Best BBQ - Tyler TX?

by pickypicky 12 years ago

The only reason I'm going to my high school reunion in Tyler TX (from San Diego) this month is to eat as much barbecue in one weekend as I can. Please steer me to the right place(s). Thanks!

Jul's in Tyler, TX

by bhoward 7 years ago

Let me start by stating the obvious--Tyler needs all the good new restaurants it can get. We may be the chain restaurant capital of the world, There are some very good places--Bernard's, Ricks on t...

Tyler Texas: Greenberg Smoked Turkeys

by scrumptiouschef 11 years ago

http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/10/dining/10united.html?ref=dining Who's tried a Greenberg? How is it?

Greenberg Smoked Turkey, Tyler Texas

by Stefany B. 20 years ago

As part of my Mothers Day buffet I ordered a smoked turkey to be delivered to me (NYC) on Friday before M Day. I wanted the biggest one they had. The one that arrived was 15.5 lbs and had the mos...

Christmas Dinner in Tyler,Tx

by Dlmoore6 8 years ago

Will be in Tyler,Tx for Christmas and would like to take family to dinner. What would be the best restaurants ? Thanks

Rick's On the Square -- Tyler

by ddavis 8 years ago

Two of us had another excellent meal this week at Rick's. We both had Greek salads to start, although this salad is way too much for a starter. But it is so good I order it knowing I won't finish...

Rick's on the Square--Tyler, TX

by bhoward 9 years ago

I am finally getting around to reporting on a great new development at Rick's. The restaurant now has a great sous chef (Tyler is his name, do not know last name) who is cooking some pretty unbelie...

Rick's on the Square--Tyler, TX

by bhoward 9 years ago

Lot's of DFW hounds get to Tyler fairly often I am sure. Check out the link below on the Texas Board. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/849416

Christmas Dinner around Tyler Texas area

by ss7 13 years ago

I will be in East Texas on Christmas eve and Christmas day. Any suggestions for a good meal? Thanks and Happy Holidays!

in Tyler/Jacksonville??

by amazinc 11 years ago

Are there any new restaurants in the listed area? I go there once or twice a year and always go to the same places...Bernards in Tyler, Kieppersol in Bullard (between the two towns). I'm hoping ...

Unique food in Tyler

by mstappy 15 years ago

We are going to visit in-laws in Tyler & I am looking for a unique place. My father-in-law loves din som (I don't!) & he has traveled extensively, lived in Greece for a while, takes several cruises...

Currents - in that food mecca Tyler TX

by pickypicky 12 years ago

Anybody? Currents in Tyler TX?

Need Dinner Suggestions for Tyler, TX

by shannydiva 12 years ago

I'm going to be in Tyler, TX for a weekend at the end of the month. One night, we already have reservations for Four Winds Steakhouse in Canton, TX. I love Four Winds and it will make for a great...

What's Great In and Around Tyler?

David Kahn
by David Kahn 12 years ago

I have a good friend who recently moved from Santa Barbara California to Tyler, Texas, and he's apparently having some trouble finding good eats. Hoping some knowledgeable locals can help us with ...

homemade-tamales.com in Tyler,Tx?

by cookieyumyum 13 years ago

Hi all, I was lookin around for a good tamale place in San Antonio when I ran across the above site. One reviewer had said to skip Rubens and just order from this site if you want really good...

Trip from STL to Tyler TX via Tulsa

by jardin32 13 years ago

Any good places to eat out 44 or once we get into Oklahoma? Won't want to drive to far off the main road, but a little bit would be fine. All sorts of food considered! Thanks!

tulsa to tyler texas

by jardin32 13 years ago

I will be driving to my inlaws in Tyler for Christmas from St. Louis and we are going via Tulsa to Tyler. Any good chowhound eats along the drive? Probably lunch on the road and then restaurants ar...

Driving From Austin to Tyler-Then to College Station & Back to Austin

by jls1692 13 years ago

Hi Guys, I'd love some suggestions on great places to stop along the way. I've already got Louie Mueller BBQ on my list (but I think I might get there around sell out time =( ) But I would like ...

Between Lufkin and Tyler - weekend lunch spot

by onatrip 13 years ago

It is soon to be road trip season. Any recommendations for informal lunch between Lufkin and Tyler? Thanks :)