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Better baking can be achieved in many ways: the right baking tools, the best baking recipes, knowledge of what things often go wrong, and plenty of practice (which helps hone your intuition). But using...

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Kirkland Signature Pure Vanilla Extract

by Throckmorton 13 years ago

Has anyone bought this from Costco? It comes in a 16 oz plastic bottle and is crazy inexpensive. I buy almost all my spices and flavorings from the Spice House in Evanston IL. I believe the 4 oz bo...

Drinking vanilla extract for the alcohol

by LindaWhit 13 years ago

On Cape Cod, no less, and only in one supermarket. http://tinyurl.com/4kxxfq Kids? As much as I love vanilla, I cannot even imagine drinking a whole bottle of it!

Converting Vanilla Bean to Vanilla Extract?

by Tehama 13 years ago

So.... if a recipe calls for a split vanilla bean, can I substitute an amount of liquid vanilla extract? Thank you so much for your advice!

making vanilla extract with vodka

by Gooseberry 13 years ago

Hello, I want to make my own vanilla extract by infusing split vanilla pods in vodka for a couple months (using 8-10 beans per litre vodka). All the recipes I've read recommend vodka, because of...

Trader Joe's MIA: Vanilla extract

toodie jane
by toodie jane 15 years ago

They moved everything in my local store around, including the spices. They now are a small section near the packaged flour and baking mixes, which actually makes sense. But no more pure vanilla ext...

Making Vanilla Extract [Split from Quebec board]

by phedre 14 years ago

Buy the others to tide you over, but the best thing you can do is make your own! It's so easy. Get a bottle of vodka, and a few vanilla beans (I get one each of the Tahitian and Bourbon beans). T...

Where can I find good Vanilla Extract

by Cerise828 14 years ago

I'm looking for some good vanilla and maybe some almond extract. The ones at the supermarket arent too tasty. I've been to the Jean Talon market and but nobodies seems to have it in extract for...

Vanilla beans to vanilla extract

by GrillNextDoor 14 years ago

Making a recipe that calls for vanilla extract this afternoon. I have some beans, but have never used them before. Can I steep them in the coffee that is also called for in the recipe or should ...

Vanilla extract in Bremen

by yummers 14 years ago

No kidding. I am hoping to make something that calls for vanilla extract, which is completely unavailable in the rural region of Germany I'm staying in. Folks here just don't use the stuff. But ...

Vanilla Extract

by Jambalaya 15 years ago

I recently purchased a bottle of concentrated extract at the duty free shop at the Mexico City airport. What I am trying to determine is, how much should I adjust my recipes for which all call for...

Ratio of vanilla beans to extract?

by Den 14 years ago

I have some vanilla beans and want to use them in a recipe that calls for vanilla extract. Do you know a rule of thumb for how many real beans equal a teaspoon of extract?

Looking for the most amazing Vanilla Extract?

by mire_poix 15 years ago

Please Hounds...my baking has come to a complete halt as I've run out of Mexican Vanilla and seeing as how a trip there for xmas isn't going to happen...I'm looking for the best vanilla to be had i...

Vanilla Extract in bulk?

by gifter girl 16 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find vanilla extract in bulk? preferably on the cheap? thanks!

Scones w/o vanilla extract?

by MMRuth 16 years ago

It's pouring rain here for the sixth day in the row, I'm home and want to make scones. Measured out the dry ingredients - realized I'm out of vanilla - will they still be okay do you think? I che...

vanilla extract

by naomi 16 years ago

I buy vanilla extract all the time (pure, not immitation), and I went into the super market today to buy some more. They only had one brand on the shelf, and it wasn't my usual brand, and it was o...

yuck! artificial vanilla extract....how do I use it up?

by collegenewbie 16 years ago

We take turns buying groceries and my list asked for vanilla extract for some scones and the likes. Imagine to my surprise whilst making crepes the extract wasn't the real kind! I already opened th...

Vanilla extract in bulk?

by Wendy Lai 17 years ago

Is it a good idea to buy pure vanilla extract in bulk, like say from Costco? A big bottle of McKormic pure vanilla extract is about $7.5 while a much smaller bottle in Safeway costs about $11.

Vanilla extract--kosher for Passover?

by Cakegirl 17 years ago

I do a lot of baking for Passover and many of the recipes include vanilla extract. However, one of my kosher cookbooks states that vanilla extract is not KFP because it's made with alcohol that's...

how do I make my own vanilla extract?

by AndieCat 18 years ago

I bought two vanilla beans (they are long and folded in half), I have vodka. How much vodka should I add to the beans? Should I scrape the beans before pouring the alcohol? How long does it take fo...

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