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A Slice of Tradition: Wedding Cakes Around the World

There’s all the reason in the world to round out your reception with a wedding cake. It’s delicious, photogenic, traditional, and lucky, since it’s a fertility symbol (wheat, the basis of most flour...

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I have a question about traditional English pork pies

by irbaboon 1 year ago

What is the purpose of the gelatin in British pork pie? It seems like an odd thing to add to a savory pie.The reason that I am asking is this: many years ago I got two kinds of frozen pork pies fro...

Hawksmoor Spitalfields

by Calam1ty 1 year ago

I've always wanted to visit Hawksmoor but thought it out of my depth. The soft launch of 50% off gave me the opportunity to come in and see what was on offer and try several dishes. We checked out ...

Looking For UK Potato Recipe

by TastyReuben 1 year ago

Back in the ‘90’s, my wife and I lived in England. Whenever we’d eat anywhere that had a salad bar, there was always a dish of little boiled potatoes tossed in a simple mayo-style dressing. They w...

One Day in Belfast UK

by PiecrustAndPasta 1 year ago

My family (two adults, two teen boys) will be in Belfast for a 24-hour period on a Friday in April. We are looking for dinner and pub suggestions. We will be spending the day touring so are looki...

One for those feeling a little worse for wear!

by Newlyn_Tinning 2 years ago

Hello All & a new year dawns. Some of us may well be feeling a little fragile today, so here is some golden information from arguably the Worlds funniest & no nonsense TV Chef of all time, Keith...

Fish & Chips in London

by prats 12 years ago

I have tried searching the board but not found any post in the last three years on the best Fish & Chips outlets in London proper. Please help me find the best options in town. It should be value f...

good espresso or hot chocolate in london?

by david kaplan 15 years ago

What are thought to be the cafes that serve the best espresso or rich hot chocolate in London? Thanks.

Padstow Christmas Festival 2017

by Newlyn_Tinning 2 years ago

Hi All. Managed to get myself over to the Padstow festival this year doing my bit for the copper cookware trade & what a great festival it is!!! Many of our favorite UK chefs cooking up a storm. ...

London 1st time w 17 & 15 yr. old over XMAS. Need some help...

by fabeneag 2 years ago

Taking the family across the pond for XMAS break. Wife & I have never been to London and kids have never been to Europe. Staying at May Fair Hotel. We have 5 nights in the city and I'm one of those...

Chowhound Locations Matching World Map Structure

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 2 years ago

Last week, we launched a feature that allows you to add places to your Chowhound discussions—new and old—posted on Restaurants & Bars and Chain Restaurants worldwide on Desktop https://www.chowhoun...

Social Eating House - Social Yes, Eating NOT so much

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 2 years ago

Social Eating House has a Michelin Star. I cannot figure out why. First the good - the atmosphere is wonderful. It's super cool, beautiful and yet has those authentic edges that make a truly gre...

The Case of the Mysterious Vanishing Breakfast Slices

by berbadeerface 10 years ago

I already posted about this on Yelp London, but I haven't had much response. THis is baffling me. Does anyone remember "breakfast slices"? I call it poor man's bacon because it came in similar pack...

A belated hello from Cornwall, England

by Newlyn_Tinning 2 years ago

Hi all. As you may of seen, this is not my first post, but after trawling the site for the last few days & not finding a specific section to say hello, I thought I would do it here. Hope this is ...

Tin Lined Copper Cookware. Health Effects & Benefits.

by Newlyn_Tinning 2 years ago

Here's a study on tin that may interest all you tin lined copper cookware lovers or those thinking of making the move on to these world class, fine cooking implements that have been employed since ...

Where to get copper pot re-tinned in London?

by ellesters 9 years ago

I just bought a fabulous heavy copper sauteuse from Ebay that has seen a lot of wear and needs re-tinning. Can't find a listing for anywhere in London other than Divertimenti (which I am assuming...

Honeymoon diner June 2011 - In London

by Dapuma 9 years ago

Hello, AZ USA CH'r and was hoping to get some advice here. Going to be going to London - Paris - Amsterdam for the honeymoon and want to do one incredible dinner in each city. Since we are going ...