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We could watch food TV all day long. Who's with us? Tell us your favorite cooking shows, and why. Fellow Chowhounds discuss spoilers, current seasons, and what to watch.

The Surprising Ingredient Ancient Romans Used Instead of Salt

When Max Miller learned he was being furloughed from his job at Disney earlier in the year, he didn’t look ahead like most life coaches might advise. Instead, Max looked back. Way back into the past...

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Potsticker recipe from San Francisco's Lai Hong Lounge

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

Lai Hong Lounge, perhaps the best dim sum restaurant located in San Francisco Chinatown, has been closed during shelter in place and plans to reopen next week. It shared the recipe for its Cantones...

Zakarian hosts Foodathon on Fox 5 tonight at 7...

by gutreactions 11 months ago

Chef/restaurateur Geoffrey Zakarian of The Kitchen on the Food Network his hosting a major fundraiser for City Harvest tonight, Friday, April 17th, at 7 p.m. Many top shelf culinary guests are expe...

'I'll Have What Phil's Having': A fun respite...

by gutreactions 11 months ago

Just as I have been enjoying the Julia Child Celebration airing on PBS, I caught a series I had not seen before. It's called: 'I'll Have What Phil's Having', and it was streaming episodes on Create...

Rachael Ray gets on my last nerve

by wwwalker 6 years ago

Does anyone notice how she over talks her guests and finishes her guests sentences? I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed this. I think it is so rude. its like she is afraid that her guests...

Julia Child Celebration on PBS...

by gutreactions 12 months ago

Julia Child: Cooking with Master Chefs, and Julia Child: Best Bites, two remade series are airing on PBS stations. It is a wonderful soothing reprieve from what is going on around us right now. It ...

Ugly Delicious, season 2

by CygnusX1 12 months ago

Out now on Netflix. Really enjoyed the first season.

Ugly Delicious, Season 1 (Netflix, David Chang)

by saregama 3 years ago

Are you watching Ugly Delicious? Love him or hate him, David Chang makes you think. The debate around what’s “authentic” reminded me of a discussion on last month’s DOTM Biryani thread on authe...

Martha Stewart on Chopped

by janetms383 1 year ago

Forgive me if this has been asked before: why does MS use chopsticks to judge?

Garnish over the top

by blulady20 1 year ago

I enjoy watching shows on the Food Network and one of my favorites is The Kitchen. However, I'm completely "over" all the garnishes (multiple) piled on the finished dishes. This seems to be pushed ...

David Chang and Chrissy Teigen TV show

by ad7yn 2 years ago

So excited guys! I love all the foodie shows David Chang is in!

Searching for Simply Ming Roasted Curry Chicken with Olive Orzo Stuffing recipe

by lisajwells 1 year ago

A 2009 episode (#609) of Simply Ming featured the combination of Madras Curry and Olives. It included a roast chicken that called for a seemingly huge amount of curry powder that surprisingly did n...

SNL Heimlich Poster Skit

by syrup09 1 year ago

The penultimate skit of last nights SNL was strange and kind of funny. A couple (Scarlet Johanssen / Bowen Yang) nervously walk into a restaurant. When they get to the bar we then find out they a...

Lidia speaks at Barnes & Noble, Scarsdale, Nov. 10...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Barnes & Noble in the Vernon Hills Shopping Center, Eastchester/Scarsdale, will host Lidia Bastianich on Sunday, Nov. 10, at 2 p.m. She will be discussing her new cookbook: 'Felidia: Recipes From M...

Old PBS show

by tspoon108 1 year ago

Hi! I'm wondering if anyone remembers an old PBS cooking show from the 80's or 90's with 2 Chefs who sat at a table talking about food, mostly eastern european food, and then cooked something. It's...

It's Suppertime! on Viceland TV...

by gutreactions 3 years ago

What a trip this cable food/cooking show is! We happened upon it accidentally while switching channels. Bad boy Toronto-based Chef Matty Matheson shows off his unadorned cooking skills thru an unfi...

Food media on Long Island

by Gastronomos 1 year ago

With the news of FiOs1News being shuttered as of 12:01 a.m. on November 16, 2019, locals will be left now only with Altice's News 12. Restaurant Hunter will be gone. Some amazing hard-working pe...

Great British Bakeoff Masterclass Episodes

by janniecooks 4 years ago

On the Masterclass Episodes Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood give their technical challenge recipes. Both Mary and Paul use a term I'm not familiar with when they talk about the oven temperature. Bo...

'The Chef Show' with Favreau & Choi, season 2, Sept. 13th...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

We've been enjoying the first season of 'The Chef Show' on Netflix created by Jon Favreau of 'Chef' fame, and food truck entrepreneur Roi Choi. Together they roll up their sleeves and join such big...

My Aplogies, but I Need to Vent About America's Test Kitchen

by jarona 9 years ago

You know--I'm kinda ticked off right now. I went to check my email and America's Test Kitchen sent me this email entitled "How to Make the Perfect Pepper Crusted"........ Well, I'm thinking--"...