Chowhounds know authentic Turkish food, and they have expert tips for where to find it in every city, from Toronto to Arlington.

A Guide to Barbecuing Internationally: From Kansas to Korean BBQ

The world of barbecue is big—these are some international BBQ styles you and your grill should get to know. As one who grew up in a northern American state, most of my life I thought of the word barbecue...

Where can I buy good Turkish Pistachios

by GIOny 9 years ago

I love Turkish Pistachios (antep) and have always bought Zenobia off the net but they have now doubled in price and the last batch i ordered off of nutsonthenet were mixed largely with California p...

Substitute for fresh mint in Turkish soup

by sophia519 3 months ago

I was watching Milk Street and want to make the Turkish red lentil soup shown on the program. Recipe calls for garnishing with fresh mint. Since I don’t care for fresh mint, I thought I’d substitut...

Looking for salep (sahlep, salepi, wild orchid powder)

by dionysaki 10 years ago

Hey everyone, I have been on a wild goose chase for a traditional Turkish/Greek ingredient, salep (also spelled salepi, sahlep, sahlepi, salop). It is a powder made from wild orchid root, and i...

Chowdown at Mangal Mediterranean, SF

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

On Monday seven 'hounds and guests gathered for a late night chowdown at Mangal Mediterranean. Please tell us about your favorites. Previous post about Mangal: https://www.chowhound.com/post...

Noosh soft opening

by Ridge 8 months ago

One of our favorite meals last year was at The Istanbul modern pop-up in SF. You can read my review here: https://www.chowhound.com/post/istanbul-modern-1072012 The Chef couple in-charge, Lau...

"Mr. Zagros" - Best Shawarma in town?!... they might have a point?!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 10 months ago

A new 'Shawarma kid' has come to town.....of Richmond Hill! When you have a business brave enough to advertise its product as the 'best' in town, it begs for people to give them a try and prove ...

Turkish simit in Northern Virginia

by honia2002 10 months ago

Hi all, I had been buying simits from Cenan bakery in Vienna for years, they recently closed after 26 years. I bought the simits from Anatolian Bistro restaurant in Ashburn but the taste is not ...

The 3 Grand Cuisines

by Chinon00 13 years ago

I once read an article that stated that there are 3 grand cuisines on earth: French, Chinese, and Turkish. And according to the article this occurred in these cultures for 3 specific reasons inclu...

Turkish Breakfast @ Lokma | Outer Richmond - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Last week a friend joined me at Lokma for breakfast. It's been on my list to try since discovering that it offers kaymak, a dreamy clotted cream. https://www.chowhound.com/post/seeking-kaymak-91609...

Eggplant Ragout (patlican musakka) Turkish cuisine

by TheChefseye 1 year ago

Hello everyone! I would like to share my favorite dish from my home cuisine Eggplant ragout with ground beef bolognese : 3 Tomatoes(1 for garnish) 1 Green pepper (for garnish) 1 Med onio...

Turkish VS Greek

by PappyAustin 9 years ago

Does anyone know the difference between a Turkish gyro and a Greek one?

The best turkish dish you ever had?

by TheChefseye 1 year ago

What is the best Turkish dish you ever had? mine is definety turkish pide with ground beef and fontina cheese!

Help with restaurants in Berlin

by nezzie 1 year ago

We are going to be in Berlin for the first time in September. We are staying by the Brandenburg Gate but we can try different neighborhoods for dinner. We are there for one week and have one rest...

Where can i buy Turkish Gullac sheets?

by benjaminbw 10 years ago

Where can I get hold of Turkish gullac sheets in/or around DC? Any suggestions? Thanks!

Seeking kaymak

by morabbiton 6 years ago

Just returned from Istanbul and am desperately looking for a place that sells kaymak or water buffalo milk so that I can make my own. Any tips? Or any recommendations for restaurants that serve Tur...

Sarafin Turkish Wine in NYC?

by sf2nyc 11 years ago

To be honest, I did not think I would find a decent glass of wine in Istanbul and I was pretty much right, until I went to Mehmet' Gur's restaurant Mikla and discovered Sarafin. As a sidenote, Mik...

Chef Vahit Besir to Open Mangal Mediterranean in San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

My favorite Turkish chef, Vahit Besir, is back! He's returning to San Francisco to open his own place, Mangal Mediterranean, not far from his earlier restaurant, Eden's Turkish Food. "Mangal" m...

Istanbul Modern

by Ridge 1 year ago

The rich food diversity and history of the Ottoman empire has been sadly neglected by the Bay Area food world where what passes for Turkish and Greek cuisine are mediocre meze plates, obligatory h...

Sultan's Kitchen closed

by Alcachofa 2 years ago

Sad news. Could not find the December Openings/Closing thread (if it even exists anymore). The owner says it is because the lease is up, but I have to confess, the crowds have not been there this p...