The Origins of Odd Food Names, from Funeral Potatoes to Welsh Rarebit

Most recipes and menu items sport pretty straightforward names that tell you what it is you'll be eating, like Chicken Noodle Soup, for instance. Some even allude to the preparation method: Slow Cooker...

Sur Latin Street Food | Kamas, Utah

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

A friend with a ski cabin in Utah visited us this month and raved about Sur Latin Street Food. While most customers related to it as "Mexican", he says that the best dishes are the ones from South ...

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Looking for Restaurants in Park City, UT

by timbodavid 1 year ago

We're heading to Park City for a long weekend with a few other families and our toddlers. While we will be doing some cooking at our condo, we would like to do a few meals out so are looking for th...

Park City/Deer Valley dining recs

by Jack_A_Roe_Reb 1 year ago

Give me your top dining recommendations. My limited research points to Riverhorse on Main for a top candidate. TIA.

Utah Trip Report

by turbowine 2 years ago

Part 1 of our Great America Eclipse Trip. There are three more parts, covering Wyoming, Nevada and Los Angeles. Click on my user name and you can find all my trip reports. As I also use Trip Advi...

Moab, Castle Valley, Bluff trip report

by katelynne 2 years ago

We had the good fortune to vacation in the Moab area, staying in Castle Valley, and with a side trip to Bluff. Here's a report of where we ate: There are two restaurants in Castle Valley, where...

Salt Lake City Recommendations

by docgradusadparnassum 3 years ago

I'm going to be in a resort on the outskirts of Salt Lake City--Park City. My besties are renewing their vow after 20 years. I'll probably have a car and be able to do some Salt Lake City visitin...

Forage is a gem

by wolive 4 years ago

We stopped in Salt Lake City last week just to eat at Forage. We were not disappointed. The restaurant serves a prix fix menu that changes each day, for $89/person. We had 14 delicious, innovative ...

Best bagels in Salt Lake City?

by Howard_2 2 years ago

Who do you think makes the best bagels in SLC?

Which National Park area has great food in/near?

by LulusMom 3 years ago

We're starting to think about our summer vacation, and I am having a harder time than normal pinning it down. We've been to many places in Europe, and Lulu is sort of sick of long plane rides. She'...

Moab--updates please

by anewton 3 years ago

My wife and I will be in Moab for 6 nights in May. The most recent posts on Moab are from an unbelievable 7 years ago. Can anyone provide an update as to the best restaurant food in the Moab area? ...

4 days/3 nights in SLC next weekend

by lindabethn 4 years ago

Hi, I'm from Los Angeles, heading to Salt Lake City for the first time next weekend. I'll be there Thursday through Sunday. I will be spending my time in downtown/Temple Square, University area, g...

Park City

by Mad719 3 years ago

Spending a week in Park City any suggestions are appreciated. Familiar with most of the popular spots on main street looking to venture out a bit.

Where to buy Smoked tongue & sweetbreads

by Howard_2 4 years ago

Anyone have any good ideas on where to buy smoked tongue, and also sweetbreads, in the areas of NY, Boston, and Utah? I found some tongue at a big supermarket in Plainview LI, on SOB road (name ...

Lunch options - SLC near 200 E 100 S

by renshiwo 4 years ago

I am helping to set up a training for about 20 people in February. Looking for lunch recommendations within walking distance of 200 E 100 S (pretty near the eastern side of Temple Square). Looking ...

Best of Park City?

by Willanoah 4 years ago

Visiting Park City, Utah on a Sunday. Cravings for fresh oysters, thai food, great pasta, seafood....not all at the same place, of course! Any suggestions for a good to great Park City restaurant...

Red Iguana.......Again!

by swannee 4 years ago

As a travelling New Yorker, I ate twice at Red Iguana for the umpteenth year in a row last week. I was struck and amazed that in spite of the huge crowds, many of whom order entirely irrelevant di...

Park City in August

by ElizabethReed 4 years ago

We will be in PC in mid August. Any thoughts or recent experiences especially with high end dining. Stein's and J&G at St. Regis are currently on our list. Thanks.

SF Hound coming in October. Current recs? [Salt Lake City]

by BigWoodenSpoon 4 years ago

Hello Hounds, The folks in Boston totally made my trip, so I'm hoping y'all can do the same. The thread for current favorites seemed to be a few years old. Staying at the Hilton with a friend...