthazar?

by Greg 18 years ago

I can't find a menu for Balthazar online anywhere. Do they serve anything vegan? I kind of doubt it since it's mostly French, but then again, it's SOHO. Thanks, Greg

Best Vegan dishes

by john kawakami 19 years ago

What are the best vegan dishes in town? What restaurants have the best vegan-friendly menus? I'm not vegan, but I think this is useful info when dining with vegetarians and vegans. I really li...

Paris - including for a Vegan

by jen kalb 19 years ago

Now dont laugh me off the boards - we are making our first visit to Paris over the holidays, with our vegan girl. (1) Can anyone recommend a coping strategy for getting food for her in bona fide f...

help - need vegan birthday cake

by jen kalb 20 years ago

My vegan girl turns sweet 16 today - with no cake in prospect. Does anyone know a source in NYC for retain vegan desserts? Thanks!

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