Vacuum Sealing

7 Kitchen Tools to Help Reduce Food Waste

According to the NRDC, Americans waste nearly 40 percent of the food they buy—does this ring true in your household? If you find that plenty of produce, meat, and even dry goods end up in your trash...

Vacuum Sealer (inexpensive / starter) - Help requested

by saregama 4 years ago

I've been thinking about getting a vacuum sealer for a while. Main uses would be freezing raw meats / fish in individual portions, marinating food, and freezing leftovers. With my holiday gift to m...

Vacuum Seal Food Storage Ideas

by jpc8015 12 years ago

A couple of years back my wife bought me one of those vacuum seal food storage contraptions. I got a lot of use out of it. We would buy the large packages of meat and seal up two thirds of it and s...

Bottling with clip top jars

by damiano 4 years ago

I have some Kilner clip top jars and am now making jam for the first time. I would like to keep the jam for at least 6 months unopened so I found out I need to vacuum the jars after I have put the ...

Chamber Vacuum sealer - source in Ontario/Canada? Any recs

by ylsf 6 years ago

Anyone own a chamber vacuum sealer? I am thinking about buying one for home use. The main thing I do is BBQ/Smoking and it is great to vacuum seal a bunch of meat and then warm up for future meal...

Foodsaver issue, vacuum loosening?

by tinpanalley 5 years ago

I'm having a problem getting my Foodsaver to keep certain things completely vacuum packed. Beets, raw beans, swiss chard all end up losing their vacuum suction in a few weeks. Does anyone happen to...

The Science of Stale Coffee

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Harold McGee confesses his appreciation of stale coffee. And talks about the science behind it.

Ziplock's vacuum pump storage bags. Tried 'em?

by Caroline1 13 years ago

Bought both sizes today. And the pump with sample bags too, of course. They look so easy and magical in the TV commercial! For lunch today I made a mountain of linguini with scallops and thought...

Vacuum sealing food on plates or bowls

by pulled pork 5 years ago

I am preparing food for a sick relative. Everything needs to be sanitary as heck. Thinking about sanitizing a bowl, putting the cooked food in it and then vacuum sealing it with a food saver unit...

Chemistry of vanilla sugar

by PhotoMike 6 years ago

Hi all! I'm looking for advice and information on making vanilla sugar. In the past, I've used one vanilla bean per cup of white sugar, sliced the beans lengthwise for more surface area, and mixed ...

Boiling Food Saver Bags

by sbp 11 years ago

I've had a Foodsaver for years, it is great for all sorts of things. About 3 months ago, I had sauteed some wild mushrooms, and promptly portioned and sealed them in 8" bags I made from the roll....

What cooking gadgets changed your life?... Well at least your cooking?

by RhonelyInsanediego 7 years ago

I really love a good time saver in the kitchen. Rather than create a Zombie thread (revive a 9 or 10 yo dead thread), I thought I'd see if the hounds have any new kitchen gadgets that they just ca...

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