9 Cold Noodle Recipes to Refresh Your Dinner Routine

Cold noodles don’t automatically equal pasta salad; try these cold noodle recipes for easy summer meals when it’s too hot for soup. Much like revenge, noodles can be a dish best served cold (or room...

Izakaya Rintaro Bento To-Go | SOMA - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

Izakaya Rintaro, a Chowhound favorite, kept hope alive this pandemic year with streetside dining and an extensive menu of artfully packaged bento boxes to-go. It also raised funds for charitable ef...

Tokyo itinerary for 10 days in May

by ausfoodie1 2 years ago

Hi everyone, We will be in Tokyo in May for 10 days, I am trying to lock down the options and securing reservations where needed and wanted to get your recommendations or suggestions on the belo...

Easy Additions to Instant Udon?

by carissarene 15 years ago

I am obsessed with the instant packages of udon - I prepare them as soup and love it for a quick meal during the week. Any fun and flavorful ideas for add-ins that will make it a little more nutrit...

Yume Ga Arukara, one of America's Best New Restaurants (Bon Appetit)

by BostonBestEats 3 years ago

Yume Ga Arukara (Cambridge, MA) is #8 on Bon Appetit's "America's Best New Restaurants 2018" list (14 August 2018): "Behind a small, spare counter hidden in a college food court, Tsuyoshi Nishio...

Kagawa-Ya Udon, SF Mid Market review w/ PICS

by hhc 4 years ago

I finally go to try Kagawa-Ya Udon in Mid-Market past The Market building. You line up and tell one person what dish you want, they make it, you pick it up and then grab maybe some more food, and ...

Misonikomi Udon?

by mj503 4 years ago

Trying to find somewhere that served Misonikomi Udon (Nagoya speciality) in the greater Los Angeles area... Given the large amount of wonderful Japanese choices in the LA area, I figured somewhere ...

Sanuki Seimen Mugimaru | Mitsuwa - Costa Mesa

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Six years ago, the opening of Sanuki Seimen Mugimaru in Costa Mesa's Mitsuwa Marketplace was noted here, https://www.chowhound.com/post/sanukiseimen-mugimaru-don-don-tei-open-today-cm-mitsuwa-79...

Udon Sale | Tenrikyu High Sacramento Church, Mar 26

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Spotted this poster yesterday. Sounds like it could be an interesting food bazaar.


by Andy T. 5 years ago

Quoted a two hour wait at 5:30 yesterday, was texted a little over 90 minutes later. You're offered a choice of thick or thin noodles when ordering one of the numerous udon offerings (hot, cold, b...

Microwave for Frozen Udon?

by arielleeve 5 years ago

So we're currently renovating our kitchen, which means all we have for cooking is a fridge and microwave. Washing all our dishes in the bathtub. We're trying to still cook as much as possible to sa...

Menchanko in NYC?

by lactose intolerant cheeselover 6 years ago

Any recommendations for menchanko in Manhattan? Haven't found it since Menchanko Tei restaurants closed.

Sanuki Udon - handmade udon

by LotusRapper 6 years ago

Another great review by Dennis: http://dennisthefoodie.com/2015/09/21/cafeteria-style-fresh-japanese-udon-comes-to-vancouver-sanuki-udon/

In search of the most delish UDON!!!!

by Deidre7 6 years ago

I LOVEEEEEE UDON! I am visiting Osaka for the first time ever and was curious if there were any standout udon shops that you would recommend. Open to all price points! Thank you much in advance <3


by roro808 6 years ago

I like this place very much and surprise no one talked about it in this forum. Located at the corner of Hotel/Fort Streets, this udon place made fresh udon in the store and the udon garlic chicken...

Looking for a Traditional Soba or Udon Shop in Kagurazaka (near Iidabashi)

by curiousgeo 6 years ago

Plan to explore the Kagurazaka area while visiting Tokyo and was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for lunch. Given some of the older cobblestone alleyways in the area, I'm hoping to find a ...

Best Udon in Austin?

by zumosa 14 years ago

Now that it's getting colder, I'm looking for that glimmering, glistening gorgeous bowl of chewy, slick udon noodles with a savory and well-balanced broth, fresh and hot and scrumptious, hot, crisp...

Bushi Udon Kappo

by buttertartz 9 years ago

Apparently they make their own udon in-house. Has any one tried? Worth a trip mid-town? Thanks in advance. http://bushiudon.com/

what's the difference between udon noodles and soba noodles?

by ? 16 years ago

what's the difference between udon noodles and soba noodles? i know udon noodles are round and thick. i've had them before. are soba noodles thinner? do they taste different? what tastes better i...

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