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7 Kitchen Tools to Help Reduce Food Waste

According to the NRDC, Americans waste nearly 40 percent of the food they buy—does this ring true in your household? If you find that plenty of produce, meat, and even dry goods end up in your trash...

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Will Someone Please Explain Vacuum Sealers and Uses?

by kaleokahu 10 years ago

I "get" sous vide cooking. I have--and regularly use--a cheapo FoodSaver for packaging and storing ingredients and food. And I even use a Vac-U-Vin canister (manual pump) for marinating. Here'...

Vacuum sealer

by wdames 11 years ago

I bought a very inexpensive vacuum sealer at the marker with the zip lock bags but was not totally satisfied with result I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars but I would spend over a hundred ...

Looking for a good quality vacuum sealer for serious home use???

by aregularjoe 12 years ago

Hi, I am looking for a good quality vacuum sealer for serious home use. Mostly for food storage like preserving cheeses, spices and meats bought in bulk as well as creating high quality, home ma...

question about vacuum sealer... ?

by Vacuvirgo 12 years ago

This is my first post here, so please forgive me if I'm putting it in the wrong place. I love to bake, and since I'm single, food often spoils before I can cook it. So, I bought a vacuum sealer ...

Ziploc vacuum sealer - soooo much better than Reynolds Handi-vac

by rworange 13 years ago

I liked the Reynold's Handi-vac ... at first ... till the batteries ran out ... almost immediately. It is so poorly designed I still cannot get the battery cover screwed back in. The Ziploc...

Vacuum sealer

by amchef 13 years ago

Anyone have a recommendation for a good vacuum sealer? Thanks.

home vacuum sealers

by hugosaurny 13 years ago

Has anyone seen reviews that compare leading brands of vacuum sealers such as Deni and FoodSaver? Anyone know if Consumer Reports did a recent conparison?--Hugo

Vacuum Sealers

by chefcolin 13 years ago

I am looking for vacuum sealers for some pretty heavy personal use. I am looking for one which allows for a lot of control on the pull times. Mainly for different uses like marinating meats too com...

Which vacuum sealer should I buy?

Miss Needle
by Miss Needle 14 years ago

I used to have a Tilia which worked fine, but stopped sealing after using it for one year. I'm looking for another one, but am wondering if I should look into a commercial one after the sealing pro...

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

by bearzie 16 years ago

Wondering if the Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer is worth the investment. I've also read some posts about a commerical brand. What would you expect to spend for each? Is it worth purchasing the more exp...

Those vacuum sealers -- are they worth it?

by Cliff 19 years ago

I've seen the infomercials touting the home version of vacuum sealers to preserve or enhance the longevity of everything from cheese to sweaters. Anyone have one? Are they worth the "investment"?

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